Clark County coroner disregards court order to unseal 1 Oct. victims autopsy reports, hides...

Intellihub | It's true what they say, you know? 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'

16 facts about the tremendous financial devastation that we are seeing all over the...

Michael Snyder | As we enter the second half of 2015, financial panic has gripped most of the globe
stock market fortune

World economy headed for recession in 2019?

Intellihub | Some say 2019 may not be looking so good in terms of the economy. Could a recession be on the way?
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Georgia Sec. of State asks Trump to investigate DHS over hack

Intellihub | Intent of DHS attack on Georgia voter system still unknown
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Black pastor in Minneapolis: ‘This is not about making America great again, America has...

Intellihub | 'America was built on slave labor'

Report: Secret Donald Trump plan released

Infowars | President included some very important hints in his inauguration speech

G20 and BRICS Great Schism

James Hall | Global trade relationships and agreements are moving in very different directions

California wake-up call: Extreme drought will lead to migration exit and real estate collapse

Mike Adams | A shocking 58 percent of the state of California is now in a state of "exceptional drought," according to the U.S. Drought Monitor

Florida teachers can be “good guy with a gun” under new bill allowing them...

Zero Hedge | Gun rights advocates have hailed the bill's passage as a victory

Obama on IRS : “Not even a smidgen of corruption”

John Vibes | Obama denies that any corruption is taking place at the IRS

Saudi “deep state” Prince Bandar among those arrested in purge: Report

Zero Hedge | If confirmed, the arrest and detention of Bandar would constitute the most significant and high profile figure caught up in the purge

Alt-Left plans to roll out nationwide ‘rapid response’ if FBI Mueller is fired from...

Intellihub | Snowflakes to assemble nationwide if Robert Mueller is fired from Trump-Russia investigations

Coordinated Harassment and Neutralization of “Social Undesirables”

Edmund Igberaese |I write to inform you of some very terrifying phenomena affecting thousands of individuals across America: the crimes of organized stalking (“bullying on steroids”) and remote, electronic harassment.
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Roger Stone: ‘I tend to believe that the DNC hack was an inside job’

Intellihub | Roger Stone told reporters that he thinks a "thumb drive" may have been used physically on location at the DNC to obtain Wikileaked data
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Refugees only required to voluntarily ‘check in’ with State Department after entering U.S.

Shepard Ambellas | 'Violation of Constitution' to track nomads given taxpayer aid

FBI informant has video of briefcases full of bribe money in Clinton uranium scandal

iBankCoin | "The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns"

U.S. on its way to be world’s largest oil producer

Intellihub | It looks like things have picked up since Trump took the helm as oil production is at an all-time high in the United States
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Senator Ron Johnson: ‘F.B.I. secret society group conducted offsite meetings’

Intellihub | U.S. senator confirms he has intel which suggests that there is a "secret society" operating withing the ranks of the F.B.I.
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$700B unpaid mortgage balances in Harvey and Irma disaster areas

ZeroHedge | Putting the Harvey damage in context, after Hurricane Katrina mortgage delinquencies in Louisiana and Mississippi disaster areas spiked by 25%
Backbone Campaign/Flickr

Opposition amassing to ‘outdated and unsound’ trade policies

Deirdre Fulton | With dissent fermenting on both sides of the political aisle, more than 2,000 civil society groups are urging Congress to reject Fast Track trade authority
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Watch Obama fail to acknowledge THIS Marine before embarking presidential helicopter

Intellihub | ...then watch the pilot make him acknowledge the marine

California congresswoman Barbara Lee wants a $26 minimum wage in her state

Brendan Bordelon | California Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee expressed support for a $26 minimum wage in her state
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Silver — the monetary safety net

Daily Coin | It seems you all are enjoying this series and this weeks is no different
economy black hole

Inside the black hole of negative investment rates

Great Recession | Reality in the alternate universe of zero interest rates and quantitative easing

Scaramucci implicates Priebus in now-deleted tweet following ‘felony’ leak of financial disclosures

iBankCoin | Scaramucci – who keeps his phone at 100% charge – poured cold water over the hopes and dreams of everyone who hates Reince, tweeting “Wrong!

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly make up, Trump talks reality: Full Interview

Intellihub | Donald's 9 month feud with Fox's Megyn Kelly is now over
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It’s not just Rolling Stone: Mainstream leftist media now a network of activist media...

Mike Adams | The leftist media will publish whatever fake narrative is aligned with its activist agenda
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Leftist Michael Moore calls for “army of satire” to take down Trump

Intellihub | Famed filmmaker Michael Moore suggests that millions of American come together to stop President Trump by forming an "army of satire"

Rightwing opponents target shelter sites for migrant children

Deirdre Fulton | Federal officials searching for safe housing for immigrant kids