Good Samaritan saves woman’s life after overpowering a cop who was trying to kill...

Matt Agorist | When did the roles reverse? When did the hero become the person who saved people from the police instead of the other way around?

Meet 5 people who made a decision to shine light in the darkness

Michael Snyder | Are you ready for some inspirational stories that will make your heart jump for joy?

Drones Out of Everywhere! Washington March Against US Drone Warfare

RT | As Washington pushes to expand its drone warfare in Africa, hundreds have gathered in front of the White House to protest the “robotic killing machines” slaughtering thousands across the globe.

Denmark: Journalists harassed by airport security and police for filming Bilderbergers in public

Intellihub News | Apparently the Bilderbergers don't like being filmed
Jonathan Higa/Flickr

9 solutions for overcoming humanity’s original distortion

Makia Freeman | The Original Distortion is what lies at the root of the conspiracy

This grandpa has had enough of police killing people *Video*

Free Thought Project | Angry Grandpa epitomizes the anger that so much of America has today

23 items you need to retool for self-reliance

Todd Walker Those who are paying attention are actively retooling to escape the noose of modern consumerism and become self-reliant producers
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An update from Judge Gary Darby — the Oregon situation

Intellihub | Oregon Provost Marshal so far ignores request from American citizens 'in fear of their lives'

“Connected Universe” Theory Reveals Potential New Source Of Energy

Intellihub | New "Connected Universe" Theory Offers Alternative Explanation Of Gravity And Mass, Revealing Potential New Source Of Energy

Sea-Bound Direct Actions Target Drilling Rigs Headed for Arctic

Sarah Lazare | 'We cannot let a reckless club of international oil companies hunt for the last drops as the ice melts away'

Americans donated $316.23 billion to charity in 2012

John Vibes | For the third year in a row the amount of people donating to charity continues to grow

Northeastern U.S.: Grocery store protests continue, customers to boycott all 71 stores

Shepard Ambellas | Family feud creates chaos for some shoppers

Snowflake to Infowars reporter: “You are making America unsafe”

Intellihub | 'People like you are making America unsafe'
irish uprsing

The 1916 Irish Uprising against British Imperialism

BATR | With the Easter Rising of 1916, the world was introduced to the eulogy of Pax Britannica

It takes teamwork — Help make a difference

Intellihub | Help us to further expand our operations
Screencapture: Press For Truth/YouTube

Former World Bank President confronted over Bilderberg ties

Intellihub | Reporter confronts former World Bank President after Bilderberg meeting

The Prepper’s Blueprint: A complete guide to freedom through self-reliance

Daisy Luther | When you first take the leap into a prepared lifestyle, it can be overwhelming

Song lyrics, written in the late 90’s by Intellihub founder, shockingly lay out the...

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas nails it back in 1999
bloody man

“Pandemonium” at Cali Trump rally, protestors, Mexicans, cheer “F*** Donald Trump”

Intellihub | Things go wrong real fast at California Trump rally

Pirate Bay founder get ready to run for European Parliament

Torrent Freak | In two months time citizens of all European Union member states will vote on who can represent them in the European Parliament
president donald trump

President Trump calls for NFL fans to boycott teams who’s players sit out the...

Intellihub | "The only thing you can do better if you see it is to leave the stadium"
sandy hook memorial

Sandy Hook investigator battled FOIA Commission causing himself more problems, received serious threats to...

Intellihub | Sandy Hook website operator shuts down site over serious threats to his family

Super Bowl 2014 indicates a dramatic change in human awakening

Jeff Berwick | The Super Bowl is and has been an audacious stage for the promotion of nationalism and war. But, this year, the tide turned against this controlled spectacle.

Camping World takes stand against most unAmerican city in the U.S., vows to keep...

Intellihub | Camping World has taken a stand for freedom after city fines $11,000 for flying the American flag honoring "our Veterans, Military, and the men and women that have sacrificed for this great country."

‘People, planet, peace over profit’: World converges for system change

Deirdre Fulton | Before People's Climate March, activists gather to discuss concrete solutions
us capitol

Roger Stone declares no Russian ties other than Gucciffer 2.0

Intellihub | Best-selling author under F.B.I. investigation after creating big impact with new book

Judge Jeanine Pirro dominates Obama and CDC on Ebola containment *VIDEO*

Shepard Ambellas | Fox News host serves it to the U.S. Government
Anderson Cooper

CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronted over CIA media connections

Luke Rudkowski | Anderson Cooper has been confronted about his CIA past and the overall relationship the CIA has with the media.

If we don’t do this, we won’t take back America

Steave Deace |"Electable" is the ruling class' favorite word. They never define it, of course, because it really means "only the candidate that will maintain the statist-corporatist status quo should get elected."