Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Burned Two Men to Death

John Vibes | The sign language interpreter who blamed hallucinations for his incorrect and unintelligible hand signals at Nelson Mandela's memorial service reportedly burned two men to death in 2003.

Grandson of Malcolm X Mysteriously Killed in Mexico

JG Vibes | The grandson of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X has been violently murdered in Mexico.

Mueller was set to deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009, under...

Intellihub | Clinton-Mueller Russian uranium ties surfaced in Wikileaks release

Half of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine owned by NIH

Natural News | First one billion doses of Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine in the works, despite the jab killing people
susan rice

Susan Rice scandal not going away just yet

Intellihub | Political operatives try everything in their power to divert attention away from the Susan Rice scandal

Alert: Voter fraud may be underway in Wisconsin and other states

Intellihub | Please contact your representatives and demand action

TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray

Shepard Ambellas | Passengers and staff scramble in fear

Senator Compares Cops to ISIS- Says He Would Only Own A Gun To Protect...

Cassandra Fairbanks | A Nebraska state senator is receiving some major backlash after making very controversial statements at a legislative hearing

Hunter and Joe Biden’s ties to corruption exposed in Ukraine presser: Follow-up

Staff Writer | Biden Family crime syndicate exposed

Man allegedly uses syringe “full of AIDS” to rob ice cream store

John Vibes | A man claiming to be armed with a syringe full of AIDS robbed an ice cream store
dc metro police truck

John Podesta’s ex-sister in law is on D.C. Police Foundation Board: Report

Intellihub | Report suggests D.C. Metro Police collusion

Exclusive: 1 October shooter still alive after second 32nd-floor breach

Intellihub | It appears the American people have been lied to altogether when it comes to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting and now newly released body camera footage proves that a shooter was still alive and attacking after the second SWAT breach

Hannity: Susan Rice has a lot of explaining to do

Intellihub | Former Obama aide "unmasked" Trump transition team members names
chief justice roberts

Chief Justice Roberts denied Sibley’s motion to modify Restraining Order for damning records relating...

Intellihub | Sibley vows to continue fight for release of D.C. Madam's phone records
barack obama campaign trail

How Barack Obama received $21.6M in illegally funneled foreign campaign contributions and stole the...

Intellihub | Democrats meddled with the 2012 presidential election and the hammer is about to be dropped.

Tennessee CEO sentenced to serve 14 years in prison for $18 million Ponzi scheme | The former chief executive officer of Hanover Corporation was sentenced today to serve 14 years in prison
mueller, fbi

Trump must investigate Mueller: Roger Stone

Infowars | Rogue subordinate Mueller is is brazenly casting his fishing net for anything

Unsealed documents detail tactics in Clinton email probe

Politico | Nearly 100 pages of filings from federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, show how investigators used a very broad search warrant in September 2015 to gain access to the email account of top Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan
harry reid

Sen. Harry Reid posturing to make move, take, Bundy Ranch, says Carol Bundy

Intellihub | Is Sen. Harry Reid getting ready to make a move on the Bundy Ranch now that the family is in jail?

Shadow broker? NSA contractor arrested for allegedly stealing classified code

Common Dreams | Harold Martin worked at the same firm that Edward Snowden did, and 'had a top secret national security clearance'
clinton obamavideo

A first look at the DOJ indictments against the Clinton crime network

Infowars | Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s statement following his dismissal may have incriminated former FBI Director James Comey
obama clinton

$640M in Obama approved “slush fund” money still financing radical left-wing groups

Intellihub | Anti-Trump groups met with high-level Justice Department and HUD officials to solicit monies not even meant for them and they got it
ted cruz on stage

Ted’s wife Heidi Cruz says, ‘Ted is a Hispanic immigrant’

Intellihub | Ted Cruz is simply not eligible to become the next POTUS
trent franks

Rep. Franks predicts immunity for Awans in exchange for “disturbing” info on Wasserman Schultz

ZeroHedge | So what say you...big nothing burger or are the walls closing in on DWS?

Dozens of UK politicians investigated in massive pedophilia ring

John Vibes | Household names from every major political party have been named in the investigation of a major pedophile ring
gop balloons

Election Fraud: Trump Delegates being REPLACED!

Intellihub | Delegate testifies election fraud is taking place in Colorado after being "removed and replaced" off the roster for voting pro-Trump
federal reserve bank

The Fed just “discovered” another $2.7T in debt, “quietly boosted total credit”

Mac Slavo | People of U.S. misled by politicians

“God Hates Fags” pastor Fred Phelps on the ‘edge of death’

Intellihub News | Founder of controversial church is reportedly in the hospital on the ‘edge of death’

Over 30 Dogs Missing in Idaho Town, One Found Ritualistically Murdered

JG Vibes | The search for dozens of missing dogs in Idaho takes a turn for the worse as one dog is found murdered in a ritualistic manner.

A Member of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Arrested for Firing Handgun at Underage Male...

The Inquisitr | A member of the Michael Bloomberg-sponsored gun control organization “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” has been arrested and charged in connection with a handgun incident at his home.