FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges, face extradition to US

RT | A massive US investigation has led to an early morning raid by Swiss police on senior football officials staying at a Zurich hotel

Atlanta officer arrested while attempting to flee country after burning woman’s body

Cassandra Rules | Officer Tahreem Zeus Rana, 23, was arrested at an airport Thursday morning for kidnapping, murder, tampering with evidence, and arson while attempting to flee to Mexico

Over a dozen new cops go on violent drunken rampage immediately following graduation

Matt Agorist | “Everyone was drunk, they were telling people they were cops and to f— off, and some were fighting with patrons and themselves, and there was maybe even a little ass-grabbing.”

Police Chief accused of “protecting & serving” $50,000 out of a children’s charity fund

John Vibes | The “Laliberte Toy Fund” was set up by a now deceased police officer, and in the entire time that the charity was running, only one single check for $250 was sent out to a needy family