Police initiated shooting at Dallas Love Field public airport *VIDEO*

Police fired at least 9 shots at at least one individual

DALLAS, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — A police officer opened fire on at least one person Friday, at Dallas Love field, a public airport, causing panic among passersby.

Bryan Armstrong managed to capture the event on film before uploading it to Instagram.

Four consecutive shots were discharged from the officers handgun at the target.

“Get down, get down,” one officer yelled.

It appears the suspect did not listen at that point an may have charged the officer or officers, who in turn pumped five more rounds into the target.

A witness could be heard saying, “Oh my God!”

Then again, an officer yelled, “Stay down.”

Police barricades have been set up and traffic has been rerouted.

It has been reported that one person was injured and taken to the hospital.