(INTELLIHUB) — There are hundreds if not thousands of people and posts floating around the web which appear to show what looks like another planet near, or coming from behind, the Sun.

However upon closer inspection of these countless photos you will typically notice that an object only appears to be near the sun due to what’s known as ‘lens flare’ which makes it look that way when the image is transposed from the camera’s lens to film or disk.

Wikipedia describes lens flare as “the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms, such as internal reflection and scattering from material inhomogeneities in the lens.” In layman’s terms; basically the lens can’t handle the light. Which brings me to why I chose to publish this article–which let me be clear may or may not show Planet X.

Take note people: I am not saying that this is for sure Planet X, a.k.a. Nibiru. I am simply pointing out that the following pictures were taken on a camera equipped with a light filter and sent directly to Intellihub for publication. And yes I have to put this part in bold for the trolls.

planet x photo light filterCarl Guen/Intellihub

As you can see there is clearly an object present near the Sun.

planet xCarl Guen/Intellihub

In both images you can clearly see a solid object to the lower left corner of the Sun.

The photographer changed the angle in the second picture just to be sure it wasn’t a “sun spot.”

Do you think these images really show Planet X?


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