Playing the Trump card for political correctness

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Gage Skidmore/Flickr


The hideous disgust, that so many American have for politics, has raised its wretched head once again. The culprits are familiar. The tactics are well established. And the source of the slime comes out of a pathetic nihilism that is known as “Political Correctness”. The cultural assault that has turned political dialogue into an authoritarian inquisition lies at the foundation of much of what is wrong with public life. Free Speech does not exist for those, who presume to challenge the sacred tenants of totalitarian assimilation. Any society that punishes someone who opposes the mythical postulates that racism, equal rights and a collectivist world view is dangerous. When the only allowable viewpoint is dictated by Marxist comrades, coexistence is not possible.

The dikes of civil dialogue have been undermined with a vicious attack and in a detestable manner that is the very definition of mean-spirited. Pray tell, the “PC” crowd is the epitome of hypocrisy and deceit. In their perfect government economic world, the very idea of conducting useful and productive business is abhorrent to worshipers of these disturbed redistribution proponents.

Thus, the mere notion that a non politician could be considered as a viable candidate for public office gets the gullible true believers dancing to the tune of the Soros manipulators, who perfect the gatekeeper strategies to eliminate any real competition to the status quo.

So under such circumstances, it would be expected that Donald Trump will become the latest target of the New World Order cabal of demonic commissars. How dare the “Donald” take exception to the singular narrative of progressive doctrine and expose the ugly underbelly of open borders.

In his presidential announcement, the politically incorrect candidate defines the nature of the struggle. Donald Trump Transcript: ‘Our Country Needs a Truly Great Leader’ lists his pitch and call to action. Such moxie is taboo in the establishment corridors of the bi-partisan party club. So the expected firestorm coming out from confronting careerist scoundrels illustrates that his is hitting a raw nerve. The established order; from gutless politicians, to media whores and pseudo pundits have declared war.

National oblivion is a cardinal objective that is transforming America into a third world cesspool. A sure sign that his message resonates with ordinary citizens come out of familiar fellow travelers, Hollywood Mocks Donald Trump’s Announcement That He’s Running for President.

“Donald Trump’s Tuesday morning announcement that he’s running for president was quickly greeted by jokes on social media from many in the entertainment industry.”

Contrast this attitude with his support from the grassroots.

After taking second place in the latest New Hampshire polls, Trump is also claiming the silver in Iowa — where he traveled hot off his announcement — claiming 10% of support among likely caucus-goers, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.”

The disconnect between a traditional conservative society and the brave new world of autocratic “No Tolerance” has never been wider entering this presidential cycle. Add to this mix the rip snorting attacks against Carly Fiorina for daring to expose the wicked queen of sleaze, Hillary Clinton. The mere notion that a woman would turn on her gender over policy issues just cannot be allowed, since keeping the purity of the autocrat message overrides personalities and ideological differences.

Only allegiance to the merging of America into the global NWO hegemony is permitted. Both Trump and Fiorina are not elected officials looking to advance a career that typically requires selling one’s souls to international finance and global governance.

Imposing and enforcing a rigid compliance to the didactics of “Political Correctness” is the supreme prime objective in selecting a President. In order to run for the privilege of occupying the oval office, the purity of message must be adhered to during the selection charade.

Just the notion that a candidate will speak the truth about illegal immigration translates into a campaign of scorch earth carnage. What Trump’s Poll Numbers Mean argues.

“We can’t predict what the information context will be in various states right before Republicans vote in primaries. We can say that by then it will depend on recent events and on the orchestrations of party actors — with favored candidates reaping positive publicity.”

On this last point, regarding positive publicity, who can dispute that the entire arsenal of mainstream media is focused on blowing Trump out of the waters before his traction, based upon public discontent, builds.

Add to this pressure cooker the onslaught terminations from NBC, Univision, Macy’s and a vivid portrait of revenge and fear emerges from the establishment. Such a controversy only exists because Trump is using anti-establishment rhetoric in his campaign and his message is falling on eager ears of sincere nationalists.

The alleged lunacy, in reality is a factual assessment that the Mexico regime is turning America into a dumping ground for undesirables is both fair and a truthful contention. An outcry that any discussion that criticizes or condemns a policy or practice that is fundamentally destroying the nation is sophistry or outright subversion.

Nonetheless, that is exactly the “PC” environment that exists in the popular culture.

When the anointed lackeys are instructed by Alfonso Aguilar, a Republican who leads the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership, GOP candidates urged to condemn Trump, he is playing into the hands of the social engineers, who have destroyed any heritage and sound principles for an orderly society.

“The time has come for the candidates to distance themselves from Trump and call his comments what they are: ludicrous, baseless, and insulting,” Aguilar said. “Sadly, it hurts the party with Hispanic voters. It’s a level of idiocy I haven’t seen in a long time.”

One need not like Trump as a person or a candidate to acknowledge that Aguilar’s admonitions are systematic of the decay that has institutionalized the country. Allowing unlimited migration into our country produces the exact results that Trump articulates.

Yet, the drumbeat is to isolate Donald Trump to the pit of irrelevant punishment because he has the guts to tell the truth to a public yearning for straight talk and bold action.

That’s the reason he is so dangerous to the globalists who have conquered our Republic. Just analyze the subtle slam at Trump from the New York Times.

“Mr. Trump could unite the most vituperative, fact-averse denouncers of President Obama (he was a champion of the “birther” camp that questioned whether the president was actually born in Hawaii); the many upwardly aspirational people who have attended his motivational speeches or purchased his business books; and at least some golfers who have played on his courses. It seems a stretch to think he will generate much support from the wealthy Republican establishment: Even in New York City, business leaders have long held Mr. Trump at arm’s length.”

Adding more fuel to the firestorm, the Daily Caller reports in, Legal Experts: NYC Mayor Action Against Trump ‘Not the American Way’ that commissar NYC mayor Bill de Blasio pushes the “Political Correctness” doctrine into extreme mode. Even Alan Dershowitz says enough is enough.

“The city was reviewing all of Trump’s contracts. Now civil liberties advocates are striking back at the mayor’s proposed action, which Dershowitz said was “plainly unconstitutional.”

They point to a landmark 1996 Supreme Court ruling that overwhelmingly declared it was unconstitutional to tie governmental contracts to a person’s beliefs.

“The city says, ‘We don’t want to renew it because we don’t like your speech.’ That would presumptively violate the First Amendment,” noted UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh in a DCNF interview. “The statement by the Mayor is a real danger to public debate,” he said, charging it would set dubious precedent for all city contractors, big and small.”

Welcome to the outer limits of civilization. The radical left authoritarians are the foe of the American experience that has offered an opportunity for inclusion to assimilate into a framework of opportunity and responsibility.

In the Political Correct society of “I see a racist behind every tree”, you have a breed of intellectual cripples, who do not have the ability to think, much less accept truth over fiction.

American is rapidly failing on all levels and there is no political solution to reverse this trend without a total repudiation of the “PC” culture.

It is because of this reason that Trump is relevant. Listening to the cowards in the Republican Party establishment is settling for de Blasio light, awaiting the next sellout of time-honored values.

Ignoring the nature of the cultural war on logic, facts and truth, guarantees defeat in the battle against the “PC” socialists. The empty dream of the rule of the proletariat has always been the invention of the financial elites to disguise their actual direction behind class warfare.

Using Trump as a scapegoat is pitiful. If extremists of any ideology accept the false dogma of zero tolerance, they are the real racists. For genuine lovers of liberty, keeping the stars and bars in historical context becomes a banner of defiance against “Political Correctness”.

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