The Waste List: 66 Crazy Ways That The U.S. Government Is Wasting Your Hard-Earned...

Michael Snyder | Why did the U.S. government spend 2.6 million dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly?

Mark Dice: ‘We are selling the Brooklyn bridge to China for debt we owe’...

Intellihub News | Mark Dice is back at it again, but this time it's beyond ridiculous as most Americans prove to be in a permanent zombified state unable to think for themselves
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Jury gives 4 cents to family of black man killed by Florida cop

Miami Herald | Police say Hill brandished a handgun and refused to drop it when ordered, according to The New York Times, but his family disagrees

Veterans Affairs Health Clinics opening up in secret (covertly) to support of an upcoming...

  Intellihub - USAPatriot1966                        Do a search a simple search on Google and you will see the opening...

‘Gas shortage’ plagues Texas cities as stations run dry

Intellihub | Texas residents face future Mad Max-like scenario -- pumps with no gas
NSA spying

Whistleblower’s stunning claim: “NSA has all of Hillary’s deleted emails, it may be the...

Zerohedge | Binney was an architect of the NSA’s surveillance program

Congressman at border: ‘Obama begging to be impeached’

Jerome R. Corsi | "For all I know, Obama is preparing to process 5 million illegal immigrant kids and teenagers into the United States"

Knockout: This Week’s Contestants are 12 and 13-Year Old Boys

Kimberly Paxton | The most recent players in the Knockout “game” are two boys, ages 12 and 13. The contestants just keep getting younger in this sick sociopathic trend that is sweeping the country.
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Here is the leaked Trump tax plan

ZeroHedge | In a political era where every little thing is leaked to the media, we no longer have to wait for presidential speeches to learn the details

Understanding the mechanics of political and corporate lies

Ethan Indigo Smith | There are four forms of political lies

Bankers to big to indict, JPMorgan paid gov. some $20 billion to forget Madoff...

Shepard Ambellas | In todays day and age it appears everyone can be bought off, including the government

March 2017: The end of a 100 year global debt super cycle is way...

Economic Collapse Blog | We are potentially facing the greatest debt crisis in all of human history

Public registration of asset ownership

BATR | What exactly is behind the motivation to force disclosure on all financial transactions?

Become a radical reactionary

Sartre | How can any citizen express fidelity to their own kind when they accept that resistance, even if misguided, needs to be practiced?

“War Criminal” Henry Kissinger arrives at Bilderberg conference in Germany

Intellihub | An elderly Kissinger was captured on video, must see

Cheney’s daughter says Pelosi should be proud of torture

John Vibes | Dick Cheney's Daughter said that Nancy Pelosi's "spine doesn't reach her head", if she is not proud of torture.
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Trump: ‘I know things others don’t about the alleged hacks’

Intellihub | Trump to make announcement early to mid-week, says he knows something others don't regarding the alleged Russian hacks

Bombshell evidence shows at least 25 million dead and fraudulent “registered voters” in 2016

Infowars | Millions of dead and invalid voters not included in study showing 800,000 illegals for Hillary!

Bradley Manning – The Last Nail in the Coffin of the American Democracy

Sergey Baranov | It was a sad day when we all heard about the sentencing of Bradley Manning. A 25 years old man who has followed his moral obligations and exposed the horrendous war crimes committed by the American soldiers in Iraq, will spend 35 years behind bars.

Activists launch ‘Twitterstorm’ for jailed founder of Pirate Bay

John Vibes | Gottfrid is due to appear in court tomorrow to face trumped up "hacking" charges.
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Rock band restores national pride in Italy?

Intellihub | This rock band is making it popular again for countrymen to love their homeland as their ancestors once did in the distant past

‘Not one step back’: Moral marchers converge in North Carolina

Deirdre Fulton | Demonstrators rise up against attacks on voting and women's rights, economic justice, public education, equal protection under the law, and more

Obama and Bernanke Pump a New Housing Bubble

The Daily Bell | What Bernanke had decided to do was so outrageous that it made low rates pale by comparison. When there are reports of Bernanke writing checks for up to US$16 trillion, it is hard to summon a great deal of interest in discussions over too-low rates.

Sarah Palin rips Obama and the entire establishment to shreds in CPAC speech (Video)

Intellihub News | Palin storms the CPAC 2014 crowd comparing a Dr. Seuss book to the current establishment
isis twitter accounts british government

British government IPs found linked to ISIS Twitter accounts

Shepard Ambellas | Officials have some explaining to do after ISIS Twitter accounts linked to DWP

Trust yourself, Resist the State

Derrick Broze | The State will always seek to divide, isolate and control. A solution to these attacks is a deeper understanding of yourself. By knowing your desires, your limits, your needs, and being honest about these things, not only to yourself but the community around you, you build a protective cocoon around your existence.

A curiously strong one-stop-shop for natural fire tinder

Todd Walker | Are you familiar with the American Beech tree? They’re easy to identify.

The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America

Michael Snyder | Did you know that there are thousands upon thousands of homeless people that are living underground beneath the streets of major U.S. cities?

How America will trade with worthless dollars and no gold

SGT Report | The build out of the infrastructure for the world to move completely away from the Dollar is almost complete

ISIS sex slave market is modern repeat of Barbary pirate trade

21st Century Wire | ISIS – the Middle East’s ladder day privateers, or 'Sand Pirates', have reached another disturbing new low this week