PERTH, Australia (INTELLIHUB) — A woman traveling through Australia on a connecting flight was horrified to find out that the airline she was aboard forcefully sprays all boarded passengers and staff with a toxic pesticide, an aerosol named d-Phenothrin. The new protocols come in wake of the newly emerging and likely staged Zika virus threat, which the Obama Admin has requested nearly $2 million in funding to fight.

Astonishingly, the woman, Petra Haluska, filmed the entire process from inside the cabin as humans were literally being bombed with the colorless spray like bugs.

During the process Haluska thought it would be good to speak out as an “activist” about the spray; her mother died of lung cancer and she was genuinely concerned for her health and the health of others. After all, being sprayed with a pesticide in a closed aircraft cabin can’t be healthy in any respect. But when Haluska attempted her activism she quickly realized that not one of the other passengers of the plane cared. In fact, one even called her “crazy,” Haluska explained in a Facebook video.

“They all stayed very quiet — like sheep,” Haluska said.

INSECTICIDE-236T-3-summer“We are just sitting around […] being poisoned.”

“I guess if I want to fly […] anywhere then I guess I got to be okay to be sprayed.”

“[…] This is the state of our world.”

Haluska was later escorted off the aircraft by “six police officers.”

According to the National Pesticide Spraying Center:

“d-Phenothrin is used in a variety of products to control a wide range of insects. d-Phenothrin can be formulated in insecticide products as aerosols, liquid sprays, and dusts. d-Phenothrin can also be used in products applied by aircraft or truck-mounted sprayers for mosquito control.”


d-Phenothrin can kill insects by direct contact or if they eat it. It disrupts their normal nervous system function. It is less toxic to mammals due to their higher body temperature, larger body size, and lower sensitivity to the chemical.

This dovetails with Zika virus fears and heavy spraying in the Florida Keys which I have previously documented in an article titled “Insecticides being sprayed from helicopters onto general public at low altitudes to combat Zika in Florida Keys.”

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