Podesta: ‘The Russians distorted the election’

What really ‘distorted’ the election, if anything at all?

(INTELLIHUB) — John Podesta told Meet The Press Sunday morning that he thinks the election was “distorted” by “Russian intervention” and that “seventy members of the Electoral College should be briefed.”

Against all proof Podesta said,” A foreign adversary tried to directly intervene into our Democratic institution and tried to tilt the election to Donald Trump.” However, Podesta failed to point out that Hillary Clinton cheated during the debate when she was handed off a question by CNN’s Donna Brazile which helped her gain an edge over Trump.

So what really did affect the elections if anything at all? Was it unproven allegations of Russian intervention, Hillary’s breach of trust with the American people, or Donna Brazile’s leak? Furthermore we have to question Donna Brazile’s integrity and intention.

Sunday, Brazile told ABC’s This Week, regarding the tip off, that those are only “allegations from stolen hacked emails” and may not be true. Brazile also claims that the Podesta emails were “weaponized to sow misinformation and to sow discord between the Clinton and Sanders camps,” despite the fact that Brazile knowingly aided and abetted Clinton at the debate. After all Wikileaks has a long track record of providing factual information on a variety of matters.

The electors vote Monday at noon and John Podesta expects they will vote for Hillary Clinton rather than Trump.

“I think we all ought to take a lesson from this, look at it and most importantly investigate […] so it doesn’t happen again,” Podesta told Meet The Press.

Podesta claims the FBI contacted him about the hacked Wikileaks emails on Oct. 7 for the first and last time.

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