Could BLM leaseholds for fracking operations be the reason for Bundy Ranch standoff?

John Vibes | The same bureaucracy that sold dozens of land leases to fracking companies last year is responsible for the recent Bundy Ranch standoff

Florida official arrested with meth pipe in rectum

John Vibes | City purchasing director was recently arrested for possession of methamphetamine with drug paraphernalia hidden in his rectum

Starbucks apologizes for satanic foam art in teacher’s coffee

Intellihub news | Starbucks headquarters has issued a public apology after a teacher received a coffee with satanic art depicted in the foam

DuPont pedophilia story goes viral in mainstream media

John Vibes | DuPont heir sparks outrage by avoiding jail time after confessing to the molestation of two of his own children, because a judge ruled he “will not fare well” in prison

JP Morgan lawyer killed by van while riding bike, 13th finance industry death

John Vibes | JP Morgan attorney was killed after he was struck by a minivan while riding his bike, the 13th suspicious death to hit the industry since January

Government spent $1.3 million on alcohol in 2013

John Vibes | The US Government spent $1.3 million on alcohol and 5 million on glassware with their stolen tax money

12 ounce cocaine shipment intercepted before reaching the Vatican

John Vibes | Customs officials intercept shipment of cocaine on its way to the Vatican

“God Hates Fags” pastor Fred Phelps on the ‘edge of death’

Intellihub News | Founder of controversial church is reportedly in the hospital on the ‘edge of death’

Russian diplomat stabbed near embassy in Canada

John Vibes | A Canadian military employee was arrested, naked and covered in blood, after a Russian diplomat was stabbed near an embassy in Ottawa

Man sets himself and police on fire at grocery store

John Vibes | A man was hospitalized after setting himself on fire while running through a grocery store, multiple police were also hospitalized after the incident

Hotel restaurant caught selling human meat burgers

John Vibes | Police discovered severed human heads after searching the hotel serving the grizzly meat burgers

Are millions of business people at risk of dying in collapsing buildings?

Washington's Blog | Millions of people work in or visit high-rise buildings … assuming the buildings were more or less safe.

Cop gets 3 years in jail for viewing under age porn in patrol car

John Vibes | A Tennessee cop receives a 3 year sentence and is added to the sex offender registry

Killer cop chased out of Denny’s by angry Kelly Thomas supporters

John Vibes | Cop that murdered Kelly Thomas becomes town outcast excerpt

Man smashes window of police car in Hollywood yelling “I love Jesus Christ”

John Vibes | A man smashed the windows of a police car that was parked along the Hollywood "walk of fame" in midday

Cartel hitman testifies to over 800 murders and daily quotas

John Vibes | A cartel hitman has testified that he has killed over 800 people and he also claims that the Juarez cartel had daily murder quotas

“McGruff Crime Dog” actor busted for drugs and grenade launchers after canine search

John Vibes |The 41 year old actor pleaded guilty this Monday and was sentenced to 16 years is prison.

Edmonton Airport tried to give teenager his pipe bomb back after he went through...

National Post | A teenager who was allowed to fly after trying to get a pipe bomb through airport security refused when the screeners tried to give the device back to him, the Edmonton Journal reports.

In Detroit, Heroin Is Being Sold Directly In Front Of Public Schools While Kids...

Michael Snyder | How would you feel if you found out that heroin was being sold in broad daylight in front of the school that your child was attending?

JP Morgan pays $2 billion to avoid prosecution for Its involvement In Madoff ponzi...

Washington's Blog | JP Morgan: Ponzi Schemer

Rand Paul wants jail for Snowden

John Vibes | Rand Paul thinks that "a few years in prison" is a reasonable sentence for Snowden

Man charged with selling human brains on eBay

John Vibes | A man was recently arrested for attempting to sell stolen human brains on eBay

Society so detached that store customers stepped over a dead man in the doorway...

Staff Writer | Shocking surveillance video released from the scene shows that customers used the dead man's body as a doormat

Email confirms Bank of America’s ‘social media trolling’ spy team

Mikael Thalen | An email uncovered through a Washington state public records request has confirmed the existence of a Bank of America “social media trolling” spy team, used to carry out surveillance on multiple political groups.

Fugitive banker arrested 2 years after fake suicide

Bob Tuskin | This week a fugitive banker who was wanted by the FBI was finally found and arrested after he was pulled over for having window tint that it was too dark.

Murderer released on ‘insanity’ found with over 4600 rounds of ammo and 36 guns...

Shepard Ambellas | Just another reason that everyone should exercise their right to carry when lawful, as random nut jobs may be on the loose

Thieves are using “mystery gadgets” to electronically unlock cars and steal what is inside

Michael Snyder | All over America, criminals are using improvised electronic devices to electronically unlock vehicles and steal whatever they find inside.

12 skinned animal heads found on woman’s porch facing house

Intellihub | In a bizarre and possibly satanic display, 12 skinned lamb heads were found outside a Ballard woman's home

U.S. Army Base Runs Unlicensed Windows 7 Computers

Torrent Freak | A few weeks ago the U.S. Government paid a $50 million settlement for pirating military logistics software, which was used to protect soldiers and shipments in critical missions.

Data broker sells list of rape victim’s names to pharmaceutical companies

John Vibes | A marketing company has stopped selling lists of rape victim's names after the list was revealed in a recent report.