Pearl Harbor Hawaii Base Commander Endangering Service Members and their Families

By James W. Macey
October 28, 2012

The Commander of Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH) has allowed our service members along with their families to be used as lab rats for a smart meter electric grid test. I

get the impression that he did not even know what a smart meter is or had done any due diligence before allowing the program to move forward.

JBPHH announced that the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) is a success and is being implemented further.

The program uses harmful smart meters installed in military housing smart grid to monitor electricity usage of residents. The residents are then charged or awarded for their energy usage as compared to their neighbors if you can believe that.

So I guess if you have a medical condition that requires more energy usage than your neighbor with no kids who doesn’t like air conditioning you get screwed.

The biggest concern is there are thousands of published scientific research studies showing the damaging health effects of radio frequency/microwave frequencies like those used in a smart grid.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined radio frequency radiation is a class 2B carcinogen.

The externalization of the healthcare costs and income losses of those sickened by this technology is unacceptable. Who will compensate our sailors and their families for smart meter induced illnesses?

More and more biophysicists, physicians, and public health officials from around the world are demanding a reduction in electromagnetic radiation exposure levels to protect public health. India just lowered its levels by a factor of ten.

The U.S. has some of the most lax regulations of all. How can the military  justify moving forward with smart grid technology in light of this controversy?

Even the Navy’s own study titled Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons study from 1976 from the NAVAL MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE, which compiled 2300 studies to show the effects of microwaves on humans. This document can be accessed at:

These harmful effects are known around the world but were ignored to the detriment of the service members and their families.

This program was introduced and duped the Sailors as they were not told of the dangers but were told they were saving the environment.

With all of the information available on the dangers of smart meters it is criminal in my opinion to move forward and endangering the health of our service members and their families.

How much of our tax dollars were wasted on testing and implementing this harmful program? Who really benefits?

The service members and families need to be advised of the dangers that they are being subjected to.

The smart meters need to be removed or at least made optional after the people have been told of all possible dangers.

Persons responsible for potentially harming our service members should be looked at  for possible criminal offenses.