Zuckerberg sells 41.4 million Facebook shares for $2.3 billion

John Vibes | Is this massive sell off a sign of trouble behind the scenes at Facebook?
bum homeless

Ebola outbreak could devastate sectors of U.S. economy, warns Health Ranger

Mike Adams | Ebola to be the scapegoat for an imminent debt collapse?

The unforgiven: How college debt is crushing a generation (and a solution)

Jon Queally | Latest figures shows that today's college graduates are being saddled with the burden of increasingly high student loan debt

Quayle: Big changes are coming: “We are headed for a crisis… of biblical proportions”

Mac Slavo | Well known author, commentator and radio host Steve Quayle says big changes are coming to the world

Venezuela Launches Electronic Rationing Card

dev-test.intellihub.com | Restrictions on the sale of 20 basic items subject to price controls, including toilet paper and chicken, are set to begin next week in Venezuela

How Far Will Stocks Fall This Time When The Fed Decides To Slow Down...

Michael Snyder | When QE1 ended there was a substantial stock market correction, and when QE2 ended there was a substantial stock market correction.
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China says it is ready to assume “world leadership”, slams western democracy as “flawed”

ZeroHedge | The Chinese comments came after Trump in his inauguration speech said his administration would focus on an “America first” approach to foreign policy
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Coup D’état: The banks rule the U.S.

SGT Report | The criminal global banking cartel has effected a coup d’etat in the U.S.

2014 Federal Tax refunds to be delayed until October 2015 — Satire

National Review | Normally when you file your taxes whatever money is owed back to you is quickly repaid
Bank of China

BIS warns China is imploding

Daily Coin | China facing full-blown banking crisis, world’s top financial watchdog warns
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Gold is shooting towards the stars — will it reach the moon?

Daily Coin | Only time will tell but in the meanwhile – Got physical?

Wendy’s replacing workers with kiosks in response to ‘fight for $15’

Infowars | Wendy's announcement leads to fully robotic restaurants
chase bank atm

Operation Icarus continues, banking systems taken down, Chase Bank ATMs not dispensing cash

Intellihub | Chase Bank systems down, ATMs still not dispensing cash, customers worried

Iran Sentences 4 Bankers to Death in the Nation’s Biggest Fraud Case

Clark Kent | Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters that four people had been officially sentenced to death on charges of corruption and “disrupting the country’s economic system.”

Internet and Sale Taxes Dialectic

Sartre | Before you panic that your online purchases will be tagged with the added cost of state sales tax, rely on the complexity of reporting sales to all the jurisdictions as your prime safeguard from forking over a percentage on every purchase.

You can’t eat gold… but it’s portable, easy to trade and confiscation-proof

Mac Slavo | If you’ve conducted even a preliminary investigation into the global economic situation you’ve likely concluded that something isn’t right

How to get started in the stock market

Intellihub | Investing in the stock market may take more planning than you thought
stock market stocks

89 tips that will help you prepare for the coming economic depression

Michael Snyder | What do we need to do in order to prepare for the coming economic collapse?
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On the brink of complete meltdown

Daily Coin | We live in a time when the rule of law has been suspended for the ruling class and banking class
gold coin

Gold continues to defy Fed’s attempt to control the price

Daily Coin | Gold has been trading in defiance of the Fed’s attempts at price control
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China warns they ‘will respond to a Trump Presidency’

Zero Hedge | So it would appear China favors the "status quo" of Clinton and while not fearing a Trump presidency, is more than willing to respond to any isolationist actions with "strength."

Individual investors piling into stocks, market leverage hits all time highs

Mac Slavo | Throughout history there have always been critical warning signs in the midst of financial exuberance that signaled the bursting of the bubble
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Hedge the weather? Weather derivatives become ‘real financial instrument’ — Geoengineering cheats exposed

Intellihub | The weather derivatives market may be compromised, rigged, by use of geoengineering technologies

Prison labor is industry’s “best kept secret in outsourcing” and what has killed your...

Mac Slavo | The realities of globalization have made the price of labor somewhere between rock bottom and worthless.

Taking down the global economy to punish Russia

Kurt Nimmo | The United States and the unelected European Union nomenklatura have decided to sacrifice the world economy in a bid to punish Russia for its response to the crisis in Ukraine

Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There… Exists as Paper IOU’s”

Mac Slavo | The Federal Reserve doesn't have enough gold to pay Germany back
amazon drone parody

Amazon is a destroyer of jobs and the merchant economy

Batr | Amazon is applying the Chinese model of coolie labor practices to stamp out the competition with advanced technology that is based upon eliminating jobs from the work force
market crash houses

Entering the belly of the epocalypse

Great Recession | That’s a big statement to swallow, especially when many don’t see the beast because we’re already inside of it

The U.S. economy has collapsed: “This is a monstrous revision”

Mac Slavo | For months the administration, financial pundits and Wall Street analysts made it a point to inform Americans about the healthy state of our economy


book burning

Campus book burning Nazis

fence, no freedom

The Illusion of Freedom