Police Chief thanks man for his support after he assaults a woman at pro-police rally

By Matt Agorist | Free Thought Project

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Tensions were high at a pro-police rally in Scottsdale Saturday after counter-protesters showed up dressed like Nazis.

Video footage, taken by the counter-protesters showed the frustration and animosity held by those who were there to support the police. At one point a rather large man is seen trying to bully a young woman.

During the rally, police chief Alan Rodbell walked up to one of the men who was assaulting counter-protesters and thanked him for his support.

Had this man been at a police brutality rally and attempted the same intimidation and provocation, it is highly likely that he would have been met with pepper spray, baton strikes, or worse. Instead, this man gets thanked by the chief of police.

Equally disturbing was the fact that the rally chose a police officer to speak, who has recently been fired for physically attacking an ASU professor.

In May officer Stewart Ferrin attacked ASU professor Ersula Ore for walking across an empty street. He was told last week that he will be out of the job at the end of the month.

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