Paranoid liberal snowflakes take self-defense training classes amid fears of far-right mobilization

'If you are not an anti-fascist then surely you are a fascist.'

BRIGHTON, England (INTELLIHUB) — Once a week a group of pathetically weak and paranoid liberal snowflakes meet up and practice their self-defense skills in preparation of what they believe will one day be a mobilization of far-right forces.

Members of the group say that their weekly routine refines their “skills” which they practice just in case a clash were to arise.

One of the masked crusaders who was featured in a recent Vice report spoke about the group’s ‘on-scene success’ which the man attributes to “the rebel media.”

“There is the real potential over the next six moths to a year for the far-right to mobilize again,” the man explained.

“The far-right has got a history of beating up left-wing activists,” he said.

The group of weaklings conducts their training sessions using “different techniques” which they say can be applied in a real life scenario if one were to arise.

The motto of the gung-ho group of cowards is basically that of which: ‘If you are not an anti-fascist then surely you are a fascist.’