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President Trump: Space is a war fighting domain, just like the land air and...

Intellihub | Either something is afoot in space or the government is just looking for a way to generate more debt; new Space Force is coming
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Dave H. on President Trump’s upcoming meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

Intellihub | 'Trumps tough talk may have put Kim in a position to where he actually thinks Trump may fire upon North Korea'
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Navy sends destroyers to Black Sea to ‘desensitize’ Russia

Military Times | The Navy has deployed the guided-missile destroyer Carney to join the destroyer Ross in the Black Sea

Argentine submarine ‘chased by British helicopter’ before disappearing

RT | The submarine’s last known location was about 300 miles from Argentina’s southern coast

North Korea’s new ICBM is capable of striking Washington, experts warn

Zero Hedge | According to a preliminary analysis from the Pentagon, the rocket was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

North Korea fires ballistic missile to the east in “latest provocation”

Intellihub | North Korea's latest missile launch is already being touted as a "provocation"

Russia confirms 6,000mph HYPERSONIC Zircon missile ready for war ‘as of TODAY’

Daily Star | RUSSIA has confirmed it now has hypersonic weapons in its arsenal – with missiles capable of reaching more than 6,000mph
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Arab League to hold urgent meeting on Iran as Saudis mobilize jet fighters

Zero Hedge | The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabia's request
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On the verge of catastrophe: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon declared war

Zero Hedge | As expected, Saudi Arabia has cast itself as the victim of external Shia plotting after its internal weekend of chaos
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Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order

Fox News | In August, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson confirmed that the service was short 1,555 pilots of its requirements, including 1,211 fighter pilots
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North Korea warns US it will ‘respond to fire with fire’

The Mirror | The Kim Jong-Un regime continues to ramp up the war of words, adding that the US will have to put up with North Korea's nuclear status
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Trump sends second aircraft carrier to Korean Peninsula with 7500 marines aboard

Zero Hedge | his comes after rumors swirled earlier this week that North Korea is preparing to fire multiple short-range rockets around the opening of the Chinese Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress on Oct. 18th
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President Trump declares “only one thing will work against North Korea”

SHTFPlan | A Tweet from President Donald Trump on Saturday has led many to believe that the White House is planning to attack North Korea
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California officials prepare for nuclear strike deriving from North Korea

Intellihub | "Continuity of Government/operations (COG/COOP) plans will be activated."
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President Trump tweets: ‘North Korea won’t be around much longer!’

Intellihub | North Korean leadership cut down on Twitter by President Trump over aimless rocket quest

President Trump’s “special message” to Hawaii residents regarding a nuclear attack: Revealed

Intellihub | It appears there may be more to Kim Jong-un's threats than meets the eye
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3.5 magnitude earthquake detected at North Korea’s nuclear test site, China suspects detonation

ZeroHedge | The quake comes amid heightened tensions around the Korean Peninsula
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N.K. nuke test furthers EMP bomb

Washington Free Beacon | Pyongyang reports 'EMP might' of nuclear arms

World War 3: The United States and North Korea stand on the brink of...

Economic Collapse Blog | Just a handful of North Korean nukes could kill millions of people
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North Korea tests hydrogen bomb, prepares to attach it to ICBMs: Reports

Intellihub | How many nuclear tests will be conducted before a real nuke is fired at the mainland U.S.?
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World War 3: Top forecaster predicts war with North Korea by September 12

Intellihub | War with North Korea on the horizon?
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U.S. holds 2nd test of B61-12 nuclear bombs

RT | B61-12 gravity bombs, without a nuclear warhead, were dropped from F-15E fighter jets at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on August 8
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North Korea test fires 3 ballistic missiles: Reports

Intellihub | Kim Jong-un's military conducted a test of 3 unidentified projectiles Saturday morning

Brave congressman blows the lid off of U.S. subsidized opium trade in Afghanistan

Free Thought Project | Brave congressman explains how the U.S. keeps Afghan heroin trade alive at your expense
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Fmr. Spec. Forces Officer: ‘Trump plans to build the Afghan Army not the nation’

Intellihub | Trump is not going to be doing any "nation building" anytime soon, says a former Green Beret

Joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises create friction with the North

Intellihub | It seem that just about everything the United States does get under the skin of Kim Jong Un. Will it lead to war?

Never forget: Obama put neo-Nazis in power in Ukraine, who’s now arming North Korea

The Free Thought Project | The U.S. has a long history of using neo-nazis to further its national and international interests

North Korea on standby to launch at mainland United States

SHTFplan | According to state run propaganda media, North Korea is on standby to launch a missile at the mainland United States
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Panic buying grips America ahead of World War III: “Never seen it at these...

SHTFplan | Leading preparedness distributor discusses equipment flying off the shelves

Test: U.S. Air Force to launch ICBM from California tonight

Intellihub | Col. Michael Hough, 30th Space Wing commander, is the launch decision authority


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The Illusion of Freedom

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Campus book burning Nazis