Police accountability measures working? Intense standoff with gun wielding man ends peacefully

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By Matt Agorist | Free Thought Project

SACRAMENTO, CA — An intense standoff was captured on video between a mentally unstable man and Sacramento police officers on Thursday.

Amazingly enough, the myriad of snipers and SWAT members didn’t fire a single round at the man who was waiving a revolver around in the middle of the road.

Instead of shooting first and asking questions later, a negotiator, Officer Ed Bertola, was called in. Police requested, over their loud-speaker, for the suspect, Cory Thomas, to call 9-1-1; surprisingly, he did.

Bertola told FOX 40 that Thomas was originally over at Power Inn for a registration violation. However, instead of stopping, he led authorities on a 30 minute high-speed chase throughout south Sacramento.

After speaking with Thomas, Bertola found that Thomas had experienced a “series of unfortunate circumstances” that led to him running from law enforcement.

Police applied a certain level of empathy for the troubled man and instead of firing rounds, they fired back phone calls to Thomas. Two negotiators from the Sacramento Sheriff’s department refused to give up on the man and called Thomas a total of 48 times between 9:50 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Thursday night.

“We have someone who is extremely upset, and they don’t know who I am and so I shouldn’t be too offended if he wants to hang up on me a few times,” Bertola said.

Bertola said that he had to choose his words wisely in order to prevent any sudden flare-ups in Thomas’ temper which could have ended in a shoot-out or a suicide.

Bertola listened to Thomas vent and eventually earned his trust. Bertola showed us that peace is also an effective means of reconciling a dangerous situation and 1 hour and 40 minutes after the standoff began, Thomas laid the gun down and was taken into custody.

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