Cargo plane spotted heading west over Cali escorted by 10 jet fighters: Nuclear munitions...

Intellihub | What was this plane carrying that is so important?
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Embarrassing: North Korean missile test fails, explodes right away

Intellihub | Will Jong-un's latest failure to provocate the U.S. be his last?

Chinese media almost sets off military action with erroneous North Korea headline

Zero Hedge | Nuclear tensions at all-time high

New video shows U.S. dropping the MOAB on ISIS bunker facility in Afghanistan

Intellihub | ISIS gets hit with mother of all bombs: Watch
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War is coming: U.S. plans PREEMPTIVE strike on North Korea in the near future

Intellihub | Sources confirm large-scale attack on North Korea in the works
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Syrian President Assad: ‘The chemical attack was fabricated, 100 percent fake’

Intellihub | President al-Assad suggests that perhaps crisis actors were used to set him up and justify a military response

U.S. missile defense system only shoots down 3 out of 9 ICBMs in tests:...

Intellihub | Perhaps we should go with a preemptive strike?
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Report: Two N. Korean satellites are capable of delivering a surprise nuclear-EMP attack on...

Intellihub | Resulting blackout from nuclear-EMP could kill 9 out of ten Americans trough starvation, societal collapse
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Report: Seal Team 6 is training to take out North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

Intellihub | War with North Korea could soon be a reality

Putin: More false flag chemical attacks being prepared in Damascus

Intellihub | Putin also pointed out similarities to the 2003 incident when no chemical weapons were found in Iraq
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War against Christianity continues: Piers Morgan explains

Intellihub | Popular editor says a "genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity" is taking place
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Shock report as high-level source reveals Syrian chemical weapons attack was a false flag

Intellihub | "Intelligence community has information showing no chemical weapon was launched"
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150,000 Chinese troops deployed to N. Korean border: Paper

Zero Hedge | Is WWIII on the horizon?
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Russia had advanced knowledge of last’s week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria: Sr. U.S....

Intellihub | Russia may have had a hand in the recent Syrian chemical attack on civilians, officials warn
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Russia and Iran threaten U.S. in response to “aggression” in Syria

Intellihub | Joint Russian-Iranian command center issues warning over last week's U.S.-led strike on Shayrat airbase in Syria

Sen. John McCain calls for President Trump’s continued action in Mid-East

Intellihub | Trump ordered attack on Syrian airbase a "good beginning," says senator
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Kim Jong-un continues missile testing amid world tensions

Intellihub | North Korean leader views U.S. military drills as preparation for upcoming attack
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Syrian airbase hit by U.S. missile barrage already back in operation and conducting airstikes...

Intellihub | The gears of war are turning and the neocons love it
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U.S. Ambassador to United Nations warns of further military action in Syria as mainstream...

Intellihub | U.S. media calls for war with Russia

Russian drone shows Syrian airbase after U.S. missile strike

Intellihub | A view of the Syrian missile strike aftermath via drone footage
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Cruise missile strike onto Syrian airbase ordered by President Trump

Intellihub | Details about the strike are still emerging
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Trump ready to act against North Korea without China’s cooperation?

Intellihub | Will President Trump act against North Korea alone?
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Threats of global thermal nuclear war prompt ‘Doomsday Vault’ expansion

Intellihub | Imminent threats of nuclear war prompt officials to take action

Alex Jones warns nuclear war imminent

Intellihub | "The E.U. is in league with the damn communist Chinese"
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No aircraft carriers off East Coast of CONUS while Russian spy ship creeps only...

Intellihub | Russians test known gap in U.S. defenses, send spy ship through proverbial hole in fence

Russians plan exercise ’83 times larger’ than in 2013

Intellihub | When wargames get a little too real
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Japanese troops deploy to South Sudan risking first overseas conflict since World War 2

liberty Blitzkrieg | The move risks pulling the troops into conflict for the first time in more than seven decades