Flag of Japan

Japanese troops deploy to South Sudan risking first overseas conflict since World War 2

liberty Blitzkrieg | The move risks pulling the troops into conflict for the first time in more than seven decades
torn flag

Something big is underway on all fronts: “Within the next few weeks the future...

SHTF Plan | Congress gave the green light to send weapons and munitions to Ukraine; the “holdup” is due to Obama not wanting to jeopardize the election of Hillary Clinton
US Military, USMC

The US Military lied to thousands of soldiers — and now Veterans are paying...

Activist Post | Reevaluating how the U.S. government goes about irresponsibly sending these men and women abroad to fight insurgents who didn’t pose a threat to Americans
Serena Shim

2 Years After This American journalist was killed, her ‘Conspiracy Theories’ on Syria are...

Free Thought Project | Serena Shim dedicated her professional career to proving the United States and allies were purposely helping Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

Air Force chief foresees decades more US wars

Zero Hedge | We’ve been deploying now for 15 years
russian gas mask

Are we going to war with Russia?

Intellihub | Propaganda from both sides suggests that we are preparing to go to war with Russia
keyboard computer

Cyber warfare? Air Force kept silent on possible Russian attack against “secret drone support...

SHTFPlan | SIPRNET stands for the secret internet protocal router network
war tank machine

False Flag attack imminent in Syria as globalists engineer World War III

Waking Times | There is historical precedence to suggest that a Syrian false flag event is imminent
clinton obama

President Barack Obama admits he is “speeding up training of ISIL [ISIS] forces”

Intellihub | Obama caught red handed funding radical Islamic terrorism, in his own words
war, chess, game

U.S. the stupid is starting WWIII

BATR | Regrettably, none of us are in the loop of influencing policy
Winter Palace, Russia

Russian government officials told to immediately bring back children studying abroad

Zero Hedge | The education of children of the Russian elite abroad is subject to constant ridicule and derision against the ruling regime
Saudis in Yemen

New documents show US knew helping Saudis in Yemen could be war crime

Common Dreams | Officials doubted Saudi military could target Houthi militants without hurting civilians or destroying infrastructure, Reuters reports
nuclear horizon

Nuclear war is on the horizon: “This is not just talk… action has been...

SHTFPlan | Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men”
drone, uav

Human Rights groups to Obama: Time to follow through on drone promises

Common Dreams | A letter sent Thursday lists '10 US Strikes Requiring Investigation and Acknowledgement' by the US government

Russians deploy nuclear capable missiles near Poland and Lithuania

Intellihub | Russia gears up for short-range strike

Russia blamed for stealing DNC emails before releasing them to sway U.S. presidential election

Intellihub | Tension are mounting between Russia and the U.S.

US admits it bombed the Syrian Army, suddenly three terror attacks hit America the...

Truthstream Media | A shameful destruction of lives for an ulterior geopolitical TERRAFORMING agenda

Are you prepared for global thermal nuclear war this week? Russia vs. USA

Intellihub | Tensions are heating up between the U.S. and Russia behind the scenes
Moscow, Russia

40 million Russians to take part in “Nuclear Disaster” drill, days after US General...

Zero Hedge | The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection

Court overrules disclosure of US ‘school of assassins’ graduates names

RT | People involved in torture, extrajudicial killings, and other violations of human rights got their training at the facility funded by US taxpayer money

Why is everybody saying World War III just began in Syria?

Intellihub | The U.S. is HELPING ISIS and moving closer to war with Russia
nuclear explosion

Nuclear war with North Korea coming?

Michael Snyder | Let us not underestimate the threat that North Korea poses
toy gunvideo

Here’s how CIA puppet masters are deliberately picking a World War III level fight

Daisy Luther | While average Americans aren’t directly responsible for this, our federal officials are
war tank machine

The US Government just killed 150 people in a country that they aren’t even...

True Activist | Not everyone who is labeled as a “militant” is dangerous
tank, war

War: The power backing the U.S. dollar

The Daily Coin | If there are other underlying reasons then it could be anything creating this global nightmare
1968, Cholon, Saigon, South Vietnam, war, disaster

Green Beret warns: “World governments are preparing for disaster and war”

SHTFPlan | This is alarming, as the U.S. has been playing an indirect cat-and-mouse game with Russia
military, cold war plane, Hawker Hunter

Defense contractors tell investors World War III is great for business

Waking Times | Historically, economic forces conspired across national borders and between opposing coalitions to make war materials available

U.S. urges citizens in Afghanistan to leave country

Zero Hedge | Mission Accomplished?
saudi security forces

Amid uptick in bombings and civilian deaths, US sells more arms to Saudis

Common Dreams | Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch called for Western countries to impose an arms embargo on the Saudi government
armed drone

ACLU forces US government to release secret drone playbook

Common Dreams | The long-awaited guidelines provide "a timely reminder of the breadth of the powers that will soon be in the hands of another president," said ACLU deputy legal director