Obama’s brother voting for Trump

Infowars | Malik recently told the New York Post he was inspired by Donald Trump’s message

19.4 trillion dollars in debt – we have added 1.1 trillion...

Michael Snyder | Our economic infrastructure has been gutted at a pace that is staggering

Establishment wins again as DNC Rules Committee rejects proposal to abolish...

Common Dreams | After leaked DNC emails, Rules Committee vote on superdelegates was seen as key test of party unity ahead of convention

School bans clapping because some people are too “sensitive”

Daily Sheeple | School will allow "silent cheers" instead

2016 & The World According To Rothschild

SGTReport | Bix Weir is back to re-examine ‘The World in 2016’

The Clinton Foundation owns the FBI

Alex Jones Channel | The Clintons have used the foundation to enrich themselves

Decision to blow up US citizen with robot was improvised in...

Anti Media | Technological advancement, though overwhelmingly positive, is only as beneficent as those who put it to use

Day of rage protests are scheduled for July 15th in these...

The Organic Prepper | All of these places have the strong potential to become battle zones

Clinton crime mafia back in full force

BATR | This is the pattern of the Clinton clan that perfects their criminal culture of corruption and law-breaking

America has become a lawless nation – Hillary Clinton magically cleared...

Economic Collapse Blog | The FBI handled a highly similar case very, very differently less than a year ago

Red alert: Now they’re coming for our retirement money

SGT Report | This is the slippery slope into government forcing account holders to invest in government debt

7 out of 10 Americans agree that economy is rigged against...

Common Dreams | Recent poll finds 71 percent of Americans believe U.S. economy is rigged

This U.N. official accidentally crushed his own throat right before he...

SHTFPlan | It must be coincidence, right?

European banks have their worst two day stretch EVER as the...

Economic Collapse Blog | I knew that things would be bad if the UK voted to leave the European Union, but I didn’t know that they would be this bad.

Brexit victory over the EU globalists

BATR | A second English civil war is not out of the question

Obama to ignore Supreme Court: I’m still not deporting illegals

Infowars | Obama usurps power from Supremes...

The global elites are losing their power

Intellihub | #PowerToThePeople

Brexit will trigger more referendums and “the EU will crumble to...

SHTFPlan | What do you think will happen in the long term?

After Brexit, European left calls for ‘massive political opposition’

Common Dreams | 'What Europe needs more than ever to avoid a slide into a xenophobic, deflationary, 1930s-like abyss'

Jubilee jolt: Markets crash, gold skyrockets as Britain takes Brexit

Dollar Vigilante | The real question here is: “Did the good guys actually win one?”

It’s happened: Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in...

Intellihub | Hawaii Governor sells out residents, infringes constitutional rights

How to survive a personal economic collapse

Organic Prepper | North Americans are on the brink of the kind of collapse that is occurring in Europe

Meet the Senators who recently voted to destroy your civil liberties

Liberty BlitzKrieg | There were a few handful of Republicans who voted against it, and they should be commended

#NoBillNoBreak: Democrats occupy the House to demand gun reform

Common Dreams | Protest comes just days after the U.S. Senate rejected four gun control measures

Common Core: Surveillance and sexualization of children

Tools for Freedom | The word “common” in common core really means “lowest common denominator”

Negative interest rates aren’t working because they haven’t been tried

Great Recession | “Negative interest rate policy” was really just a bait and switch move

Man drove from California to Vegas to kill Trump

Intellihub | Man wanted to "kill Trump," tried to draw officer's gun

Mile-long lines: Trump footage the media won’t show

Infowars | Mainstream cover-up underway