elon musk

Elon Musk admits ‘flamethrower’ was nothing more than a gimmick, just a ‘roofing torch’

Intellihub.com | Elon Musk let the cat out of the bag during a podcast interview on Thursday in which he told Joe Rogan that his 'flamethrower' was merely a 'roofing torch.'
marine one

Trump considers using military to build the wall

Intellihub.com | The latest out of President Donald Trump's mouth is sure to enrage liberals across America.
shep and alex

Digital erasure: Apple bans Alex Jones’s Infowars apps from store

Intellihub.com | Free speech is now dead in America following the erasure of radio talk show host and Infowars founder Alex Jones's digital footprint.

Alex Jones confronts deep state shill and turncoat Marco Rubio

Intellihub.com | Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio threatens to "take care of" Alex Jones himself

Democrats interrupt start of Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Fox News | Democrat senators call on Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Grassley to delay the Supreme Court nomination hearing to give them more time to review documents on the nominee's service.
american flag

Cop put on leave for tattoo linked to paramilitary group involved in 2016 Oregon...

Intellihub.com | Patriotic Americans who display "We the People" and tattoos and other of the like are now being socially punished in society

Bullet proof backpacks a must for U.S. school kids now?

Intellihub.com | It's a sad day in America when parents feel they have to equip their school kids with bulletproof backpacks in the classroom
trump at podium

Trump threatens to cut Canada from new NAFTA deal

Intellihub.com | "There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal."
trojan horse

Jeff Sessions was a Trojan horse

Intellihub.com | Swamp creature Jeff Sessions was injected into play by deep state forces to counter the MAGA movement altogether in what can only be considered a dirty trick and a dastardly plan
trump and wife

Trump goes on CNN fake news bashing Twitter spree

Intellihub.com | "The hatred and extreme bias of me by CNN has clouded their thinking and made them unable to function."
tree sunset argentina

Argentina’s economy contracts as Peso falls to 38.7 vs. U.S. dollar

Intellihub.com | The Central Bank of Argentina announced it will increase the number of reserves in which it will hold, reports say
amazon warehouse

Amazon trades above $2,020 per share

Intellihub.com | Amazon is on its way to eventually break through the clouds and make its way into a trillion dollar marketplace where Apple currently resides exclusively
roger stone

Roger Stone predicts he will be indicted next

Intellihub.com | The fake probe into Russian collusion continues and Roger Stone may be the next to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Russia accelerating efforts to abandon U.S. dollar

Intellihub.com | Due to the recent trade war and the fact that the U.S. dollar is printed out of thin air with nothing backing it, Russia plans to ditch U.S. currency altogether

Special Agent who handled Hillary Clinton during 2016 seizure-like collapse dead at 49?

Intellihub.com | Astonishingly, the Secret Service special agent that helped lift Hillary Clinton into a black van after her collapse in 2016 appears to be dead
burning man car

Cops caught making “unconstitutional” traffic stops on road to Burning Man

Intellihub.com | Feds under fire for making far too many traffic stops on people attending Burning Man

Former Trump lawyer Micheal Cohen raises $145k on GoFundMe one day after flip

Intellihub.com | Leftists continue to prop up the deep state apparatus by financing anyone willing to turn their backs on President Donald Trump and they have essentially weaponized GoFundMe to do so.
angry trump

Trump: ‘Payments didn’t come out of campaign financing’

Intellihub.com | 'Michael Cohen was able to make a better deal by using me.'
trump excited

Trump unleashes on deep state cronies in 7-part Twitter tirade

Intellihub.com | "Where’s the Collusion? They made up a phony crime called Collusion, and when there was no Collusion they say there was Obstruction."
alcee hastings

Rep. Alcee Hastings makes disturbing joke referencing Trump’s death

Intellihub | When the left goes low they go low: Democratic representative caught joking about President Donald Trump's death by drowning
james clapper

Deep state internal feud?

Intellihub.com | Deep state wages interagency pseudo-war in an effort to regain control of the helm

Liberal comedian and commentator Bill Maher defends Alex Jones right for free speech

Intellihub.com | Surprisingly, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher recently defended Alex Jones in regards to the recent social media blockade and Jones's right to free speech
omarosa cartoon

Omarosa may have communication, documents, and video stash to back claims: Report

Intellihub.com | It appears Omarosa has been bombarding the press with endless claims and shenanigans in an attempt to draw more attention to her book in order to inflate sales.

Transgender Democrat runs against Gov. Phil Scott (R-VT)

Democratic candidate Christine Hallquist has made history by becoming the first transgender to win Vermont primary. The former utility executive will go toe-to-toe against Governor...
peter stzok fbi cia

Strzok fired by FBI but still works for the CIA

Intellihub.com | Peter Strzok's recent departure from the FBI is meaningless and is just part of the larger stage show as Strzok remains employed by the CIA

‘Wacky Omarosa fired for the last time, never made it never will,’ Trump tweets

Intellihub.com | It's no big secret that the powers-that-be are trying their best to destroy President Trump at every turning point but their plan doesn't seem to be working as expected

Team of crows tasked with picking up garbage in theme park

Intellihub.com | Birds are now doing the work of humans and for a far cheaper rate

All white crowd of protesters in Charlottesville chants “black lives matter”

Intellihub.com | Several protesters at Saturday night's rally turned out to be a handful for law enforcement
jeff sessions

DoJ makes $3.4B available for 1 October victim assistance programs

Intellihub.com | The U.S. Department of Justice has done their part by making available some much-needed funds to help the survivors of the tragic 1 October shooting

Cop terminated from force after telling black men they ‘don’t belong’ in his city

Intellihub.com | "But you understand. I know who my people are, right? Who belongs here and who doesn’t?"