*VIDEO* ‘Web-like material’ found in park, samples collected

Intellihub | 'It's not spider webs'

Up to 1M New Yorkers seize opportunity not to register their firearms ahead of...

Bob Owens | The April 15 deadline to register firearms deemed “assault weapons” under Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act has been met by hordes of New York Gun owners not rushing to register firearms, and the ceremonial burning of registration forms
human blood paintingvideo

Actual human blood used in painting to protest Trump

Intellihub | It's a spin on a 19th-century painting called "The Birth of the Flag"

Large group of protesters form outside DeploraBall, riot police

Intellihub | A look at the action

Apple’s Encrypted iMessage Trips up Feds’ Surveillance

Cnet | Internal document from the Drug Enforcement Administration complains that messages sent with Apple's encrypted chat service are "impossible to intercept," even with a warrant.

Good Samaritan saves woman’s life after overpowering a cop who was trying to kill...

Matt Agorist | When did the roles reverse? When did the hero become the person who saved people from the police instead of the other way around?

#BlackLivesMatter: Ferguson activists were PAID with Soros money to protest

Intellihub News | Protesters were paid by groups funded by George Soros to protest in Ferguson.

Police and Activists Hug and Have Good Times at Bilderberg Protest

Shepard Ambellas | Policemen loosened up with Bilderberg protesters as not all policemen are fully obedient to their masters.
trump must go

Soros-backed group pays protestors to ‘fight against Trump’

Intellihub | Attractive paycheck looks good to college students

Campus to protest concealed guns with unconcealed dildos

Sarah Lazare | Campus community to protest in 2016

Activists to plant cannabis all over the country this 420

John Vibes | A group of activists in the US are encouraging people nationwide to plant cannabis seeds in their town to protest against the war on drugs

“Connected Universe” Theory Reveals Potential New Source Of Energy

Intellihub | New "Connected Universe" Theory Offers Alternative Explanation Of Gravity And Mass, Revealing Potential New Source Of Energy
rear view

Colorado juries keep letting people go for driving on weed, prosecutors and cops furious

Free Thought Project | This application of logic and defiance of an arbitrary number is driving prosecutors into a hissy fit

CT patriot group fights back against confiscation order: ‘We are armed… and are familiar...

Mac Slavo | The war on liberty is coming to a head in Connecticut, where tens of thousands of gun owners have refused to comply with their state government’s gun registration laws
clinton williams

Bill Clinton’s alleged secret black son moves forward with paternity suit

Intellihub | Ex-president Bill Clinton may be a daddy

The global power structure — With Bob Tuskin

Intellihub News | If one controls him or herself, they truly are free -- A one-on-one exclusive interview with Bob Tuskin
mark dice ban flag

Citizens sign petition to ban the current American flag, issue new design with ‘rainbow’...

Shepard Ambellas | Americans blindly sign mock petition to ban/alter the U.S. Flag

Murrieta mutiny: Border Patrol “will not obey unlawful orders” from Homeland Security and White...

Mac Slavo | Americans showed up in droves to protest the proposed drop-offs

Open letter to the Heads of State of NAM countries – Friends not enemies

Kevin Galalae | Over the past four decades, your countries have been dragged into the UN-delegated Global Depopulation Policy and forced to subject the people to chemical and biological agents that undermine human fertility...

Putin admits: ‘men in dark suits rule the U.S.’

Intellihub | Who really sits at the top of the Deep State pyramid?
police deploraball

Violent protesters force riot police to act, arrests made

Intellihub | Riot police form line blocking protesters access to the Inauguration zone

A letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon — Free and Equal

Kevin Galalae | As the People’s Representative, I bring the grievances of seven billion people to your attention

Thousands of activists demand that Lowe’s and Home Depot stop selling bee killing chemicals

Christina Sarich | Between the butterflies and the bees, almost all of our food crops are pollinated. Without these small creatures, we would starve (almost), but biotech thinks they are disposable.

Man’s Bible stops attacker’s bullets allowing him time to return fire on unruly gang

Shepard Ambellas | I just about fell out of my chair today when I read this story, it's amazing!

Judge Jeanine Pirro dominates Obama and CDC on Ebola containment *VIDEO*

Shepard Ambellas | Fox News host serves it to the U.S. Government

Texas Rep. David Simspon Introduces Anti TSA Groping Bill Once More

Derrick Broze | For the second time in two years Texas Representative David Simpson introduced a measure to the House State Affairs Committee that would ban TSA employees from intentionally touching travelers' genital areas.
us capitol

Roger Stone declares no Russian ties other than Gucciffer 2.0

Intellihub | Best-selling author under F.B.I. investigation after creating big impact with new book

Cop pulls gun on 5th graders building a tree fort

Mikael Thalen | Police in Georgia forced a group of fifth graders to the ground at gunpoint this week as they attempted to build a tree fort in their own neighborhood
don't tread on me

Gadsden flag flies at Malheur Wildlife Refuge before authorities spot it and take it...

Intellihub | Do we truly live in a "free country" anymore?

Woman speaks out after son killed in traffic by illegal alien

Lexi Morgan | Illegals cause more havoc than you may think