Park regulators: ‘Questionable crowds may have attracted recent animal beheadings which may escalate to the beheadings of people’

California community fears more beheadings

By Lexi Morgan

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (INTELLIHUB) — Police are now looking for the person or persons responsible for the recent animal beheadings in which the carcass of a dead headless tortoise, chicken, and even a baby lamb, were left in a public park.

While local law enforcement currently are uncertain who is responsible for the gruesome crimes at this time an investigation is still underway.

According to at least one report the first incidence was reported on January 8 and several have  continued since.

Park regulars say it can attract a questionable crowd at night, and worry these violent acts could escalate from animals to people.

“That’s pretty concerning. I mean, at least to us, because I don’t want to be around dead animals, and I don’t ever want to see a dead animal,” said Collin Konowoo., reported CBS Sacramento.

Residents have been asked to be on the lookout and to report any suspicious activity.

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