Tucker Carlson destroys ANTIFA over hate crimes and Haymaker Collective

Intellihub | ANTIFA member gets owned by Fox News host

Police outnumbered by protesters at Hamburg G20

Intellihub | Authorities struggle to contain damage caused by rioters at the Hamburg G20
owen shroyer

Infowars reporter confronts anti-Trumpers at Texas ‘Impeachment March’

Intellihub | Offers $1000 to any anti-Trumper who can tell him why Trump should be impeached
happy trump

Trump tweets: I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!

Intellihub | President Trump holds CNN accountable over fake news

Joe Biggs at 1776 freedom rally: “Are you going to be a victim […]...

Intellihub | "You have got to go out under the mindset that you could be attacked for your beliefs"
biggs speech

Texas patriots gather for Austin 1776 Freedom March

Intellihub | "This is not about some distant past, this is about our survival here and now"

Leftist “counter-protester” throws urine on conservative journalist

SHTF Plan | Once Again, the far-left has shown that it has no respect for open discourse and civility
trump jr.

Oldest Trump son fires off 80-plus tweets in support of dad

ABC News | Trump Jr. declined to comment Friday about his tweets

Putin admits: ‘men in dark suits rule the U.S.’

Intellihub | Who really sits at the top of the Deep State pyramid?
kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom releases new statement on Seth Rich and it may shock you

Intellihub | Kim Dotcom smashes deep state narrative
kim dotcom

Internet freedom fighter Kim Dotcom questions why Seth Rich’s murder is not solved, presents...

Intellihub | Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom takes Seth Rich investigation one step further than police

Mindless ANTIFA zombies invade Austin, Texas on May Day

Intellihub | ANTIFA activists attempt communist revolution

Watch: Mike Cernovich calls out White House press corps in briefing room

Intellihub | Credentialed White House journalist questions why the Democrats won't disavow ANTIFA violence

May Day Madness ensues as ANTIFA activists face-off with police in Paris

Intellihub | ANTIFA thugs strike again, this time in Paris, France

Another one bites the dust: ANTIFA protester arrested for smashing citizen’s cameraphone

>Intellihub | Looks like it's going to be a busy summer for law enforcement

Watch what happens to this transgender ANTIFA activist when “she” burns the flag

Intellihub | Flag burning ANTIFA activist suffers wrath of biker Trump supporter

Rapper Ice-T to Brits: The United States is based on guns y’know

Intellihub | Godfather of rap explains to the Brits what guns are really for
illegal immigrant border wall

Citizens stand up to corrupt L.A. Board of Supervisors members who support illegal immigration

Intellihub | Citizens of L.A. overwhelmingly support immigration laws
hannity russia

Sean Hannity exposes Clinton’s Russian State connection to Uranium One

Intellihub | Will Hannity's proverbial assault be enough to drag Hillary through the mud?

Reporter pushed, harassed, by heavily-armed left-wing communist group protesting at Phoenix Trump rally

Intellihub | Is this radical left-wing group of gun-toters Soros-funded?
us capitol

Roger Stone declares no Russian ties other than Gucciffer 2.0

Intellihub | Best-selling author under F.B.I. investigation after creating big impact with new book
nunes, devin

Rep. Nunes to personally deliver post-election Trump ‘wiretap’ proof to W.H.

Intellihub | White House set to receive shocking info proving post-election surveillance of Trump and associates
border wallvideo

Watch Ret. U.S. Marine ask single most important question ever

Intellihub | Trump's 'travel ban' raising intelligent questions
no ban no wall

Protesters gather in Portland over temporary travel ban

Intellihub | Hundreds show up across from Portland City Hall in protest of new executive order
sandy hook memorial

Sandy Hook investigator battled FOIA Commission causing himself more problems, received serious threats to...

Intellihub | Sandy Hook website operator shuts down site over serious threats to his family
riot firevideo

Activists surround Inaugural Ball at Washington Marriott Marquee

Intellihub | Activists sweep city, start fires, create chaos, disrupt ball
police deploraball

Violent protesters force riot police to act, arrests made

Intellihub | Riot police form line blocking protesters access to the Inauguration zone

Large group of protesters form outside DeploraBall, riot police

Intellihub | A look at the action