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State-sponsored media and Department of Education attempting to spawn obedient asexual worker race?

Intellihub | Students and parents argue strict dress codes impede individuality, creativity

Military device used on Detroit protest against water shutoffs

Daily KOS | The first arrested of the group was Baxter Jones, a former Detroit Public Schools teacher wrongfully dismissed is in a wheelchair

Tucker Carlson destroys ANTIFA over hate crimes and Haymaker Collective

Intellihub | ANTIFA member gets owned by Fox News host
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Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a one world religious authority in formation?

Matthew Butler | The blueprint for a global religious authority

Why it’s important to understand the war to enslave the states

David Zunga | We read almost daily about the division between 'Left' and 'Right'; between 'Conservatives' and 'Liberals' in America

Seattle police prepare for anti-capitalist May Day protests

Intellihub News | Protestors are expected to be on a tight leash this year as police prep for violence

Senator attempts to disarm sheriffs at Oklahoma State Capitol

Mikael Thalen | Over 40 Sheriffs walked out of the Oklahoma State Capitol this week after an unknown senator demanded they remove their firearms
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Globalist plan for human control

BATR | The New World Order structure of global submission basically wants to remove free will from the human condition

The government “can’t find” $20 trillion, while pension funds are tanking

No More Fake News | Alert to pension fund managers all over the planet—and to everyone else
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Obama operatives in the EPA plant Trump attack in press release for executive order

Intellihub | Obvious purposeful action labeled a "mistake"

Kasich State Co-Chair: “You gotta take Trump out with a head shot”

Joe Biggs | Calls for violence against Trump continue to increase
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Gerald Celente is predicting that a stock market crash will happen by the end...

Michael Snyder | Will there be a stock market crash before the end of 2015?
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Ryan Bundy explains ‘statehood,’ says federal government has to “purchase” the land

Intellihub | Tyrannical U.S. Government trying to illegally claim Oregon ranch land

Romney to run against Trump after Rubio loss?

Intellihub | Trump insider says Establishment may have Romney waiting in the wings

Shock Video: South Carolina police officer murders fleeing black man

Alex Thomas | New video shows a police officer firing eight shots into the back of an unarmed black man.
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The September “event” has occurred: The New World Order just went live!

Susan Duclos | Barack Obama's speech before the UN's General Assembly reveals the next phase of the new world order.

Truth and myth on the gender pay gap

FEEE | The ongoing battle over gender equality has turned the question of the relative pay of women and men into quite the political football
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Talking silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson

SGT Report | Talking Silver with JM Bullion’s James Anderson, author of The Beginner’s Guide To Bullion Investing

In Zurich, and Across Europe, Squatter Communities are Strengthening

OWS | The time appears ripe to begin introducing squatter philosophies such as self-organization and the struggle for Freiraum and community preservation into the broader public discourse.

You can’t eat gold… but it’s portable, easy to trade and confiscation-proof

Mac Slavo | If you’ve conducted even a preliminary investigation into the global economic situation you’ve likely concluded that something isn’t right
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Hillary buried documents for decades: “First Lady’s fingerprints found on missing files”

SHTFPlan | “Me in handcuffs will never happen,” Hillary told Matt Lauer

A Surprising Number Of Americans Believe In Conspiracy Theories – And Many Of Them...

Michael Snyder | We are living in a time when it is more important than ever to actually think for ourselves. Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and there are many people out there that want to tell us what we should believe.
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Trump “endorses” Jeanine Pirro’s call for Paul Ryan to step down

Zero Hedge | While Trump has urged people to watch TV shows in the past, typically it was when the president himself was appearing on them

Citing moral and legal void, rights groups demand preemptive ban on ‘killer robots’

Nadia Prupis | Fully autonomous weapons could allow manufacturers, military to escape liability for wrongful deaths

#BlackLivesMatter: Ferguson activists were PAID with Soros money to protest

Intellihub News | Protesters were paid by groups funded by George Soros to protest in Ferguson.

Border patrol agent on crisis: It’s so far out of hand you guys wouldn’t...

Intellihub | Border Patrol agent says agents aprehinded close to 9000 people last week in just his sector alone.
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Radio talk show host Alex Jones calls out CNN news analyst Buck Sexton as...

Intellihub | CIA operative and shill Buck Sexton was exposed by radio talk show host Alex Jones Sunday, and the elites were warned

The right to rights: The geopolitics of human rights

Kevin Galalae | Already, the victims of this global master plan are human rights and civil liberties worldwide, the national constitutions and international covenants that enshrine them, and the international legal system that safeguards them.

Ferguson-area cities “terrorizing” poor through modern-day debtors’ prisons: Federal lawsuit

Common Dreams | We can't "hold people in jail because they're too poor to pay a debt," says lawyer