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Officials: Democratic caucus’s server vanished, was swapped-out with replica, after it was included in...

Intellihub | It appears a Democratic IT operative switched-out the caucus's server and replaced it with a phony mock up in order to avoid incrimination
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F.B.I. counterterrorism unit still investigating Trump Organization server for Russian connections: CNN

Intellihub | F.B.I. investigation of Trump and associates continues, CNN's sources say

Vault 7: Wikileaks reveals CIA tool that makes their hack attacks appear to come...

Intellihub | Tool may have been used to start Trump-Russian narrative

Former CIA operative threatens Trump with murder, admits deep state war

Intellihub | Deep state war on Trump openly promoted
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Deep state internal feud?

Intellihub.com | Deep state wages interagency pseudo-war in an effort to regain control of the helm
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NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting...

Intellihub | FBI documents and defense authorizations show citizens are being actively targeted
new york times night

NY Times linked to Iran’s state-sponsored newspaper?

Intellihub | It appears the financiers of the New York Times may have alternate agendas globally
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*RETRACTED* ‘Haiti official, who exposed Clinton Foundation, found dead in Miami’

Your News Wire | The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death

Shepard Ambellas: Twitter just said I was a bot then forced a data scrape...

Intellihub | Shepard Ambellas furious after tweeting out crucial Las Vegas Shooting information which seemingly prompted Twitter limit his account, and allow Google to force-scrape data from his smartphone

F.B.I. Director Comey asked DoJ to refute Trump’s wire tap claim, but the DoJ...

Intellihub | Deep State operatives now openly maneuvering
brooks agnew

Brooks Agnew: ‘The deep state is being backed into a corner right now’

Intellihub | "There is one thing about a bad dog that gets backed into a corner -- if you approach it -- it's going to bite very hard"
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Revealed: Locations, maps, of 8 domestic wiretapping hubs

Intellihub | The top 8 NSA spy hubs exposed. Map, addresses, everything you need to investigate for yourself: DIY investigation

Seth Rich’s original Reddit posts altered, 663 comments deleted

Intellihub | It's obvious a massive cover up of Seth Rich's murder is underway
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Giuliani says Mueller team cannot be trusted

Intellihub | Trump attorney Rudi Giuliani says at least two of FBI Agent Peter Strzok's cohorts were left behind and are still operating from inside
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Shock: Memos reveal Comey cleared Clinton BEFORE interviewing her and 17 other key witnesses

Free Thought Project | Comey's own memos reveal he exonerated Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing BEFORE ever interviewing her and 17 other key witnesses.
peter stzok fbi cia

A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok works for both the FBI and CIA, documents reveal

Intellihub | Both the FBI and CIA have played the American people for fools by not disclosing the fact that Peter Strzok is a double agent of the U.S. government and has been sheep-dipped by the CIA

Will the deep state overthrow Trump on June 1st? “There is a secret agenda...

SHTFPlan | Incoming debt crisis could be used to take out Trump

Deep State considers using continuity of government plans in coup against President Trump

Intellihub | Fake Russian narrative would be used

Deep state sends message to Manafort and others

Intellihub | It looks like the deep state is giving it all they've got in an effort to intimidate former Trump associate Pual Manafort and others
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Jailed hacker Guccifer says U.S. government fabricated Guccifer 2.0 to frame Russia

Activist Post | “Guccifer 2.0 is an inside job”
civil war smoke

Power elites launch civil war against Trump

BATR | What you are witnessing is a full court press to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency
american mainstream media

Fmr. CIA asset Susan Lindauer: ‘We have a fight for the future of our...

Intellihub | "They're drinking down that Kool-Aid, they are sucking it, they're guzzling it [...]"

Suicided? Despite no gun, police say lawyer connected to DNC fraud suit shot himself

The Free Thought Project | A high profile lawyer was found dead after looking into fraud at the DNC
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Deep state operative Robert Mueller now using “elite” IRS unit in scheme to take...

Intellihub | "Trump should be concerned" anti-Trump prosecutor tells mainstream media
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American suffers brain injury after ‘sound’ incident in China

Channel News Asia | The employee experienced "a variety of physical symptoms" between late 2017 through April 2018

Treason: John Brennan worked WITH foreign spies in desperate attempt to take down Donald...

Intellihub | "Open scandal" being ignored by mainstream media

Roger Stone possible victim of second assassination attempt after hit and run

Intellihub | Stone is also currently under attack by Soros led operatives
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Hannity: The walls are closing in on the deep state

Intellihub | A major smear campaign continues in the liberal media to divert attention from the special council
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Anti-Trump White House Staffers: If you like Infowars or Milo you’re fired

Jack Posobiec | Bush operatives in the White House are purging pro-Trump voices.