Staged DNC data breach? How far will the Clinton Campaign go to topple Sanders?

Shepard Ambellas | New Intellihub poll shows Sanders with 8% lead above Clinton

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty in conspiracy to illegally export restricted laboratory equipment to Syria | During the guilty plea hearing, Rinko admitted that he conspired to export items from the United States through third party countries to customers in Syria

Clark County Coroner releases 58 autopsy reports, all names redacted, no ballistics, Stephen Paddock’s...

Intellihub | It appears that a further cover-up is underway in regards to the 1 October massacre in which 58 people were killed
sergey lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister implies NATO collusion in creating the opioid crisis

Waking Times | So, what exactly is the evidence?

Security firm says Sony hack might have been an inside job

RT | Stammberger didn’t completely rule out North Korea’s role in the cyber attack
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TSA seizes 75,000 in cash from traveler, tweets picture of it, but probably won’t...

Melissa Dykes | The gestapo continues to steal everything from us, including our money

Mysterious tombstone for Donald Trump appears in Central Park

Zero Hedge | The tombstone has the inscription, "Made America Hate Again"

Anonymous Activist Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Could Spend More Time In Jail Than The...

Elizabeth Plank | Deric Lostutte leaked vitally important evidence that helped convict two boys for their brutal rape of a 16-year old girl.

Multiple investigations reveal secrets about where US tax dollars are really going

Collective Evolution | It’s amazing how much money is scraped off of each paycheque, and how much money multiple small and big businesses pay
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Government editing conspiracy Wikipedia pages

21st Century Wire | A worrying trend is currently emerging where governments are anonymously editing the Wikipedia entries for certain events.

Government spent $1.3 million on alcohol in 2013

John Vibes | The US Government spent $1.3 million on alcohol and 5 million on glassware with their stolen tax money
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Border Patrol ordered to release all illegal alien drunk drivers: “Allow them to go...

Mac Slavo | If you are caught driving while intoxicated and happen to be an American citizen than you’re going to be arrested, fined, and potentially jailed

FBI admits using faked forensic science to put hundreds of innocent people behind bars...

Mike Adams | The FBI engaged in a massive science-based conspiracy to alter and distort forensic evidence for over two decades, the agency has now publicly admitted

Shock Video: South Carolina police officer murders fleeing black man

Alex Thomas | New video shows a police officer firing eight shots into the back of an unarmed black man.

Man allegedly uses syringe “full of AIDS” to rob ice cream store

John Vibes | A man claiming to be armed with a syringe full of AIDS robbed an ice cream store
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How a Jan. 2016 Intellihub article by Shepard Ambellas sparked a Senate investigation into...

Intellihub | Giving credit where credit is due -- Hillary Clinton and her foundation are now being probed by a Senate investigative committee over Russian ties

Infamous Russian dossier also implicates Hillary Clinton: ‘Years of compromising material, bugged conversations collected...

Intellihub | Mainstream media cover-up of Hillary Clinton dossier continues, Russian Intelligence Services complied years of bugged conversations and criminal activities on the former Madam Secretary
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John Podesta’s ex-sister in law is on D.C. Police Foundation Board: Report

Intellihub | Report suggests D.C. Metro Police collusion

Why did the coroner refuse to release Vegas shooter’s autopsy?

Intellihub | What exactly is the Clark County Coroner hiding inn regards to the 1 Oct. massacre, some suspect ballistics

The Crimes of HSBC: Money Laundering, Libor Banking Scandal, Destruction of Indigenous Lands

Derrick Broze | Multinational bank HSBC is known for scandals as much as for global banking.

Cop hired hitman to kill prosecutor who put him in jail for killing his...

John Vibes | 61-year-old former police officer Drew Peterson was convicted of killing his third wife in 2012

Geraldo: ‘Leftover Obama operatives planted landmines for Trump’

Intellihub | 'We are going to start seeing the bam, bam, bam from Obama's landmines'
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Vegas mogul Steve Wynn resigns from RNC amid reported sex scandal

Intellihub | RNC chairman caught up in sex scandal, forced to resign, reports say

Nikki Barnes wants Debbie Wasserman Schultz ousted from DNC amidst fraud scandal

Intellihub | Will the deep state protect Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the latest fraud scandal which involves an IT staffer formerly on her payroll?
clinton, hillary

Hillary Clinton took $145M from Russians to sell out the U.S. uranium supply to...

Natural News | Robert Mueller ran the FBI as this criminal racket was taking place
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$640M in Obama approved “slush fund” money still financing radical left-wing groups

Intellihub | Anti-Trump groups met with high-level Justice Department and HUD officials to solicit monies not even meant for them and they got it

Are millions of business people at risk of dying in collapsing buildings?

Washington's Blog | Millions of people work in or visit high-rise buildings … assuming the buildings were more or less safe.

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s First Freely Elected President, Sentenced to Death

Deirdre Fulton | 'The death penalty has become the favorite tool for the Egyptian authorities to purge the political opposition,' says Amnesty International

Report: Seth Rich investigator considered Clinton operative Donna Brazile a person of interest

Intellihub | Clinton and DNC operative Donna Brazile pinpointed
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Cops claim privacy violation, sue over video showing them eating marijuana during raid

RT | Three Santa Ana, California police officers are suing their own department after video footage that allegedly shows them eating marijuana edibles during a raid emerged