Peter Jennings on 9/11: “Where did all the rubble go?”

The late Peter Jennings questioned what a groundbreaking report answered some 16-years after the attack


LOWER MANHATTAN (INTELLIHUB) — One day after the Twin Towers and Building 7 basically disintegrated into pillars of dust, leaving very little rubble behind, reporter George Stephanopoulos gave ABC News anchor Peter Jennings his explanation for the missing debris during a live newscast — an explanation that seemed irrational at the time.

For those readers that are unaware, pretty much nothing identifiable was recovered from the debris pile where the towers ‘collapsed,’ no office furniture, no desks, no computers — just fragments.

The trillion dollar question

“Where did all the rubble go?” The ABC anchor asked Stephanopoulos, who was reporting from on scene that day.

“The reason that there is so little rubble is that all of it simply fell down into the ground and was pulverized — evaporated,” Stephanopoulos said. Now, I should say though, for the last several hours there has been a steady stream of dump-trucks and other very large vehicles carrying out debris, including burned out hauls of cars […] police cars and others.”

The reporter’s explanation was that debris that fell from the tower simply disappeared. Something that is not even physically possible without the detonation of advanced nuclear munitions, such barometric bombs and demolition nukes (i.e. suitcase or backpack nukes.) In a strange way, Stephanopoulos answered Jennings correctly. The fact is, he just wasn’t privy to information that surfaced 15-years later in a report which I authored titled: “Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down: Proof” which explains how barometric bombs and micro-nukes were used to take down the towers.

Secret barometric bomb technologies, nuclear technologies, used to bring WTC towers down: Proof

Stephanopoulos also reported an “increased military presence” and said that National Guard troops, some of which were armed, from the 69th, 258th, 105th, and 42nd Divisions were conducting ‘crowd control and protection and recovery support’ operations.

During the rescue in the days and weeks following the attack, only a small number of bodies were ever recovered. However, small fragments of bodies, bone, and teeth, were found jettisoned, along with massive steel I-beam sections, hundreds of feet away onto neighboring rooftops and streets.

According to the NY Daily News, “Of the 2,750 people that reportedly died at the World Trade Center complex on 9/11, only 1,634 of them have been identified.

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