Police execute man for ‘talking on cell phone’ in-car evading police

By Shepard Ambellas

Man evades police after using cell phone in-car only to be shot and killed by a hail of gunfire

SAN DIEGO (INTELLIHUB) — You have to question the use of force by the police these days as it seems cops have been quite trigger happy in recent times.

Likely brought on by training propaganda spawned from globalist-backed false flag operations such as the Sept. 2001 attacks and the Sandy Hook School shooting, Orwellian passages of laws like the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) actually threaten the populace more than they protect them. No matter how much the government says they were created for your safety, they truly were created to further usher in tyranny as nothing in today’s world is really what it seems.

While it’s understandable that rapid economic decline and joblessness can add frustration for police as crime has risen in some urban areas, nothing justifies shooting someone without reason.

What ever happened to the days that cops never fired unless fired upon? It’s really just a simple rule of engagement that apparently police have forgotten today’s day and age, scrubbed out of the rule book by their trigger happy predecessors.

In fact, strangely, new police trainees are taught that it is okay to open fire on a civilian, just as long as the officer feels his life is in danger. Whether that fear be sparked by a vehicle moving toward an officer at low-speed, or a man in a car starting to brandish a weapon, or even a toy Airsoft gun in some cases–rest assured that anyone can be shot by the police nowadays.

Unfortunately, this was demonstrated Saturday, when a man driving a red Saturn would not pull over for talking on a cell phone–and that’s when the chase ensued on residential streets.

According to reports, the 40-year old driver then ran through several red lights after police cruisers initiated pursuit, before brandishing a gun at low-speeds in a residential neighborhood shortly after. Police then open fired with a “hail of bullets”, critically wounding the man.

Now after the shooting, people in the community and even some officials are questioning exactly what the police were thinking. Not only did the police open fire on a man for no reason as a gun was only banished, they actually caught innocent bystanders, residents and fellow officers in a very dangerous crossfire situation that may need to be addressed by the San Diego Police Dept. itself.


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