STOP TPP: YOU! …are the “technical barrier to trade [greed]”

Intellihub | The leaked text of TPP has finally undergone close scrutiny

Rapper threatens Trump with war, claims to be working with ISIS

Infowars | "Maine Musik" threatens candidate over fears of losing food stamps

Small business owner explains unintended consequences of Obamacare

Zero Hedge | The Affordable Care Act, affectionately called Obamacare, has been stacking up wins lately

Thanks to U.S. Congress, endless war will… not end

Common Dreams | Attempt to repeal the 2001 authorization for a war with no apparent time or geographic limit fails in House of Representatives

Donald Trump talks foreign policy with Henry Kissinger

Intellihub | War criminal meets businessman to talk foreign policy

John Rubino: A crisis unlike we have seen in human history

Daily Coin | The G-20 central planners have scheduled an “emergency” meeting for summer 2016

Global strategist warns: “There is insane speculation… investors are fleeing to...

SHTFPlan | Hard assets like food and precious metals that you can hold in your hand will certainly be well worth owning as volatility across the globe sends everything into a tailspin

Chelsea Clinton says her mom, Hillary, wants to limit guns in...

Intellihub | It looks as if Hillary and other global elite are glad Justice Scalia is now out of the way

Comedian, actor, Anthony Anderson loves Obama, wants him to do another...

Intellihub | In a subtle push for tyranny, comedian Anthony Anderson pushes a third and forth term for Obama

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly make up, Trump talks reality: Full...

Intellihub | Donald's 9 month feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly is now over

Billionaire George Soros dumps $3.5B in U.S. stocks, goes for gold

Intellihub | Now must be the time to get into gold, or at least Soros thinks so

FBI has 80,000 documents on Saudi 9/11 ties it tried to...

AntiMedia | They were also never revealed to lawmakers

CIA admits ‘mistakenly’ deleting copy of Senate torture report

Common Dreams | The CIA inspector general—the agency's internal watchdog—admits to deleting its copy of the U.S. Senate's torture report, as well as a backup

Businessman to recreate 9/11; wants to fly 747 into it to...

Intellihub | Odd test to be conducted by businessman to prove what really happened on 9/11

CNN’s Anderson Cooper caught on tape shilling for Hillary

Intellihub | Former CIA intern Anderson Cooper shills for Hillary

World’s highest paid CEO makes his killing from cancer patients

Waking Times | You can’t patent nature, so a natural cure wouldn’t make them much money

CEO explains the single biggest reason why people are buying gold...

SHTFPlan | It appears that, at least on some level, the people are willing to take the medicine

Operation Icarus continues, banking systems taken down, Chase Bank ATMs not...

Intellihub | Chase Bank systems down, ATMs still not dispensing cash, customers worried

Silver — the monetary safety net

Daily Coin | It seems you all are enjoying this series and this weeks is no different

Wendy’s replacing workers with kiosks in response to ‘fight for $15’

Infowars | Wendy's announcement leads to fully robotic restaurants

As wealthy surge, U.S. poor and middle class incomes have gone...

Common Dreams | Poorer households saw their income drop from a median of $26,373 in 1999 to $23,811 in 2014, according to new research

4,000 Cuban migrants to flood U.S. via Mexico, officials conducting only...

Intellihub | Cuban migrants allowed to come into U.S. with ultra-quick background check

American Amnesia the Liberal Case for Government

BATR | Paleo-conservatives dread and warn about “majoritarian” rule

Hillary’s Senior Aide and her lawyer bail on FBI over Servergate...

Intellihub | Is it really surprising that everyone involved is denying anything to do with Hillary's private email server and covering for her?

11 signs U.S. stock market is deteriorating even as the market...

Economic Collapse Blog | We have seen this story before, and it never ends well

Sanders wins West Virginia Primary (and no, it’s not inconsequential)

Common Dreams | 'Regardless of what the mainstream media would like you to believe, these victories matter.'

Former President Vicente Fox wants war with America over Trump’s comments

Intellihub | Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas invites Vicente Fox to debate him over his comments

TPP: What media?! — The whores of the 4th Estate

Intellihub | This is Part Four of a previous report direct from the 2012 San Diego TPP negotiations re-published by Intellihub

Reporters question if Facebook can help ‘rig election’

Intellihub | Can the biggest social media platform in the world control who will be the next President?