YouTuber exposes how Andrew Breitbart may have made ‘Pizzagate’ connections back in 2011, before he was found dead in 2012

(INTELLIHUB) — David Seaman, a former staff writer for The Street, contributor to the Huffington Post and ‘Pizzagate’ investigator, recently had Wikipedia list his page for “deletion” and YouTube remove one of his videos about ‘Pizzagate’ that showed a 2011 tweet from the now deceased Andrew Breitbart, in which Mr. Breitbart claimed John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign adviser, is indeed a “world class sex slave op[erator].”

“So you try to talk about Pizzagate and they just delete you from the internet, is that the deal,” Seaman questions in a recent video he published on YouTube titled “Wow.”

Due to the obvious opposition, Seaman has now vowed to “talk about Pizzagate even more” and “louder.”

Seaman, one of the leading investigators on the subject of ‘Pizzagate,’ says the conspiracy “is real.”

Now, after Seamen’s findings conclude Andrew Breitbart, the former head of Breitbart News, may have uncovered details about the sinister scandal before his death in 2011, we now have to question if Andrew Breitbart was killed over what has now been dubbed ‘Pizzagate,’ which researchers claim is a vast ‘satanic pedofile child-trafficking ring.’

Seaman’s YouTube channel has received a ‘formal strike,’ despite the fact that Seaman did not violate any YouTube policy.

Seaman has publicly called for YouTube to reinstate his video, but as of yet has received no response on the issue.

Seaman said his YouTube channel is his “primary source of income.”

Andrew Breitbart was found dead in 2012, leading some to speculate it was over his discovery of a “sex-trafficking ring,” as reported by the Washington Post in late November.

Andrew Breitbart (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)
Andrew Breitbart (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Andrew Brietbart’s 2011 tweet:

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