100 reasons to shutdown the Federal Reserve bank forever

Michael Snyder | The following are 100 reasons why the Federal Reserve should be shut down forever

By canceling debt, Croatia grants ‘fresh start’ to 60,000 citizens

Lauren McCauley | Unprecedented move comes as other European Union governments continue to burden poorest citizens with austerity

Red alert: Now they’re coming for our retirement money

SGT Report | This is the slippery slope into government forcing account holders to invest in government debt
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Carl Menger and the real bills doctrine

James Hall | Investopedia defines the Real Bills Doctrine accordingly

Unemployment: You Can’t Trust Government Numbers Period

Shepard Ambellas | Your omnipotent leader President Barack Obama has failed you on the economic front and every other.

Bitcoin value dives after China banks ban

Aljazeera | China has become the biggest Bitcoin market in recent months as buyers seek to profit from speculating in the currency.

You can buy a house for one dollar or less in economically depressed cities...

Michael Snyder | Would you like to buy a house for one dollar?
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Negative interest rates aren’t working because they haven’t been tried

Great Recession | “Negative interest rate policy” was really just a bait and switch move
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Gold vs. Platinum: Making the correct investment choice

Intellihub | There are a variety of factors which one must consider while investing in platinum or gold

China is on a Debt Binge and a Buying Spree Unlike Anything the World...

Michael Snyder | When it comes to reckless money creation, it turns out that China is the king.
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Proof: The world is actually preparing to actively ditch the U.S. dollar

SGT Report | There is now mounting evidence and undeniable proof that the world is actively preparing for economic life after the death of the Dollar
JP Morgan Chase

Report: JP Morgan Chase prepares for crisis by stockpiling silver: “An exceptionally large amount”

Mac Slavo | CEO Jamie Dimon said that a more volatile crisis than 2008 is coming.

Bank of America has Worst Big Bank Home Loan Customer Service Complaint Record

Matt Bewig | According to the data, banking giant Bank of America (2012 revenue: $83.33 billion) had by far the worst customer service record, with 15,136 complaints since December 2011, about 300 of them still unresolved.

Greenspan Discusses the End of the Fed … What Comes Next?

Anthony Wile | An interesting article in Forbes entitled "If Alan Greenspan Wants To 'End The Fed', Times Must Be Changing," informs us that the predictions we made long ago about the Federal Reserve are coming true.

The odds are never in our favor

Michael Snyder | How would you feel if you went to the store to buy something, and someone rushed ahead of you and purchased it first and then sold it to you at a higher price?

Gold, silver and the final currency war

SGT Report | The global economic collapse, ISIS, and more
Castries, Henri de at bilderberg2012 (Shepard Ambellas/Intellihub)

The 2016 Bilderberg attendee list is out; we know who’s attending and key topics...

Intellihub | Will the ultra-powerful group decide to allow Donald Trump to take the Presidency of the United States?
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On the verge of the next economic crisis, 62% of Americans living paycheck to...

Michael Snyder | Nearly two-thirds of all Americans are completely and totally unprepared for the next economic crisis

This chart shows how bad the economy really is — “Flashing red warning”

Mac Slavo | Recent weeks have led to a fairly significant drop in stock valuations, with many expert analysts struggling to figure out exactly why it’s happening

It’s about to get ugly: oil is crashing and so is Greece

Michael Snyder | The price of oil collapsed by more than 8 percent on Wednesday, and a decision by the European Central Bank has Greece at the precipice of a complete and total financial meltdown

The death and decay of Detroit as seen from the streets

Zero Hedge | With the stock market hitting record highs day after day, it is easy to move on and forget that one of American’s once premier cities, Detroit, has been bankrupt for nearly a year
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DOLLAR FLASH CRASH: A harbinger of things to come?

SGT Report | This is an economic collapse update

Is Hyperinflation a Myth?

The Daily Bell | Daily life under advanced capitalism is rather dull and many imagine that after a hyperinflation society will turn into a sort of Wild West where things get a bit more interesting...

How will the economy improve in 2014 if almost everyone has less money?

Michael Snyder | Is the U.S. consumer tapped out? If so, how in the world will the U.S. economy possibly improve in 2014?

Garden like your life depends on it!

Holly Deyo | Why are food prices so high?

Dictators Always Miscalculate

The Daily Bell | 'I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro': Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl admits power-trip forced continent to accept single currency

Obama and Bernanke Pump a New Housing Bubble

The Daily Bell | What Bernanke had decided to do was so outrageous that it made low rates pale by comparison. When there are reports of Bernanke writing checks for up to US$16 trillion, it is hard to summon a great deal of interest in discussions over too-low rates.

Ruble plummets, Putin blames U.S., says West wants ‘Siberia’s natural resources’

Shepard Ambellas | Russian citizens rid themselves of Ruble, Russian government fears bank runs on way

16 facts about the tremendous financial devastation that we are seeing all over the...

Michael Snyder | As we enter the second half of 2015, financial panic has gripped most of the globe