Police kick over 100 homeless people from tents in blizzard-like conditions


Have the police gone too far when it comes to the homeless?

DENVER, Colo. (INTELLIHUB) — “When you’re trying to change something you don’t go and hide, you bring it to the forefront,” one homeless man said in representation of over 100 homeless people who were just evicted from their tents by the Denver Police Department for trying to weather out subfreezing blizzard-like conditions.

The city’s ‘urban camping ban’ has been quite controversial and basically states that people can only protect themselves from the elements with the clothing on their backs, not by utilizing any type of overhead or underneath structure which would then become a violation of the ordinance.

Last week a group of over 100 urban campers were dispersed from their shelters at about 6:20 in the morning after an unmarked unit showed up on scene honking its horn.

“You are not a human you are a robot,” one camper told the police as they left scores out in the dark and cold with no shelter and no place to go.

And if that wasn’t enough, the police then went around and asked the campers for their names.

“My parents are dead. My street family is all I have. And they throw are lives away every day. They don’t give a shit,” one homeless woman said.

“They have no right.”


Do you think police have gone too far to curb the problem of homelessness by evicting people from their tents?


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