Test passes already made over Houston airspace in order to establish a radiation baseline ahead of Super Bowl LI

HOUSTON, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — NRG Stadium is expected to be packed this Sunday which prompted the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration to run initial tests of the city’s ambient radiation levels ahead of Super Bowl LI as a precautionary measure in order to gain a baseline.

A bell helicopter, fully equipped with radiological sensors, was tasked with the mission ordered by the U.S. Department of Energy agency.

Systematic daylight flyover passes occurred last Tuesday when the chopper descended upon the city of Houston 150 feet above ground level flying at speeds of and around 80 mph, reports Houston Chronicle.

Due to the fact that the NNSA has already scanned the city, the stadium, and the entire surrounding area for radiation to set their ‘baseline’ actually lets us know that another scan will logically have to occur on game day likely before or during the ceremonies. Which means any attendees or people inside a certain radius of the game will — Per sey — become test dummies.

The New England Patriots are playing the Atlanta Falcons in an epic matchup that is anticipated to be quite the showdown.

The 2017 Super Bowl halftime show will feature Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, and possibly even, rumors have it, Beyonce.


Country sensation Luke Bryan is set to sing the National Anthem.

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Featured Image: “Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu address the media during Opening Night of Super Bowl LI” (WEVN-TV/Flickr)