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Argentina’s economy contracts as Peso falls to 38.7 vs. U.S. dollar | The Central Bank of Argentina announced it will increase the number of reserves in which it will hold, reports say

Russia accelerating efforts to abandon U.S. dollar | Due to the recent trade war and the fact that the U.S. dollar is printed out of thin air with nothing backing it, Russia plans to ditch U.S. currency altogether
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Harley Davidson moving factories to E.U. to avoid tariffs, remain competitive

Intellihub | Trade wars appear to be heating up: Now Harley Davidson vows to relocate factories outside of the United States to avoid tariffs
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Here are 6 ways China could retaliate in a trade war against the U.S.

Zero Hedge | It's all about the trade war between the US and China this morning, and more specifically, how will Xi retaliate to Trump
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New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’

Metro | Some have predicted that the mineral wealth is so vast it could destroy our world’s economy

Soros acknowledges Europe’s existential financial crisis, offers solution

Intellihub | More often than not, they create the problem, wait for the reaction, then offer the solution which often times makes them rich

800,000 people are about to flee New York and California because of taxes, say...

800,000 people will leave New York and California over the next three years due to the new tax bill, conservative economists Arthur Laffer and...
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Bill Gates warns of another financial crash as bad as the 2008 Great Recession

The Sun | Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned the US will face another financial collapse on the same scale as the 2008 recession

Money pumping works — until it doesn’t

Mises Institute | Neither the Fed nor the government can grow the economy
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Now is the time to buy gold, major commodities team suggests

Intellihub | "Based on empirical data for the past six tightening cycles, gold has outperformed post rate hikes four times"

US to file WTO suit against China for trade law violations

Zero Hedge | Trump has said that the tariffs would apply to a list of 100 products, primarily technology exports
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Californians flee the state in droves over taxation and housing costs

SHTFPlan | California lost just over 138,000 people to domestic migration in the 12 months ended in July 2017
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America as a System

Activist Post | The System hates sustainability and freedom
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The U.S. government lost more money last year than the entire Australian economy produced

SHTF Plan | The annual financial report showed that the United States government lost over $1 trillion last year, which is more money than the entire Australian economy produces
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As the market falls out in Vegas the Lucky Dragon is up for auction

Intellihub | Will the Luck Dragon Hotel & Casino get lucky and sell in Tuesday's auction?
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President Trump urges investors to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into American economy

Intellihub | It's no secret that President Trump's business skills have put America first which was the overall theme of the President's Davos speech
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Bulgaria government shocked to discover it owns $3 billion in Bitcoin

Zero Hedge | Bulgaria is holding 18% of the national debt in bitcoins...

Financial Tyranny: ‘We the People’ are the new permanent underclass in America

Rutherford Institute | It’s still hard to speak to power, and those who do are still paying a very heavy price.

‘Gas shortage’ plagues Texas cities as stations run dry

Intellihub | Texas residents face future Mad Max-like scenario -- pumps with no gas
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Did the economy just stumble off a cliff?

Charles Hugh Smith | The signs are everywhere for those willing to look: something has changed beneath the surface of complacent faith in permanent growth

S&P 500 hits record high on stronger-than-expected earnings

CNBC | U.S. stocks traded mostly higher on Tuesday after a slew of major companies reported better-than-expected quarterly results

Mystery investor makes $262 million bet stock market will crash by October

Economic Collapse | Stock prices have become completely and totally disconnected from economic reality
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7 fast facts about the economic collapse of Illinois

Organic Prepper | That disaster we’ve all been preparing for? In Illinois, it’s almost here
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Trump “overrules” cabinet, prepares to unleash trade war

Intellihub | Will the outcome have a profound effect on U.S. economic and foreign policy?

“It’ll be an avalanche”: Hedge fund CIO sets the day when next crash begins

Zero Hedge | Here is what Peters believes will happen over the next 8 months...
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Grocery stocks crashing after Amazon buys Whole Foods

Zero Hedge | Whole Foods Market will continue to operate stores under the Whole Foods Market brand and source from trusted vendors and partners around the world

U.S. just weeks away from recession, latest loan data shows

Zero Hedge | We only note this, because next week the Fed plans to hike rates again

The Germans are coming — and their groceries may cost up to 50% less...

Zero Hedge | Walmart to proceed with more aggressive cuts in the future
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Empty gold vaults and fresh out of bombs

Daily Coin | Since the derivatives implosion in 2008, the financial and economic world has changed
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Mannarino warns: “There is a massive amount of financial engineering supporting the stock market...

SHTF Plan | Happy days are back again, just like back in the late 1920’s