F.B.I. and local law enforcement cover-up multiple shooters

(INTELLIHUB) — Pilot and self-proclaimed ‘skilled shooter’ claims that he saw at least one additional shooter and heard “loud percussions” in Terminal 1 during the active shooter event Friday, despite the fact that authorities only reported activity in Terminal 2.

“I would tend to think that those were shootings,” the pilot said, referring to Terminal 1.

“I saw a guy with his hands up and deputies chasing him,” the pilot eyewitness said, also declaring that he does not agree with the sheriff.

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The pilot believes that “there was another shooting” in Terminal 1 that law enforcement and the F.B.I. are likely covering up.

‘I could hear females screaming and people running away from terminal 1.’


The pilot said he feels that it was definitely “some kind of combined effort to attack” the airport.

“I consider myself a person that’s aware of my surroundings,” the pilot explained.

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