Petition: Fight back against the “fake news” war on alternative media


“Red alert” emergency as time to fight back against corporate media fake news lie is now

(INTELLIHUB) — In the aftermath of Donald Trumps stunning and decisive victory, the corporate media has gone into full blown panic mode with their now routine attacks on the independent press and the laughable labeling of legitimate news outlets as “fake news”.

While many of the attacks have been discredited, they continue to this day and something must be done in an effort to fight back against the establishment press and the new incarnation of McCarthyism now being deployed against the enemies of the global elite.

In the past petitions haven’t done much but with the election of Trump that may be about to change. It is time for the millions of Americans who support the alternative media to call on the President elect to take a stand against this pathetic attack. Millions of signatures would also send a clear message to the media elite that we see through their desperate ploy and will not stand for it.

The petition, originally started by, reads:

This is a red level emergency.

Infowars, Breitbart, the Drudge Report and other independent sources are destroying the mainstream media narrative like never before, and the establishment is getting desperate.

In an effort to try and censor the liberty movement and free speech, the mainstream media is now attempting to label legitimate news sources like Infowars as “fake news” to push towards a government-led shut down of

The Washington Post has even gone as far as to label sites like Infowars as “Russian propaganda fake news” web sites, exemplifying the last attempt of a dying media conglomerate to force out any and all dissenting voices.

Even more concerning, the United States House of Representatives quietly passed legislation targeting ‘Russian propaganda’ websites.

But the calls for censorship do not end with the United States.

The European Union is demanding that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook censor “illegal hate speech” within 24 hours and content that includes so-called “fake news,” a term so broad that it includes perfectly legitimate news content.

Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have also announced that they will be ramping up efforts to remove “extremist” content from their websites by using a shared database of offenders.

And perhaps most importantly, Twitter has recently gone on record stating the company will ban President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account if he were to violate the company’s “hate speech” rules.

We are calling on and asking President-Elect Donald J. Trump to take a stand against the establishment media’s “fake news” attacks and to stop the impending censorship of independent media platforms like and others.

Sign the petition here. 

Ironically, most of the very same outlets attacking Intellihub and others as fake news are themselves guilty of continually publishing fake and misleading news, all in the name of furthering the globalist agenda.

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In an article accompanying the release of the petition, Paul Watson and Alex Jones provide a detailed list of actual fake news put out by the corporate media. The entire report is a must read but the guilty outlets include:

– The New York Times
– The Washington Post
– NBC News
– CBS News
– ABC News
– The Huffington Post
– Rolling Stone
– BBC News
– Sky News
– Financial Times
– Politico
– New York Daily News
– L.A. Times
– USA Today
– US News & World Report
– Gawker
– Newsweek
– Time
– Business Insider
– Daily Beast
– Yahoo News
– Daily Kos
– Young Turks
– Slate
– Raw Story
– New Yorker
– Buzzfeed
– MoveOn
– Think Progress
– Media Matters
– Wonkette
– Center for American Progress
– Little Green Footballs
– The Economist

Let your voice be heard and demand not only accountability for the corporate media but also freedom for the independent press to continue publishing valuable content!

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