f-22 jet

We are now at DEFCON 3

Intellihub | Are we slipping toward global thermalnuclear war?

The Levant may be heating up as ISIS strengthens; are Obama and Putin working...

Intellihub | 'ISIS may be a tougher enemy to fight than we think; Putin and Obama working together in Syria'

“We’re going to do it, f**k it” – Venezuela’s Maduro orders military exercises for...

Zero Hedge | "If you block this democratic path we don't know what might happen in this country"

Hundreds of olive drab military vehicles on rail-train filmed in Georgia by drone operator

Intellihub | Another large sighting of military vehicles and equipment, this time in Georgia

Report: 15 of the 19 “hijackers” on 9/11 were CIA agents, never on the...

Intellihub | 9/11 hijackers now proven to be CIA agents; actual details of government sponsored plan emerging

Google nation building? Emails reveal Google is now in the business of overthrowing governments,...

Intellihub | Effort to overthrow Assad helped lead to the rise of the Islamic State

NATO Powers, ISIS, ISIL and Assad: The real story

Intellihub | What is really going on in Syria and the Levant? Who is the West really after?
china jet

China’s war with the United States has already begun

Intellihub | Are China and the U.S. already at war with each other?
surveillance truck

Fully armored surveillance truck, with stabilizers down spotted in Lowe’s parking lot — European...

Intellihub | Truck appears to be currently in service, monitoring underway?

Satanic Cult Suspected in Theft of Dead Pope’s Blood

Intellihub | Police believe that a satanic cult may be responsible for stealing the blood of a dead pope from a religious reliquary
russian gas mask

Russian Troops Arriving in Ukraine to Battle Protesters

Intellihub | 1400 Russian troops to handle social unrest in Ukraine

Protesters in Ukraine are Disappearing From Hospitals, Others Found Tortured

John Vibes | Government in Ukraine shows incredible force against once peaceful protesters who are now promising to "attack" if president does not step forward

Army achieves ‘Skynet’ — self-aware decision-making network

Intellihub | The future of modern weaponry is here, and it doesn't look good