Police in helicopters harass Californians as U.S. slides into all-out police state

Large crowds gathered near Huntington Beach in protest of the unconstitutional closures, police used helicopters to disperse crowds

Ian Gratton/Flickr

(INTELLIHUB) — Several police helicopters were captured on video Sunday harassing Californians who were just trying to go about their daily lives the best they could–by catching some sun rays at the beach.

However, due to COVID-19 quarantine orders, a simple trip to the beach or even a quick trip to the store can quickly end up looking like a scene out of the hit 1987 film The Running Man. To top it off, you can quickly become the star in such a scene as the police state is flourishing out of control. By the way, if you have never seen The Running Man before you can watch the film’s introduction here: (highly recommended)

Here is what the scene looked like in actuality at Huntington Beach on Sunday.


Helicopter police forced jetskiers, surfers, and beachgoers to stay off the beach and go back inside.


Police patrolling the sector called out to quarantine violators directly via loudspeakers affixed to the aircraft.

At Newport Beach, a police helicopter with a loudspeaker could be heard telling boaters to return to shore.

More footage from Newport Beach shows how authorities are not playing games…

However, despite all policing efforts from both the air and ground Californians sure gave em’ hell. Citizens could be seen flexing their rights by screaming at the top of their lungs and honking their vehicle horns as often as they got a chance.

Large crowds gathered near Huntington Beach in protest of the unconstitutional closures.

More video…

Meanwhile in New York…


Antifa on the move in Seattle following Joe Biden's inauguration

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