Pennsylvania Town to Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water


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By JG Vibes
March 18, 2013

Fluoride is a carcinogenic waste product of aluminum. It is also the main ingredient in rat poison, nerve gas and Prozac.

This chemical agent has been present in the water supply in America for several generations, but this sick and twisted idea actually began during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

Just recently a town in Pennsylvania has voted to keep fluoride out of their water supply.

The Altoona Mirror reported that:

Tyrone Borough residents will no longer have fluoride in their water, beginning later this spring.  Council voted 6-2 in a meeting last week to direct the Water Department to begin removing hydrofluorosilicic acid and its associated chemicals.  Concerns about fluoride have been raised recently, including from Water Department Superintendent Ardean Latchford, who said he’d been approached by several borough officials and concerned residents regarding fluoride.

Councilman Mark Kosoglow said he’d watched a documentary revealing fluoride to be a poison and wanted to see it removed from the water supply.  Mayor William Fink also said he’d spoken to some area professionals, including a funeral home director, and learned about the dangers of fluoride.

It is said that removing the fluoride from the towns water supply will result in $5,000 annual savings for the towns budget.

Tyrone Council is not the first local governing body to reject fluoride; the Altoona City Authority voted in 2007 to do the same, citing concerns about potentially negative health effects and a philosophical opposition to “mass medicating” the population.

It is important to reiterate that fluoride is very toxic and has no health value for teeth, but even if some of the so called “experts” where correct in saying that it was benign, that would not give them the right to put a drug into everyone’s water supply.

If we want drugs in our water, we can take care of the application of those drugs ourselves, we don’t need and shouldn’t trust the government to do that for us.

In October of 2010 the fraudulence of the fluoridation program was exposed when the American Dental Association posted a report in their monthly journal warning about the dangers of fluoride intake in young children.

This development came just months after the Center for Disease Control issued a similar warning.

The admissions from these institutions were released quietly and they still maintained that fluoride was necessary to have in the water supply even though it has been known to damage cells and cause serious health issues.

On an even deeper level it is said that fluoride causes calcifications to build up on the pineal gland, the most sacred part of the human brain.  This completely shuts off ones center of consciousness as well as weakens the mind and body.


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