Planet X just revealed by Google Sky? Black swath gone, ‘winged disk’ visible

Editor’s note: In no way shape or form does this article or has this article ever claimed that this object is planet X for sure; hence the question mark in the title and the closing line which reads:

“Although we can’t say for sure that this is Nibiru, it sure does match all descriptions.”

Other accusations, received via email, claim that nothing has changed on Google sky, although anyone with any sort of knowledge knows that Google Sky is manipulated often and can change daily.

If anyone has a problem or issue you are welcome to comment publicly below for all the world to see. As of now, I don’t have the time to launch another independent investigation into all the changes made by Google Sky over the past year or so, however in the future I am planning to do a follow-up report on this very matter. Moreover, I am also not going to blindly retract this article as requested by only one person out of the many people who have read the post in aggregate. With that being said, you are free to comment on your findings — the comment section is open below the post.

Controversial, heavily-censored, planetary system just revealed to public for the first time

OUTER SPACE (INTELLIHUB) — For years it has been speculated by conspiracy theorists and some astronomers that “Google Sky” had been censoring what’s known as Planet X or Nibiru from the general public’s view online.

Now, shockingly, a massive swath of Google Sky that had been previously blacked out and censored has been made visible by Google for your viewing pleasure. The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.


The image below shows the system as censored by Google for years.

Via Google Sky/DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA

It’s not known why Google unrestricted access to what could be the planetary system which was written about by the late Zecharia Sitchin who wrote numerous publications on the planet “Nibiru.”

In the image below, shot in 2015, you can clearly see the ‘winged disk’ as described by Sitchin and others. It’s almost uncanny!

DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA
Via Google Sky/DSS Consortium , SDSS, NASA/ESA

The system is currently located at:

5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″

Although we can’t say for sure that this is Nibiru, it sure does match all descriptions.

To learn more read Planet X for dummies.

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