Group of mostly B list celebrities produces new anti-Trump video

(INTELLIHUB) — The leftist group that brought us “Humanity for Hillary” in which they urged Americans to vote against Trump has re-branded itself as Humanity for Progress and released another anti-Trump video full of low level Hollywood celebrities demanding Congress oppose the incoming president.

The video features Sally Field, Jeffrey Wright, Lea DeLaria, Keegan Michael-Key, Rosie Perez, Steve Buscemi, Zoe Kazan, and developer Bruce Ratner, among others.

In case you thought the group was bipartisan, they actually ask viewers to sign a petition at the hard left Soros funded website.

Laughably, these so-called celebrities are actually further showing that liberal elitists simply want to tell the vast majority of Americans how to live and have no problem openly doing so.

Its just too bad someone with the talent of Buscemi has gone so far off the liberal deep end that he can’t even see how pathetic he has become.

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