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Eric Sprott: Silver is the dark horse

Intellihub | An in-depth discussion with Eric Sprott
JP Morgan Chase

Report: JP Morgan Chase prepares for crisis by stockpiling silver: “An exceptionally large amount”

Mac Slavo | CEO Jamie Dimon said that a more volatile crisis than 2008 is coming.

Mark Dice: ‘We are selling the Brooklyn bridge to China for debt we owe’...

Intellihub News | Mark Dice is back at it again, but this time it's beyond ridiculous as most Americans prove to be in a permanent zombified state unable to think for themselves

Gold, silver and the final currency war

SGT Report | The global economic collapse, ISIS, and more

Greece preparing for Grexit, own currency – media

RT | Athens is currently trying to negotiate a new bailout deal with its Troika of creditors
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China says it is ready to assume “world leadership”, slams western democracy as “flawed”

ZeroHedge | The Chinese comments came after Trump in his inauguration speech said his administration would focus on an “America first” approach to foreign policy

NAFTA is 20-years old — Here are some facts on how it is destroying...

Michael Snyder | Back in the early 1990s, the North American Free Trade Agreement was one of the hottest political issues in the country.

“The Government is US?” Not Unless We’re Citigroup

Kevin Carson | Don’t fall for the line that state functionaries “work for us.” Take a look at where they worked before they entered “public service” and watch where they go back to afterward. Guess what? They’re working there right now, too.

During every market crash there are big ups, big downs, and giant waves of...

Michael Snyder | This is exactly the type of behavior that we would expect to see during the early stages of a major financial crisis.

37% of Americans over sixteen jobless

Intellihub | According to a new report from the BLS, a shocking 37% of Americans over 16-years of age are not currently in the labor force

Wendy’s replacing workers with kiosks in response to ‘fight for $15’

Infowars | Wendy's announcement leads to fully robotic restaurants

Military site’s forecast for 2025: Economic collapse will lead to massive 78% depopulation in...

Mac Slavo | FBI surveillance of Baltimore riots watched dozens of city blocks at once.
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How to survive a personal economic collapse

Organic Prepper | North Americans are on the brink of the kind of collapse that is occurring in Europe

32 statistics that Obama neglected to mention during the state of the union address

Michael Snyder | Show this article to anyone that believes that the economy has actually improved under Barack Obama.
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Michael Noonan: Gold & Silver – The elites have decimated the country

Daily Coin | I like both gold and silver. Both have been money, real money, depending on who you ask, for anywhere from four to six thousand years.

The great unraveling of 2015

Dr. Richard Sauder | Get Ready For Financial Turbulence
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European markets ripple: €1 trillion in fiat currency injected into economy

Shepard Ambellas | Just as fast as it was printed, it falls

Food Stamp outage could trigger nationwide riots

Infowars | Obama admin. enrolling millions of illegals to overload EBT system?

Is Bitcoin the New Safe-Haven Currency? Bitcoins Surge After Cyprus Bank Raid

Activist Post | Is Bitcoin now a safe haven currency? It wasn't long ago when it was considered merely an interesting crypto-currency to buy illegal drugs on Silk Road. Now, citizens all over Europe appear to be flocking to Bitcoin as the European finance vultures circle above.

What will happen with oil prices?

Great Recession | Here are several quick looks at the oil supply glut and whether it is likely to worsen, hold the same, or improve during the summer of 2016

How Far Will Stocks Fall This Time When The Fed Decides To Slow Down...

Michael Snyder | When QE1 ended there was a substantial stock market correction, and when QE2 ended there was a substantial stock market correction.

28-year-old Bitcoin exchange CEO found dead in apparent suicide

John Vibes |Suicide is expected as the cause of death, but foul play is not being ruled out either

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Michael Snyder | Is there any doubt that we are living in a bubble economy?

Prepare now: A housing market recession is coming

SHTFPlan | It may be time to start preparing for the upcoming housing market recession
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International trade sinks with the Baltic Dry Index

BATR | This trend has been building for a long time
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David Stockman warns: The end is near

SGT Report | There is a sea change in the monetary world occurring at this very moment

Top German Regulator: Precious Metal and Currency Manipulation Are WORSE Than Libor

Washington's Blog | The New Largest Financial Scandal In History …

S&P 500 hits record high on stronger-than-expected earnings

CNBC | U.S. stocks traded mostly higher on Tuesday after a slew of major companies reported better-than-expected quarterly results

Capitol controls and 200% price rises in Ukraine — And Ukraine is in better...

Jeff Berwick | In a TV address to a torn nation, Ukraine's PM Yatsenyuk first implied heating prices would rise incrementally, and then later confirmed a plan to increase prices 100% in the next two years (and nearly 200% by 2017) as the cost of imported Russian gas is expected to rise to $500 from the current $84
gold scandal

Financial Warfare, China and the Gold Market

Bill Holten | Shock of all shocks, the IMF announced the Chinese yuan will not be admitted into the SDR until at least Sept. 2016