VAPORIZED: Detroit Obliterates Retirement Funds: 80% Cuts to Pensioners: “This Is Going to Affect...

Mac Slavo | Though a decade ago civil servants and union members would never have believed it could happen, the stark reality of the situation came to pass this morning.
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Bill Holter: Everything’s coming to a head […] we are headed toward a very...

Intellihub | Is a false flag looming on the horizon that will drive us to Mad Max?

Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to...

Natural News | I’ve been putting off writing about events to come in 2019 – 2020 for the simple reason that I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared

Bottled water hits $10 per case in Hawaii plus $1.20 deposit | As inflation increases you will need to work harder to survive

The Debasing of Our Currency is Relentless – It’s a Giant Con Game | The Federal Reserve is expanding its balance sheets, it’s creating money out of nothing, it’s devaluing the savings of individuals through the debasement of the currency and through zero interest policies.

Sheen on the oil slick getting darker

Great Recession | Good news was bad news in the Saudi-Russia oil summit

Water costs skyrocket 1,000% where half the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts are grown

J.D. Heyes | It is not as if there aren't any economic factors influencing the price of groceries these days
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David Haggith: The economy is failing all over the world

Daily Coin | As George Carlin says, “No body seems to notice, no body seems to care.”

During every market crash there are big ups, big downs, and giant waves of...

Michael Snyder | This is exactly the type of behavior that we would expect to see during the early stages of a major financial crisis.
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Trump Admin to review over 600 border wall design submissions, including one from Mexico

Intellihub | The ever so controversial border wall appears to be on track
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Coming soon QE4

James Hall | As the world economy falters and sinks into the abyss of fiscal deflation, the banksters need a new game plan to rescue their debt created monetary system
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Swiss Army Chief warns of social unrest, calls upon citizens to arm themselves

Tyler Durden | Swiss politicians, of course, responded with disbelief to the army chief and hold his warnings are exaggerated

7 reasons you are broke

Intellihub | How you can make more money by fine tuning your daily expenses

W. Virginia: Local economy slips as water ban remains in effect, over 300k affected

Intellihub | The “water use ban” is still in place”, said West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in a recent press conference
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Empty gold vaults and fresh out of bombs

Daily Coin | Since the derivatives implosion in 2008, the financial and economic world has changed

Ben Bernanke’s Banksters Legacy

James Hall | With Ben Shalom Bernanke set to depart on the last day of January 2014, the critique and speculation of his tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve begins

What Would War Between Israel And Syria Do To The Already Fragile Global Economy?

Michael Snyder | The next major wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and a major regional war in the Middle East would greatly accelerate our economic problems.

Gallup: If small businesses keep dying “We’ll lose the whole middle class”

SHTFPlan | The people of the future will become feudal serfs once again – albeit with really cool smart phones

Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

For a long time, many have suspected that they were being manipulated, and as you will see below we now have stone cold proof that this is indeed the case.

Ruble plummets, Putin blames U.S., says West wants ‘Siberia’s natural resources’

Shepard Ambellas | Russian citizens rid themselves of Ruble, Russian government fears bank runs on way

Food Stamp outage could trigger nationwide riots

Infowars | Obama admin. enrolling millions of illegals to overload EBT system?
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12 signs that the economy is really starting to bleed oil patch jobs

Economic Collapse Blog | The gravy train is over for oil workers
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Drenched in war

Rory | Either protect yourself or be swept away in the unfolding currency war

Why are so many Americans renouncing their citizenship?

Michael Snyder | The number of Americans that renounced their citizenship was 221 percent higher in 2013 than it was in 2012
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New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’

Metro | Some have predicted that the mineral wealth is so vast it could destroy our world’s economy

32 statistics that Obama neglected to mention during the state of the union address

Michael Snyder | Show this article to anyone that believes that the economy has actually improved under Barack Obama.

Loss of American jobs prompts illegals to flee U.S.

Mac Slavo | "Life is equal in Mexico"

Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”

Sorcha Faal | A Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) “urgent bulletin” being sent to Embassies around the world today is advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial institutions “immediately” as Kremlin fears grow that both the European Union and United States are preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.

Zimbweans Find Novel Way of Using Mobiles

Haru Mutasa | In Zimbabwe people are slowly beginning to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones - part of what's being called a micro-banking revolution.

22 facts about the coming demographic tsunami that could destroy our economy all by...

Michael Snyder | So we have a problem. Our population is rapidly aging, and an immense amount of economic resources is going to be required to care for them all.