Parliament shooting “looks like an Islamic terror attack”, says terror analyst


ISIS propaganda begins in Canada, city locked down

By Shepard Ambellas |
Canadian Parliament (Photo Credit: Jamie McCaffrey/FLickr)
Canadian Parliament (Photo Credit: Jamie McCaffrey/FLickr)

OTTAWA — Rhetoric in the media echos about as the Canadian Government prepares to clamp down on the local populace, further restricting freedom in Canada by using terror as an excuse to usher in yet even more unneeded and unwanted security.

While Wednesday’s shooting was tragic, ending the lives of at least two people, including a Canadian soldier, it will likely set the stage for what’s coming — planned martial law ahead of the economic collapse and Ebola outbreak. I mean after all, why would the powers-that-be let the citizenry have any advantage? Wouldn’t they want to put us all in check first?

People, this has been in the works for years. Hell, even Obama’s newly appointed Ebola czar want to see us depopulated here in America. It’s all part of the same agenda.

To prove may point we can already see how the media is pushing the propaganda.

Take terror analyst Erick Stackelbeck for example who appeared on several broadcasts Wednesday saying how “this [the Canadian Parliament shooting] looks like an ISIS terror attack”. However there is one problem, Stackelbeck has absolutely no evidence of his claims which are intended to rile up the Canadian people. Essentially Stacelbeck is beating the war drums.

“Just two days ago we had another terrorist attack in Canada, an ISIS sympathizer ran over two Canadian soldiers in his car and killed one of those soldiers.”, said Stacelbeck, shilling for the establishment.

To make matters worse Stackelbeck pointed out on-air how “dozens of Canadian citizens have traveled to the middle-east to join ISIS.”

“ISIS has a great social media operation […] where they make it cool”.

This all comes after recent reports claim that three U.S. teenage girls tried to head to Syria to join ISIS. By using this ideology, they make ISIS seem like more of a threat then it really is as it can now affect our children. It’s all part of the bigger plan you see.

President Obama even commented on the Canadian Parliament shooting while in a meeting with the new Ebola czar at the White House Wednesday, saying:

“We don’t yet have all of the information about whether this is part of a broader network or plan, or whether this was an individual or series of individuals”


“We are going to do everything we can to stand side-by-side with Canada.”

The president went on to speak about “possible threats” in the U.S. which are “often foiled or disrupted”, reiterating the potential for a new strike by ISIS in the homeland.

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