Police pull plug on Pirate Bay’s servers, reports say

Pirate Bay ‘raided’, “digital forensic experts” dispatched

STOLKHOLM, SWEDEN, E.U. (INTELLIHUB.COM) — Some BitTorrent users were in a frenzy Tuesday, and rightfully so, when a popular website named PirateBay.com went offline, along with a few other similar ones, simultaneously, in what the publication Torrent Freak and officials are dubbing a “police raid”.

According to reports, Fredrik Ingblad, an “expert file-sharing case prosecutor”, also commented on the raid saying that several “servers and computers” were confiscated, adding credence to what people in-the-know already pointed out.

Police maintain the raid was over “alleged copyright violations”.

Digital forensic experts” were dispatched, Ingblad announced on a radio broadcast.

“Superbay.org” (affiliated with Pirate Bay), “Bayimg.com”, “Pastebay.net, Zoink.com”, IstileTracker.com, and “EZTV” are down, reports Torrent Freak.

Update: As of 8:13 pm PST I can see that PirateBay.com is back online by doing a simple search.

While this may put a temporary dent in Pirate Bay’s traffic, so far the fact they are back online is positive news.


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