How your planet’s control structure really works

By Dr. Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle
(Image Credit: Beth Scupham/Flickr)
(Image Credit: Beth Scupham/Flickr)

Forget all about whatever you were told in school about how the world works. Stay with me as I lay out a better schema, that more accurately reflects the way the world is run.

It all has to do with the study of ecology, and energy, and information flow. Because, you see, energy is fungible, and so is information. In fact, energy is transformable into information, and vice versa.

In other words, the complex interplay of energy and information, broadly conceived, yields an ecology, a dynamic system with myriad feedback loops, positive and negative, whether biological, political, economic, social, etc. This reality has been well understood by leading thinkers and analysts for many years. As the years have gone by, ecological modeling of all kinds has gotten more and more complex. This has everything to do with how the modern world is run.

Enter Howard T. Odum, Stage Left

Most people have never heard of Howard T Odum, the influential 20th century scientist and thinker (or his brother Eugene P. Odum, with whom he wrote the first modern textbook of ecology), including a lot of scientists and intellectuals, and neither had I before I matriculated in forestry school, to earn my second master’s degree.


But Howard Odum’s ideas and prodigious body of intellectual work have arguably done more to establish the modern discipline of ecology than anyone else’s.

Among his numerous accomplishments, Howard odum was a pioneer in:

Perhaps Odum’s biggest insight was that the world, and everything in it and on it, is energetic. The corollary to that is that the entire global system, every facet of it, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, is all energetically interconnected.

In fact, everything is interconnected electrically. Odum realized early on that the Earth system, all of it, was essentially an unimaginably complex electrical circuit, that could be modeled as such.

And he set about doing that. He started with incoming solar radiation, which is nothing but a stream of a near infinite flood of photons, subatomic particles and electromagnetic radiation. But, you see, all of this great flood of energy from the Sun carries an electrical charge. Photons, for instance, come barreling in at the speed of light and strike chlorophyll molecules in the leaves of photosynthetic plants and phytoplankton. That in turn initiates a cascade of electrochemical reactions in photosynthetic organisms that ultimately powers biological life, because it forms the basis for a great deal of the energetic activity that takes place farther along the ecological chain in the biosphere on this planet. And it all starts with mind-bending quanta of light energy from the Sun, our local star.

Odum produced complex, essentially electrical diagrams that modeled this complex, energetic, give and take; not only between biological organisms, but between the biosphere and the geosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and so on.

For example, it is well known that coal is fossilized plant material, from ages long past. Through powerful geological processes, thick seams of decaying vegetation were buried deep underground a very long time ago, and converted into a mineral form, to solid, black, rock-hard chunks of carbon.

But for Odum, this coal represents stored electrical energy = solar energy from ages long past. It is part of the electrical, energy budget of the planet — with a lag time of unknown thousands or even millions of years. So Odum’s ecological analysis has a temporal dimension that extends across vast expanses of time.

A seam of coal for him, using his electrical model, is then analogous to a capacitor, or maybe a diode, in  modern electrical theory. It is passively storing solar energy from long ago, with the capacity to release that energy in the form of heat, let us say, in the furnaces of an electrical generating plant, that may then produce steam that in its turn can cause turbines to rotate in order to power massive electrical generators that then produce electricity that is sent coursing out into the national electrical grid.

Remember, energy is fungible, most fundamentally at an energetically electrical level. So it is that a tropical forest, in the time of the dinosaurs, was transformed into coal, lay deeply buried in hundreds or thousands of feet of rock and sediment for millions of years, only to be excavated in the modern period, and transformed into electricity. The burning of the coal in the electrical generating plant then produces electricity and also poisonous side products such as coal ash and toxic fumes, which economists consider to be negative externalities, and which ecologists consider as environmental contaminants, that wreak havoc with living systems.

This is but one, small example, notwithstanding that it links the world of the dinosaurs directly with ours, across an unimaginable stretch of time and space, and drives home just how complex this world is, and how interlocked and interconnected it is — even on a geological time scale.

Odum understood all of this in basically electrical terms.

It Gets A Lot More Complex 

Here is a very simple diagram that illustrates how Odum modeled the Earth and its myriad component systems and subsystems.

(Illustration credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Using the example of the coal and the electrical generating plant, the source of energy input is ultimately the Sun, millions of years ago. The capacitor that stores the Sun’s energy, via the agency of decayed, photosynthetic vegetation, albeit with an enormous, ancient, time lag, is the coal. When the energy is discharged from the capacitor (coal), by burning in the furnaces of the electrical power plant, and used to produce steam, there is resistance to the coal’s energetic discharge, in the chemical reaction of the fire, in the friction of the spinning turbines, and so forth, all of which produces heat, as a side product of the indirect transformation of ancient solar energy into modern electrical energy. In reality it is the same energy all along, then and now. Remember that energy is fungible, even across vast stretches of time and space that stagger the mind. And remember, as well, that energy can be transformed into information, andvice versa. That is both an exoteric and and esoteric truth.

Odum’s ecological circuits were quite complex, with myriad, intricate feedback loops. Due to their size, it is difficult to reproduce them here.

But you must understand that his ecological modeling has been extended right into the realm of economics and power politics.

Remember that everything is interconnected. Everything.  Those who would rule this world understand that, and so did Odum.

Modeling War 

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. It’s a sketch from one of Odum’s own notebooks. He is modeling the ecology of war, if you will, between two nations, their assets, their resources, the interplay between those factors.

(Illustration credit:
And he has scribbled some equations out to the side that model that violent ecology. We can’t see how he defines the terms in the equations, because we don’t see the rest of his notes, but you get the idea. He is modeling war mathematically, energetically.

Modeling a National Economy

The same can be done with any national economy. Keep in mind that Odum is formulating a dynamic, energetic model. as opposed to a purely economic model.

(Illustration credit: M.T. Brown / Ecological Modeling 178 (2004) 83-100) from Odum 1976)

Here you see the energetic inputs to the national economy from oil, gas, coal, hydroelectric, solar and nuclear power, and inputs from the forestry and agricultural sectors. He also depicts the input and output from imports and exports, as well as the environmental system, and interrelates the whole in a circular fashion, denoting the largely closed character of the system, as it mostly is on a small planet like the Earth.

Where Is All This Leading?

Given the feeble, limited mentality of those who would lord it over humanity and the Earth (notwithstanding that they imagine themselves to be geniuses without equal), we are unfortunately trending in the direction of an unbelievable dictatorship such as has never been seen on this planet in all of recorded history.

An all-encompassing surveillance grid is being rapidly set in place, to lock down everyone and everything.

The NSA and other espionage agencies are compiling massive, digital data bases, with the minutiae of daily life of millions, even billions of people.


To include that individual and aggregated data in their planetary, ecological system modeling, of course. Humans, individually and as a group, are a phenomenal source of energy. Humans are the grand wild card in the closed ecological equation on this planet. So those who would model war, in all its global parameters, or economic and social control, in all their global parameters, must have massive amounts of information on all individual humans and aggregated data on all human groups on this planet.

Remember, ecology is all based on energy flow, which is essentially electrical, and energy is fungible; more than that, energy can transform into information and vice versa; so those who would control the planetary ecology, in all its dimensions — biological, social, economic, etc. — must control the planetary energy flow, and that includes surveilling and controlling the information profile and flow for individual humans and all human groups; because energy can transform into information and vice versa.

Information is data, so by acquiring and controlling your personal data, as much of it as possible, they aim to control your energy, and thereby to ultimately control the human ecology on this planet.

Let Me Put This In Perspective For You

Remember, it all has to do with electrical energy and the control of it. What am I talking about?

Just this: a natural human being is an exquisitely tuned, hyper-dimensional circuit, and this universal fact is well understood by those who would control you.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In your body, are billions of DNA molecules, which have a double-spiral shape, analogous in some respects to an ordinary electrical coil (or an electrical transformer, which steps voltage up or down), with one salient difference: under certain conditions, the DNA molecule is superconductive, which is to say, when conditions are favorable, it may conduct phenomenal, unbelievable amounts of cosmically conscious, bio-spiritual electricity from superordinate levels of the Universal, hyper-electro-conscious construct. This is the basis of the full-blown kundalini phenomenon when untold thousands of volts of bio-electricity surge through the body, without however electrocuting or burning the body up. Rather, when carried to its ultimate conclusion, the kundalini process is conducive to greatly expanded states of awareness and personal realization that the average person can little comprehend.

Moreover, the human body itself carries a definite bio-electrical charge. It is, therefore, directly analogous in some ways to an ordinary electrical capacitor.

Why does any of this matter?

Well, in electrical theory, capacitors and coils form tuned circuits. Tuned circuits are the basis of electronic oscillators, amplifiers, and radio and television transmitters and receivers.

(Illustration credit: Wikimedia Commons)

As I just mentioned, a natural human being is an exquisitely tuned, hyper-dimensional, tuned circuit, and this universal fact is well understood by those who would control you.

You are meant to be a super-conducting, universally amplified, cosmically resonating transmitter and receiver of energy and information.

Remember that energy is fungible, and that energy can transform into information and vice versa.

Remember that the entire planetary ecology is based on energy. It is all essentially electrical in nature; i.e., Nature is electrical, and so are you, though your electricity is (potentially hyper-) conscious, bio-electricity. 

That’s Why The NSA Wants To Surveil You And Control You

Now you know the reason for such repressive control of the economy by the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank; the reason for the riots in the Arab countries, the so-called Arab Spring, the “Color Revolutions” of multi-billionaire George Soros who fronts for filthy, Zio-Nazi factions.

Now you know why the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Windsors, Warburgs, Schiffs, Carnegies, Morgans, Bushes, et al, have for centuries been funding an endless succession of wars, invasions, coups, assassinations, civil wars and mercenary armies and causing ruinous commodity price fluctuations, inflation, then deflation, rigged markets and promoting narcotics trafficking, human trafficking and all manner of criminal activity that even the lowest animals shrink from engaging in.

It is all done to block, interfere with, stop, change, distort and impede the normal flow of hyper-conscious, universal, cosmic, bio-electricity in the greater human ecology of this planet.

The Mayhem Is All Extensively Mathematically Modeled

It is all extensively modeled using extremely intricate multivariate analysis, incredibly detailed econometric models, using reams of data, crunched through more and more powerful computers. That is why the NSA has unbelievable acres and acres of supercomputers in its massive, underground base at Ft. Meade, Maryland, going down and down underground, deeper and deeper, level after level.

That is why the NSA has built a huge new facility at Bluffdale, Utah with yet more supercomputers.

As the world population swells, as the economy grows, as technology advances, it all becomes ever so much more complex — hence the need for ever more and better data, right down to the individual producing and consuming unit — the individual human  being.

Whence the all-pervasive surveillance of as many human  beings as possible. Where they live, what they do, what they buy, what they produce, how much money they have, their state of health, whether they are a social or political activist, with whom they interact and how and when and why, etc.

It is all data, being fed into vastly complex algorithms, and crunched through A.I. computer systems to not just model, but to manage and administer the global system, in all its myriad dimensions, right down to the individual level.

The ultimate aim is to totally control you energetically. Because they understand your hyper-conscious, universal, energetic potential, and the dark controllers want to make sure you never get anywhere near your hyper-conscious, universal, energetic potential.

The whole system is set up to thwart that. You could call it the dark ecology ofanti-hyper-conscious, universal, energetic potential.

That’s what we are dealing with. We are engaged in a very serious energetic contest for all the marbles, for the planet and for our very souls themselves.

These next months and years will be like nothing any of us have ever experienced in our lives.


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This article originally appeared on Event Horizon Chronicle.


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