Alex Jones warns that deep state could murder entire Trump family

SHTF Plan | Alex Jones warns about a confirmed plot to take out President Trump

Deep state operative Mueller targets Paul Manafort in obvious attempt at flipping him to...

Intellihub | Transparent fishing attempt to take out Trump

Seth Rich’s original Reddit posts altered, 663 comments deleted

Intellihub | It's obvious a massive cover up of Seth Rich's murder is underway

CNN finally admits Trump’s campaign chairman was wiretapped

Intellihub | A day late and a buck short: CNN finally admits Donald Trump was right when he said his team was "wiretapped"

As his friend calls for Trump’s murder, Robert Mueller tries to bankrupt Trump associates...

Intellihub | Deep state operative Mueller using financial terrorism to turn Trump associates

Shock Report confirmed: H.R. McMaster working directly with George Soros to take out President...

Intellihub | National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is passing information to George Soros to undermine the White House

Former CIA operative threatens Trump with murder, admits deep state war

Intellihub | Deep state war on Trump openly promoted
trump trade

Deep state operative Robert Mueller now using “elite” IRS unit in scheme to take...

Intellihub | "Trump should be concerned" anti-Trump prosecutor tells mainstream media
obama clinton

*RETRACTED* ‘Haiti official, who exposed Clinton Foundation, found dead in Miami’

Your News Wire | The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the “DNC emails” Wikileaker: Confirmed

Intellihub | New electronic evidence confirms Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks before his death
targeted individual spy

NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting...

Intellihub | FBI documents and defense authorizations show citizens are being actively targeted
dark hacker

Shock: Intelligence community veterans release report showing Russia DID NOT hack the DNC

Intellihub | DNC hack was carried out by INSIDE source

Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter: FBI report shows it was Seth Rich, not Russians, who gave...

WashingtonsBlog | A Pulitzer Prize winning reporter has exposed the fact that Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails

Treason: John Brennan worked WITH foreign spies in desperate attempt to take down Donald...

Intellihub | "Open scandal" being ignored by mainstream media
men in black

Mainstream poll: 48% say a deep state exists

Intellihub | An overwhelming amount of Americans believe there is, in fact, a deep state
alex jones

Alex Jones: “I am under criminal espionage investigation by the FBI”

Intellihub | Alex Jones promises to give the Democrats their "political Waterloo" over "false charges"

Two democratic Attorney Generals file lawsuit against President Trump for “flagrantly violating the Constitution”

Intellihub | Deep State sponsored partisan move lands Trump in a new lawsuit

Julian Assange could be pardoned for revealing proof that Russia did not hack DNC

The Free Thought Project | A nail in the coffin of the Russian hacking narrative?
civil war smoke

Power elites launch civil war against Trump

BATR | What you are witnessing is a full court press to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency

Will the deep state overthrow Trump on June 1st? “There is a secret agenda...

SHTFPlan | Incoming debt crisis could be used to take out Trump

Fmr. Rep. Kucinich says the ‘deep state’ is trying to destroy Trump and associates

Intellihub | Fmr. congressman tell it like it is, calls ou the 'deep state'

Robert Mueller now openly working with anti-Trump attorney general in transparent deep state hit...

Intellihub | Make no mistake, Mueller's "investigation" is a globalist inspired, deep state operation
day hacker

Jailed hacker Guccifer says U.S. government fabricated Guccifer 2.0 to frame Russia

Activist Post | “Guccifer 2.0 is an inside job”

Exposed: Robert Mueller is a deep state operative sent to take out President Trump

Intellihub | Mueller working towards specific goal of taking down elected president
trump jr.

Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya registered to a ‘shell’ firm, no website, phone or email

Intellihub | Also met with Obama's Ambassador to Russia 8-days after meeting Trump Jr.
trump cpac 2017

Anti-Trump White House Staffers: If you like Infowars or Milo you’re fired

Jack Posobiec | Bush operatives in the White House are purging pro-Trump voices.

Bombshell connection between Charlottesville, Soros, CIA

Infowars | Nazi collaborator Soros funding division in America just like Ukraine
phone tapped

How to not be a big digital slave to the deep state

Waking Times | Meanwhile, the elite keep running toward a transhumanist future
Anderson Cooper

5 CNN figureheads who act more like controlled puppets than newscasters

Intellihub | Top 5 CNN figureheads who are likely operatives of the Deep State


fence, no freedom

The Illusion of Freedom

book burning

Campus book burning Nazis