The Golden Age is Tomorrow, Not Yesterday

JG Vibes | Every generation that has walked the earth was not able to imagine or comprehend what tomorrow would bring. This inability to see the future leaves many with the unspoken idea that their moment in history and what they see in their day to day life is the maximum level of advancement and understanding that humanity is capable of.

Anti-Drone Hoodie: Can It Really Protect You From the Government’s Eyes in the Sky?

Melissa Sullivan | Designer Adam Harvey has created a clothing solution to the problem of unmanned surveillance drones: a cropped, shoulder-length hooded cover that hides the individual who wears it.

Apple’s Encrypted iMessage Trips up Feds’ Surveillance

Cnet | Internal document from the Drug Enforcement Administration complains that messages sent with Apple's encrypted chat service are "impossible to intercept," even with a warrant.

The Sky May Be Falling, But it’s Only a Storm

JG Vibes | There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a storm that has been raging for centuries, and the intensity of that storm is growing by the minute. For this, we have every reason to make any and all preparations that we deem to be necessary, but we should not be consumed by fear to the point where we are considering violence or nihilism.

Trust yourself, Resist the State

Derrick Broze | The State will always seek to divide, isolate and control. A solution to these attacks is a deeper understanding of yourself. By knowing your desires, your limits, your needs, and being honest about these things, not only to yourself but the community around you, you build a protective cocoon around your existence.

Gandhi’s Vision of a Stateless Society

JG Vibes | Gandhi was not just a strong proponent of national independence from British rule, but more specifically, he was interested in protecting the rights and the sovereignty of the individual. One of his most attributed quotes is “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Peace, Freedom and Extremism

JG Vibes | In a world where violence and oppression is the norm, those of us who dare to seek peace and freedom are automatically labeled as dangerous extremists.

Keystone XL Pipeline Cuts Through Houston Community and the Community Stands up

Derrick Broze | The Keystone XL Pipeline continues to be a source of controversy. The project proposes creating a 1,700-mile pipeline from Canada's tar sands region to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

After Win in Court “NJ Weedman” Plans Jury Nullification Awareness Tour

JG Vibes | After a Jury Nullification Victory in October of last year "NJ Weedman" is planing a jury nullification awareness tour.

If we All Agree That There is a Problem, we Should Respect Each Other’s...

JG Vibes | It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -- Aristotle.

51 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening – How Many Do You Have?

Waking Times | Keep in mind that it is best to recall what only what comes to mind, leave the rest alone, don’t analyze everything to death (because you will be stuck in the tape loop of infinite issues to process), and feel your feelings as they come up.

Activists Attempt Citizens Arrest on Henry Kissinger

Derrick Broze | Henry Kissinger is one of the most controversial statesman the United States has ever had. Known by some as the greatest diplomat for his work opening up relations between the Soviet and Chinese governments, Mr. Kissinger is also called a War Criminal by many others.

Class Action Lawsuit Against NYPD Stop and Frisk to Begin While Brooklyn is Under...

JG Vibes | Just in the past few days massive protests have continued to build in the Brooklyn area, in response to the highly suspicious death of young Kimani Gray, who was killed by NYPD officers. In the midst of this recent controversy a class action lawsuit against the NYPD is scheduled to begin, specifically regarding the stop and frisk policy.

Free, Open Source Smartphone Apps to Encrypt Communications Now Available!!

JG Vibes | Encryption is going to be an important part of maintaining your own privacy in the years to come. Download these apps yourself and check them out, then share them with your friends!

OWS Affiliated Group Purchases $1 Million Worth of Emergency Room Debt and Erases It

JG Vibes | The group recently announced through their website that they erased over $1 Million in debt from emergency rooms in Kentucky and Indiana.

Local Activists to Confront Henry Kissinger During his Houston Visit Today

JG Vibes | Today Henry Kissinger is scheduled to appear in Houston, Texas for "The Distinguished Leaders on Asia Series"

“Wikiweapon” Creator Aims to End Scarcity With Search Engine for Free 3D Printable Objects

JG Vibes | What if you had the ability to print out any sort of object using a 3D printer for the same cost and effort that it takes to rip a song off of the internet?

Chinese Residents Protest Forceful Land Seizure

JG Vibes | Last year in China one family actually refused to leave their house when they were told to move so a road could be built through their property.

Bohemian Grove 2012 Protest with Mark Dice

Avalon | Mark Dice is attending the protest that is planned for the infamous Bohemian Grove meeting in California with another 1000 protestors.

9/11 explosive evidence film & U.S. tour

Avalon | On May 22nd, 2012, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth presented to the world and members of the press

5 Unidentified Exclusive Bilderberg 2012 Attendee Photos

Intellihub | The following 6 globalist attendees of the Bilderberg meeting are unidentified at this time.

My first donation

Shepard Ambellas | Shepard Ambellas is proud to announce he has received his first donation