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In a disgraceful act of cruelty, children are being sexually abused by the thousands

PHILIPPINES (INTELLIHUB) — British men overseas have been caught watching and paying for the sexual abuse of children via webcams placed in the Philippines, while never leaving the privacy of their homes.

Tens of thousands of children are reported to have been abused. The full extent of the damage is unknown at this time. Shelters have been established for victims.

Reports say that thousands in Britain have been abusing the Internet, going to the full extreme, diving in head first into the cyber-sex industry. Most paying large sums of money to view the disgraceful and illegal material.

Astonishingly, the Philippine children are literally treated like sex slaves as members of their own families abuse them in sexual acts.

Certain areas of the Philippines are riddled with the activity as the pedophiles seem to concentrate by nature attracting evil like shit-magnets.  In fact, it was recently uncovered that over 80 local families were engaged in selling their children sexually on the Internet. Some were even abused with “sex toys”, according to the BBC.

Some “deeply traumatized” victims have taken to shelters.