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Former NSA tech head leaks 2016 FISC memo precursor

Intellihub | The leaked 99 page memo is a precursor to the other 4 page memo, still not released

Political analyst Donna Brazile accuses Clinton Campaign of “rigging” the Primary

Intellihub | Hillary Clinton now taking fire from political analyst Donna Brazile for "rigging" the Primary Election
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Trump confirms “all JFK files are released” after latest clash with spy agency

Zero Hedge | Like much else surrounding investigations of the 1963 killing of President John F. Kennedy, this week’s release of 2,800 records from the JFK files was anything but smooth
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National Archives releases JFK assassination records

National Archives | President orders release of all remaining Section 5 records and more precise review for remaining redactions within six months

Trump to allow release of 3000 never seen before documents on JFK assassination

Zero Hedge | "Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened"

Milo proverbially eviscerates a reporter for “The Hill” on their own livestream

Intellihub | Milo upset that at"The Hill" for labeling him as "Alt-Right" which he says is "synonymous with neo-nazis"

This is what Roger Stone told the House Intelligence Committee about Russiagate

Intellihub | Roger Stone tells the House Intel Committee how it is, demands an apology, calls ranking member a liar
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NFL fan burns tickets to next weeks Giants vs. Chargers game in protest: Video

Intellihub | "The end of an era. I'm sad to see it happen but I'm sad to see what happened to America even more."
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President Trump calls for NFL fans to boycott teams who’s players sit out the...

Intellihub | "The only thing you can do better if you see it is to leave the stadium"
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Black pastor in Minneapolis: ‘This is not about making America great again, America has...

Intellihub | 'America was built on slave labor'
adam kokesh

Political activist Adam Kokesh bids his farewell to YouTube

Intellihub | "It's been a good run"

Roger Stone will call on Trump to pardon Bundy

Daily Caller | Bundy is the last of his family to face trial after his sons, Ryan and Ammon Bundy, were acquitted for commanding an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Kid Rock for Senate in 2018? Robert Ritchie gave his first speech and it...

Intellihub | Michigan resident Kid Rock came out on stage with a bang at a recent concert to give his first public speech for his 2018 Senate run

Snowflake to Infowars reporter: “You are making America unsafe”

Intellihub | 'People like you are making America unsafe'
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Ohio VFW group bans all televised Cleveland Browns games from post over national anthem...

Intellihub | "Effective immediately, VFW Post 3345 will no longer televise any Cleveland Browns games!"
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UT-Austin swiftly removes Confederate statue, other figures, under cover of darkness

Intellihub | How far will the destruction of American history go? Will future generations even know who Robert E. Lee was?

Tucker Carlson destroys ANTIFA over hate crimes and Haymaker Collective

Intellihub | ANTIFA member gets owned by Fox News host

Police outnumbered by protesters at Hamburg G20

Intellihub | Authorities struggle to contain damage caused by rioters at the Hamburg G20
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Infowars reporter confronts anti-Trumpers at Texas ‘Impeachment March’

Intellihub | Offers $1000 to any anti-Trumper who can tell him why Trump should be impeached
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Trump tweets: I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!

Intellihub | President Trump holds CNN accountable over fake news

Joe Biggs at 1776 freedom rally: “Are you going to be a victim […]...

Intellihub | "You have got to go out under the mindset that you could be attacked for your beliefs"
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Texas patriots gather for Austin 1776 Freedom March

Intellihub | "This is not about some distant past, this is about our survival here and now"

Leftist “counter-protester” throws urine on conservative journalist

SHTF Plan | Once Again, the far-left has shown that it has no respect for open discourse and civility
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Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad

ABC News | Trump Jr. declined to comment Friday about his tweets

Putin admits: ‘men in dark suits rule the U.S.’

Intellihub | Who really sits at the top of the Deep State pyramid?
kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom releases new statement on Seth Rich and it may shock you

Intellihub | Kim Dotcom smashes deep state narrative
kim dotcom

Internet freedom fighter Kim Dotcom questions why Seth Rich’s murder is not solved, presents...

Intellihub | Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom takes Seth Rich investigation one step further than police

Mindless ANTIFA zombies invade Austin, Texas on May Day

Intellihub | ANTIFA activists attempt communist revolution