jeff bradstreet

Family of autism specialist Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet says forensic evidence points to murder, impossible...

Natural News | 'It is our 100 percent belief that Jeff did not commit suicide'
obama embassy

President Trump: ‘I just found out Obama had my wires tapped!’

Intellihub | President Trump has discovered that the outgoing president ordered his wires to be "tapped"

FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges, face extradition to US

RT | A massive US investigation has led to an early morning raid by Swiss police on senior football officials staying at a Zurich hotel

20,000 U.S. M-16s Stolen From Unguarded Warehouse

JG Vibes | As politicians clamor for more gun control 20,000 M-16s have been reported stolen from an unguarded warehouse in Kuwait.

Two unidentified men surveil woman through window with drone

Shepard Ambellas | Seattle woman called police after seeing a drone outside her apartment window, two men spotted
washington post

Washington Post exposed for pushing ‘fake news,’ credibility tarnished

Intellihub | "No matter how hard you try you can't stop us now" -- Rage Against the Machine

Anonymous Activist Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Could Spend More Time In Jail Than The...

Elizabeth Plank | Deric Lostutte leaked vitally important evidence that helped convict two boys for their brutal rape of a 16-year old girl.
clinton, hillary

Clinton may lose security clearance from mishandling of classified intel

Intellihub | Clinton spokesman suggests that the Clinton camp hasn’t learned from its mistakes

Police hit with $12.5M lawsuit after fracturing defenseless handcuffed man’s skull, attacking him in...

Lexi Morgan | Cops say man 'hit his own head'; video shows otherwise

Cohen willing to work with Mueller to oust Trump in probe: Reports

Intellihub | It appears the deep state will stop at nothing to derail the Trump train before the next election cycle in an effort to gain control of the House
hillary clinton mic

Clinton scandals re-emerge on Fox News, Sean Hannity refuses to back off

Intellihub | 'None of these rules would be allowed for anyone else other than Hillary Clinton': Trump attorney Sekulow

Pieczenik: ‘There is a coup in the White House and we are going to...

Intellihub | Full-scale counter coup launched November 1; the tyrants have been warned

Thousands rally against Cuomo’s billionaire-backed education scheme

Lauren MCauley | Students, parents, and teachers protest New York governor's plan to tie standardized tests to teacher evaluations

Video: BLM lights unattended fires around people’s land, burns cows alive, threatens ranchers with...

The Daily Sheeple | This is an example of the complete and utter corruption of the BLM
trump train

Anti-Trump dossier firm did work for corrupt regimes, rights group claims

Washington Times | Anti-Trump zealots willing to work with any number of shady characters
clinton, hillary

House panel decides to investigate ‘real crimes’ of Hillary Clinton

Intellihub | Following the recent arrest of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz' IT guy, Imran Awan and recent tweets by President Trump, a new probe has been opened
ben rhodes

Fmr. Obama Aide Ben Rhodes now a person of interest in unmasking investigation

Circa | U.S. officials and lawmakers have raised concern that the gathering of such intelligence was used for political espionage
Memo file

Release the memo – investigate Uranium One

BATR | Avoid the brain drain that perpetuates the lies and deceptive disinformation upon your psyche
power grid

Russia blamed for attacks on U.S. power grid starting in 2016

Zero Hedge | The hackers targeted the overall energy sector, along with commercial facilities, aviation, manufacturing and the water supply
wtc rooftop of tower

Ireland jails 3 top bankers over 2008 collapse — the opposite of what the...

Anti Media | U.S. and English bankers have evaded convictions altogether

Wasserman Schultz IT staffer arrested for bank fraud, tried to flee country on plane

Intellihub | This opens up a whole new can of worms for the Democrats in Washington as their entire world will soon be turned upside down

Russian diplomat stabbed near embassy in Canada

John Vibes | A Canadian military employee was arrested, naked and covered in blood, after a Russian diplomat was stabbed near an embassy in Ottawa

Hannity: Susan Rice has a lot of explaining to do

Intellihub | Former Obama aide "unmasked" Trump transition team members names

Solitary Confinement ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Press TV | A new report shows that an estimated 80,000 American prisoners spend 23 hours a day in closed isolation units for 10, 20 or even more than 30 years.
police killing

Video shows NYPD beat surrendering man with hands raised

ASA Jay | Video has emerged showing two NYPD officers punch and beat a man

Tennessee CEO sentenced to serve 14 years in prison for $18 million Ponzi scheme | The former chief executive officer of Hanover Corporation was sentenced today to serve 14 years in prison
harry reid

Sen. Harry Reid posturing to make move, take, Bundy Ranch, says Carol Bundy

Intellihub | Is Sen. Harry Reid getting ready to make a move on the Bundy Ranch now that the family is in jail?

Cop gets 3 years in jail for viewing under age porn in patrol car

John Vibes | A Tennessee cop receives a 3 year sentence and is added to the sex offender registry

Exclusive: 1 October shooter still alive after second 32nd-floor breach

Intellihub | It appears the American people have been lied to altogether when it comes to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting and now newly released body camera footage proves that a shooter was still alive and attacking after the second SWAT breach

Obama to ignore Supreme Court: I’m still not deporting illegals

Infowars | Obama usurps power from Supremes...
james clapper

Deep state internal feud?