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WIKILEAKS: Mainstream media spreading misinformation on Assange

Caleb Report | At this point in time, it is unknown what will become of Assange
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War: The real reason America is collapsing

Daisy Luther | Who else has noticed that the decline in the American way of life is accelerating?
Donald Trump

Trump victory is in your power

BATR | The time to unite is upon us

Wikileaks activates “contingency plans” after unknown “state party” cuts Julian Assange’s...

Zero Hedge | WikiLeaks announced it has "activated contingency" plans after Assange's internet was cut off
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Silver opium – The Eastern revenge

TDC Note – Originally published in 2014. With the explosion of heroin in the U.S., and around the world, it seems appropriate to look...
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Bank of America warns of imminent recession: “Market so fragile… it’s...

SHTF Plan | Bank of America isn’t the only Wall Street bailout recipient to warn about what is coming

Thanks Obama – My healthcare plan was just canceled

Liberty BlitzKrieg | As much as I didn’t like my healthcare plan, I was planning on keeping it

Trump dominates Sunday night’s debate, tells Hillary she would be ‘in...

Intellihub | Bill Clinton responds to Trump's comments with look of death

Michael Savage: Them taking me off air was “pure sabotage”

Intellihub | Michael Savage responds to being pulled off air

Russia blamed for stealing DNC emails before releasing them to sway...

Intellihub | Tension are mounting between Russia and the U.S.
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Judge rules ex-CIA officials can be questioned in torture case

Intellihub | 'This order affirms that our judicial system can handle claims of CIA torture, including when those claims involve high-level government officials,' says ACLU

Shadow broker? NSA contractor arrested for allegedly stealing classified code

Common Dreams | Harold Martin worked at the same firm that Edward Snowden did, and 'had a top secret national security clearance'
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Obama DOJ drops charges against indicted arms dealer after he threatened...

Free Thought Project | They don’t want this stuff to come out because it will look really bad for Obama and Clinton just before the election
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Must read of the day – ‘I listened to a Trump...

Liberty BlitzKrieg | It’s a FU vote and a major gamble against the status quo

The alcohol industry is funding anti-marijuana efforts

Natural Society | Like Big Pharma, Big Booze fears competition
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Marking 10 years, WikiLeaks says ‘October surprises’ coming…soon

Common Dreams | 'Our upcoming series includes significant material on war, arms, oil, Google, the U.S. elections, and myself,' said Julian Assange on Tuesday

TISA, TTIP and TTP = Corporate hegemony and economic warfare

Tools For Freedom | It’s all about the push towards global governance or world government, by centralizing power
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The most powerful anti-Clinton ad yet – this is a must-watch

Amanda Froelich | Only 11% of U.S. citizens believe Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” and this video exemplifies many of the reasons why

Court overrules disclosure of US ‘school of assassins’ graduates names

RT | People involved in torture, extrajudicial killings, and other violations of human rights got their training at the facility funded by US taxpayer money
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A few uncomfortable truths you won’t hear from the 2016 Presidential...

Rutherford Institute | In the interest of liberty and truth, here are a few uncomfortable truths
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Former CIA contractor: ‘US has always been main sponsor of Islamic...

RT | They are there together, fighting alongside each other
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Forget Agenda 21: UN’s 2030 Agenda will ‘transform the world’

Daisy Luther | Germany has stepped forward with their ideas of how to speed up the arrival of a one-world government
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Debate host fails to ask about Hillary’s wrongdoings, hammers Trump

Intellihub | Establishment shills, shill again

Watch LIVE online: Largest Presidential Debate ever

Intellihub | Watch the debate LIVE online
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The 2016 presidential election comes down to only one thing…

Liberty BlitzKrieg | Will the American people want to continue along the path we’ve been on for decades

Tonight’s debate: watch the staging

No More Fake News | Every television newscast: staged reality
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26 incredible facts about the Economy that every American should know...

Economic Collapse | The next president is going to inherit the biggest economic problems that this nation has ever faced

Gallup: If small businesses keep dying “We’ll lose the whole middle...

SHTFPlan | The people of the future will become feudal serfs once again – albeit with really cool smart phones
Bank of China

BIS warns China is imploding

Daily Coin | China facing full-blown banking crisis, world’s top financial watchdog warns