By canceling debt, Croatia grants ‘fresh start’ to 60,000 citizens

Lauren McCauley | Unprecedented move comes as other European Union governments continue to burden poorest citizens with austerity

Small business owner explains unintended consequences of Obamacare

Zero Hedge | The Affordable Care Act, affectionately called Obamacare, has been stacking up wins lately

2016 & The World According To Rothschild

SGTReport | Bix Weir is back to re-examine ‘The World in 2016’

Stealing from the citizenry: How government goons use civil asset forfeiture to rob us...

Rutherford Institute | If the government can arbitrarily take away your property, you have no true rights: you’re nothing more than a serf or a slave

W. Virginia: Local economy slips as water ban remains in effect, over 300k affected

Intellihub | The “water use ban” is still in place”, said West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in a recent press conference

Taking down the global economy to punish Russia

Kurt Nimmo | The United States and the unelected European Union nomenklatura have decided to sacrifice the world economy in a bid to punish Russia for its response to the crisis in Ukraine

A full-blown economic crisis has erupted in Russia

Michael Snyder | The 8th largest economy on the entire planet is in a state of turmoil right now

Chinese and Japanese deflationary economies

James Hall | The global economy has just hit the wall
JP Morgan Chase

Cost of negative bank rates

James Hall | So you thought that the unimaginable could not happen

Are you ready for the price of food to more than double by the...

Michael Snyder | Do you think that the price of food is high now? Just wait.

Feds say Americans who hoard money are to blame for poor economy

Mac Slavo | Despite arguments to the contrary from the Obama administration, mounting evidence suggests that the U.S. economy is rapidly falling back into negative growth territory

15 Signs that we are Near the Peak of an Absolutely Massive Stock Market...

Michael Snyder | One of the men that won the Nobel Prize for economics this year says that "bubbles look like this" and that he is "most worried about the boom in the U.S. stock market."

Investment Guru Warns: “The Market Is Very Crash-Prone… Very Fragile”

Mac SlavoFleckenstein warns that the same machinations and corruption responsible for the collapse of our economic and financial systems in 2008 remain a serious threat today.

US Government To Decide How Much Is Enough For Your Retirement

Jeff Berwick | The central planners in the US and most Western governments have and will decide how much is "enough" for you to have and if you manage to still have significant assets after that, they'll continue to whittle them away via taxation and inflation.

The economics of marriage

Michael Snyder | The marriage rate in the United States has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded

Detroit now resembling third-world nation as power grid fails and lights go out

J.D. Heyes | During the 1950s and 1960s, the city of Detroit became the automobile manufacturing capital of the world

California’s mandatory minimum wage-hikes are starting to backfire

Zero Hedge | California's minimum wage hikes have slowed job growth among restaurant workers

Mid-size companies show real pulse of economy

USA Today | Two years ago he hired 60 new employees, and he expects revenue to double in the next couple of years.

Matt Drudge Issues Warning: “Have An Exit Plan”

Mac Slavo | His web site may consist of just a single page, but Matt Drudge is arguably the most influential media personality in the world

Market veteran warns: “Massive shocks in the world financial system in coming years”

Mac Slavo | There is a euphoria being enjoyed by many in the investment world and in economic circles centered around the notion that the world has recovered from the financial crisis of 2008

Ferguson-area cities “terrorizing” poor through modern-day debtors’ prisons: Federal lawsuit

Common Dreams | We can't "hold people in jail because they're too poor to pay a debt," says lawyer

Government agency: If 9 substations are destroyed, the power grid could be down 18-months

Michael Snyder | What would you do if the Internet or the power grid went down for over a year?
Bank of China

BIS warns China is imploding

Daily Coin | China facing full-blown banking crisis, world’s top financial watchdog warns

Why America is the new Middle East in terms of oil production: World’s largest...

Natural News | For the first time EVER, the U.S. now exports more oil than it imports

Russian Legislator: U.S. Dollar will Collapse in ‘2017’

Intellihub | In what can only be taken as a probability, a russian legislator claims the U.S. dollar will collapse in 2017 and wants to outlaw the currency in Russia.
cargo ship

International trade sinks with the Baltic Dry Index

BATR | This trend has been building for a long time

How Far Will Stocks Fall This Time When The Fed Decides To Slow Down...

Michael Snyder | When QE1 ended there was a substantial stock market correction, and when QE2 ended there was a substantial stock market correction.

The recession is coming — Economist warns it’s beyond control: “I don’t see what...

Mac Slavo | We are on the verge of another recession. So says Shadow Stats economist John Williams, who warns that by the end of July it will become apparent to all Americans
asteroid, meteorite

New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’

Metro | Some have predicted that the mineral wealth is so vast it could destroy our world’s economy

The price of oil just wiped out Venezuela’s economy — was it orchestrated?

Intellihub | Venezuela blames economy on a covert CIA operation