Planet X researcher theorizes double CME event may be tied to Nemesis’ passage through the ecliptic

Intellihub Podcast exclusive interview with Marshall Masters reveals Nemesis may have traversed the ecliptic, major disruptions to earth predicted as COVID pandemic serves as a cover for worldwide mobilization due to the approaching brown dwarf star system

(INTELLIHUB) — Renown Planet X researcher Marshall Masters appeared on episode #4 of the Intellihub Podcast where he theorized the recent and rare Coronial Mass Ejection (CME) of the sun may have been triggered by the passage of a brown dwarf star across the ecliptic plane from south to the north.

“If my hypothesis is correct that what we are reporting here with this unusual CME is that it is crossing the ecliptic–the upshot of that is clean the guest rooms folks Hell’s coming to visit for a damn long stay,” Masters explained.

“Now, here’s how it’s going to play out–let me try and paint a picture of this for everybody,” he said. “Nemesis is a brown dwarf star probably about twice the size of Jupiter and it is surrounded by a dust cloud of iron.”

…”a brown dwarf star has enough mass to ignite but it doesn’t sustain a nuclear furnace so to speak as our sun does,” Masters explained. “But nonetheless, it can provide a habitable zone for planets.”

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