Political activist Adam Kokesh bids his farewell to YouTube

“It’s been a good run”

(INTELLIHUB) — Political activist Adam Kokesh bid his farewell to YouTube on Monday when he told his subscribers that YouTube is not what it used to be.

The outspoken Californian said that it is “sad” to see what YouTube has turned into and said that it’s not the free spirited platform that it once was.

The “AdamKokesh” channel officially has over 65 million views and over 70 million unofficially, according to Kokesh, who said some of his videos were taken down or deleted.

“It went from being the Internet’s answer to mainstream media that was an open platform that anybody could get on and could compete and you’ve ruined that,” he said. “But then Google bought YouTube.”

Kokesh is best known his show “Adam vs. the Man” and for racking a shell into the chamber of a shotgun on a public street in the District of Columbia.


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