Jade Helm

RED ALERT: We are all being set up… The gun grab is INTENDED to...

Natural News | It is in the interests of all Americans to avoid any UN occupation of our nation

FBI: GMO seed theft called national security theft

Christina Sarich | Two Chinese nationals are accused of stealing genetically modified (GM) seed technology from biotech giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto

Police Chief accused of “protecting & serving” $50,000 out of a children’s charity fund

John Vibes | The “Laliberte Toy Fund” was set up by a now deceased police officer, and in the entire time that the charity was running, only one single check for $250 was sent out to a needy family
fear alone

Study: Americans fear “corrupt government officials” more than anything

Intellihub | It's sad when more Americans fear government corruption than anything else, including death

TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray

Shepard Ambellas | Passengers and staff scramble in fear
giuliani, rudy

Giuliani says Mueller team cannot be trusted

Intellihub | Trump attorney Rudi Giuliani says at least two of FBI Agent Peter Strzok's cohorts were left behind and are still operating from inside
paris attack

12 dead in shooting at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris

RT | The hooded gunmen stormed the offices at 11.30 am Paris time
clinton, hillary

More bodies: The video Hillary doesn’t want you to see

SHTF Plan | Have you heard about the Clinton body count?

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media…...

Natural News | Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business

Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Burned Two Men to Death

John Vibes | The sign language interpreter who blamed hallucinations for his incorrect and unintelligible hand signals at Nelson Mandela's memorial service reportedly burned two men to death in 2003.

20,000 U.S. M-16s Stolen From Unguarded Warehouse

JG Vibes | As politicians clamor for more gun control 20,000 M-16s have been reported stolen from an unguarded warehouse in Kuwait.

Brazil Doctor Faces Murder Charges After Allegedly Killing Patients to Open Hospital Beds

RT | A Brazilian doctor may become famous for one of the world’s most sinister cases of serial killings, if prosecutors can show the evidence.

1947: The year that changed everything – 70 years on

Tools For Freedom | 1947 was a year of infamy in terms of the New World Order agenda

Obama 2007 Speech: ‘NO More Spying on Citizens’

Anthony Gucciardi | In 2007, Obama proclaimed that he would put an end to all forms of spying on citizens not suspected of a crime. In his words, he would make sure there was ‘no more tracking’ of citizens that weren’t doing anything wrong.

DuPont pedophilia story goes viral in mainstream media

John Vibes | DuPont heir sparks outrage by avoiding jail time after confessing to the molestation of two of his own children, because a judge ruled he “will not fare well” in prison

Baby parts for sale? Obama appointee and major campaign donor censors secret abortion investigation...

Alex Thomas | Transparent attempt to use the legal process to censor investigative reporting

IRS seizes $107,000 from innocent small business, despite recent policy changes

Institute for Justice | Agents from the IRS came to the store and seized his entire bank account, totaling more than $107,000

Christian Evangelist had vision from God in 2007 showing her Obama declared martial law...

Intellihub | Evangelists 2007 vision appears to be unfolding before our very eyes
hillary in new york

Proof Hillary Clinton and her foundation are working with the Russians to destroy America

Intellihub | Why isn't the FBI investigating Hillary's actual connections to the Russians?
isis mccain

John McCain Photographed With ISIS Terrorists Last Year

John Vibes | John McCain met with ISIS terrorists last year and told reporters that they were freedom fighters

Former DNC Head Debbie Wasserman Schultz is STILL covering up for IT aide who...

Intellihub | Imran Awan caught trying to flee the country after 300K transfer to Pakistan
shooter's brother

Stephen Paddock’s brother Eric is furious at the coroner’s decision to cremate, not deliver,...

Intellihub | "The coroner seems to think that there has to be some chain of custody because of the criminal investigation"
secret service

The Secret Global Court – Why corporate criminals and corrupt politicians desperately want the...

Liberty Blitzkrieg | The whole thing is absolutely disgusting and epitomizes all that is wrong and unethical about the world today
border patrol

Border Patrol ordered to release all illegal alien drunk drivers: “Allow them to go...

Mac Slavo | If you are caught driving while intoxicated and happen to be an American citizen than you’re going to be arrested, fined, and potentially jailed

Youtuber affirms F.B.I. collusion with Dems at intelligence hearing

Intellihub | Youtuber claims Monday's opening exchange between F.B.I. Dir. Comey and Rep. Schiff was scripted
John Podesta

John Podesta denies ever holding stock in Kremlin-backed company despite reports

Intellihub | "I didn't have any stock in a Russian company"

World Bank Group to demand bailouts amidst global depopulation scam?

Shepard Ambellas | Ebola to kill 1.4m people by mid-Jan. in two countries alone

Could BLM leaseholds for fracking operations be the reason for Bundy Ranch standoff?

John Vibes | The same bureaucracy that sold dozens of land leases to fracking companies last year is responsible for the recent Bundy Ranch standoff

Obama’s birth certificate proven a forgery, fraudulently fabricated document, by forensic investigators on two...

Intellihub | Will President Obama be charged with treason over illegally fabricated certificate?
hillary in new york

FBI failed to examine vast bulk of Weiner laptop emails

The Federalist | Comey told Congress that 'thanks to the wizardry of our technology,' the FBI was able to eliminate the vast majority of messages as 'duplicates.'