irish uprsing

The 1916 Irish Uprising against British Imperialism

BATR | With the Easter Rising of 1916, the world was introduced to the eulogy of Pax Britannica

Watch what Prince tells Larry King in 1999 (Full Interview)

Intellihub | Prince may have been more fed-up with the system than one might think
trump in newsroom

Trump: Cruz/Kasich collusion is “horrible act of desperation”

Infowars | “Collusion is often illegal in many other industries."
gop rnc

GOP party bosses give puppets, Kasich and Cruz, orders to band...

Intellihub | GOP puppet masters try everything in their power to allow Obama to pass the baton to Hillary in General Election

TPP is treason. WAKE UP! Globalization goes for checkmate (PART ONE)

Intellihub | US Pres. Barack Obama is a traitor. Period. This underhanded treaty secretly sells- out the American people’s legal, sovereign, and constitutional protections in favor of this president’s corporate puppet masters.
judge andrew napolitano

Judge Napolitano on Servergate scandal: ‘I’m 100 percent certain FBI has...

Intellihub | "The FBI has enough evidence to indict and convict."
rockefeller plaza

100-year-old David Rockefeller says ‘One World Order’ conspiracy true

Intellihub | "If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it"
new york

Additional evidence of mind-boggling fraud emerges from the New York Primary

Liberty Blitz Krieg | Welcome to the real America, Alba Guerrero
cemtrails sky

Hedge the weather? Weather derivatives become ‘real financial instrument’ — Geoengineering...

Intellihub | The weather derivatives market may be compromised, rigged, by use of geoengineering technologies

Watch as this electronic voting machine gets hacked in 60 seconds

Intellihub | You have seen 'Gone In 60 Seconds,' now how about 'hacked in 60 seconds.'
9/11 wtc tribute

Trump: Secret 9/11 pages contain ‘very profound’ revelations

Infowars | "It’s sort of nice to know who your friends are and perhaps who your enemies are."
trump wins

Trump has won NY, 83 Delegates

Intellihub | Sweeping victory by Trump in New York
gop balloons

How to stop this election madness in exactly 61 days

Intellihub | Reasons For Voting NO.P.E.
silver bar

Silver explodes: Precious metal price reaches 11 month high

Daily Sheeple | Is gold and silver finally ready to break out and recover from the losses of the past few years?

Psychologists urged to examine complicity in supporting abusive systems of torture...

Intellihub | Psychologists Must Choose Whether to Oppose HR Violations or Act as Bystanders
flag china

SoT – Jeff Brown In Beijing: Why Does The West Fear...

Daily Coin | On Tuesday China will begin to price gold on its Shanghai Gold Exchange in yuan

Saudi Arabia threatens to liquidate its Treasury holdings if Congress probes...

Zero Hedge | It is this law that the proposed Senate Bill intends to overturn; it is this Bill that Saudi Arabia is suddenly in arms over
silver eagle coin

Bill Murphy: Silver – All about the Physical Market

Daily Coin | "They’re manipulating the silver market and then gold market; they’re going to turn on the other banks"
black lives matter

All lives matter — not just black ones

Intellihub | Simply because someone does not support the Black Lives Matter movement does not mean that they are a bigot, racist or ethnically insensitive
victory speech primary GOP

GOP plans to strip Trump of Delegates in Indiana and Wyoming...

Daily Sheeple | The peoples vote matters no more

Phone transcript proves Hillary lied about Benghazi attack

Infowars | Clinton told Egyptian PM "We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film"

WH to Sen. Graham: ‘Secret 28 pages of 9/11 Commission Report...

Intellihub | Is the U.S. Government releasing the secret 28 pages only to cover-up the fact that nuclear weapons were deployed on U.S. soil?

Public registration of asset ownership

BATR | What exactly is behind the motivation to force disclosure on all financial transactions?
economy black hole

$3T black hole could destroy economy

SHTFPlan | “True Extent of Pension Problem Has Been Obscured”
us flag

A country of nihilist oligarchs

BATR | You live in a society of malcontents ruled by a system of authoritarians

Trump tells Fox & Friends, ‘The system is rigged’

Intellihub | The truth is coming out: Trump talks about a "rigged" system on national television
alex jones calls out cia operativevideo

Radio talk show host Alex Jones calls out CNN news analyst...

Intellihub | CIA operative and shill Buck Sexton was exposed by radio talk show host Alex Jones Sunday, and the elites were warned
Condemned PA Homes

Declining profits, rising defaults assure 2016 recession

Great Recession | Maybe the Fed sees that the default tsunami is arriving on shore
kerry china

Free Trade created the Chinese model

BATR | "He who restrains his appetite avoids debt" - Chinese proverb
gop cliff

GOP establishment cancels vote in Colorado, gives state to Cruz in...

Intellihub | We now have mayhem in America and reasons for possible martial law to ensue over GOP scheme to rig election