(INTELLIHUB) — The Pentagon has approved quarantine camps, a.k.a. death camps, in the United States, to house American detainees suspected of being infected with the 2019-nCov Coronavirus or merely coming in contact with someone who was.

From MSN:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is expected to support the request for the locations, which would be used “should HHS facilities become filled.”

The statement notes that the military facilities would house up to 20 people each “as they undergo a period of quarantined observation,” but would be third in line to place individuals as “HHS already has primary and secondary locations identified that are not DOD facilities.”

However, the camps are not limited to people who have traveled from overseas as most media outlets make it out to be.

One report from CBS Sacramento reveals how the military will be snatching and grabbing regular everyday citizens off the streets.


The real truth of the matter is that just like in China when the camps become full or overwhelmed many people in them start dying. In fact, the Chinese military had to build motes around the camps in an effort to detour detainees from escaping.

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Keep in mind, wargaming such a scenario, one could simply be eating lunch at their favorite fast food place sometime in the near future when the military arrives and grabs everyone inside after an infected person was reported to have entered the establishment. Detainees would then be taken to a camp where if not infected already they will likely then become infected. Especially, being packed in with other sick and unruly people, anything could happen. A good example of this is how people have been quarantined on cruise ships where the virus just keeps spreading adding to the number of infections until nobody is left.

Recon request: If you spot any military troop or vehicle movements please take pictures or video and contact newstips@intellihub.com with the details. It’s coming people! Get ready!

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