It “haunts my life”: Americans over-60 owe $86 billion in student loan debt they...

Zerohedge | Americans over-60 owe $86 billion in student loan debt

Trump won’t accept trade deal unless China opens market to manufacturers, bankers and farmers

Zero Hedge | Trump insists that a final deal will require China to open up its markets

The Trump Administration is warning that the U.S. Economy may not grow at all...

Economic Collapse | This government shutdown is really starting to take a toll on the U.S. economy

IMF reveals that cryptocurrency is the New World Order end game

Alt-Market | I have been suspicious of the cryptocurrency narrative of a “decentralized and anonymous monetary revolution” since 2009
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World economy headed for recession in 2019?

Intellihub | Some say 2019 may not be looking so good in terms of the economy. Could a recession be on the way?

A new but disastrous normal for America: Surging debt, booming economy

SHTFPlan | The rate of debt being acquired by consumers and the ever increasing government deficits are poised to explode

Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to...

Natural News | I’ve been putting off writing about events to come in 2019 – 2020 for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared

On the brink of a financial crisis: Stocks plunge to lowest level since 2008... | Buried by design or just a bump in the road? Where are things headed in 2019 in terms of the economy?

Why America is the new Middle East in terms of oil production: World’s largest...

Natural News | For the first time EVER, the U.S. now exports more oil than it imports

Prepare now: A housing market recession is coming

SHTFPlan | It may be time to start preparing for the upcoming housing market recession
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15 million people were just blacklisted from travel by China’s social credit program and...

Organic Prepper | Do you think it’s coming to America/Canada/Europe? Will it include travel restrictions?

Bayer to cut 12,000 jobs worldwide as company faces 10,000 lawsuits over Monsanto’s Roundup...

Natural News | Chemical giant Bayer has become the new Monsanto, having acquired the world’s most evil corporation 
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Truce: Trump and Xi agree no new tariffs | As part of the truce reached between the two leaders, no additional tariffs will be imposed after Jan. 1, CGTN reported.

These countries are quickly and quietly dumping the dollar

Organic Prepper | Corporate media outlets ignore the vanishing dollar dominance

8 Shocking demographic trends which will greatly shape America’s future

End of the American dream | Lifestyle patterns are dramatically shifting, and young adults view the world very differently than Baby Boomers do

National debt will be 6 times size of economy | Even without changes to the current spending policy, the government’s spending is on an unsustainable path.
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North Dakota now pumping as much crude as Venezuela

Yahoo Finance | Venezuela’s output is expected to tumble even lower, to 1 million barrels a day by the end of the year, according to the International Energy Agency
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Trump threatens to cut Canada from new NAFTA deal | "There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal."
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Argentina’s economy contracts as Peso falls to 38.7 vs. U.S. dollar | The Central Bank of Argentina announced it will increase the number of reserves in which it will hold, reports say

Russia accelerating efforts to abandon U.S. dollar | Due to the recent trade war and the fact that the U.S. dollar is printed out of thin air with nothing backing it, Russia plans to ditch U.S. currency altogether
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Harley Davidson moving factories to E.U. to avoid tariffs, remain competitive

Intellihub | Trade wars appear to be heating up: Now Harley Davidson vows to relocate factories outside of the United States to avoid tariffs
china shipping port

Here are 6 ways China could retaliate in a trade war against the U.S.

Zero Hedge | It's all about the trade war between the US and China this morning, and more specifically, how will Xi retaliate to Trump
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New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’

Metro | Some have predicted that the mineral wealth is so vast it could destroy our world’s economy

Soros acknowledges Europe’s existential financial crisis, offers solution

Intellihub | More often than not, they create the problem, wait for the reaction, then offer the solution which often times makes them rich

800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say...

800,000 people will leave New York and California over the next three years due to the new tax bill, conservative economists Arthur Laffer and...
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Bill Gates warns of another financial crash as bad as the 2008 Great Recession

The Sun | Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned the US will face another financial collapse on the same scale as the 2008 recession

Money pumping works — until it doesn’t

Mises Institute | Neither the Fed nor the government can grow the economy
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Now is the time to buy gold, major commodities team suggests

Intellihub | "Based on empirical data for the past six tightening cycles, gold has outperformed post rate hikes four times"

US to file WTO suit against China for trade law violations

Zero Hedge | Trump has said that the tariffs would apply to a list of 100 products, primarily technology exports
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Californians flee the state in droves over taxation and housing costs

SHTFPlan | California lost just over 138,000 people to domestic migration in the 12 months ended in July 2017