puerto rico

Debt-ridden Puerto Rico a ‘corporate welfare paradise’ for GMO companies

Common Dreams | During decade-long debt crisis, U.S. colonial territory funneled over $500 million in public funds to Monsanto and other biotech multinationals
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QSB suspends sale of silver, demand crushes supply

SGT Report | “This situation is not unique to QSB.”

Billionaire George Soros dumps $3.5B in U.S. stocks, goes for gold

Intellihub | Now must be the time to get into gold, or at least Soros thinks so

11-Year-Old Girl BANNED From Selling Cupcakes By Control Freak Government Bureaucrats

Michael Snyder | Well, it turns out that she didn't have a "permit" to sell cupcakes and her kitchen was not "licensed".

Panic bank run leaves Canada’s largest alternative mortgage lender on edge of collapse

Zero Hedge | Or, as we put it, Canada just experienced its very own "New Century" moment
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Grocery stocks crashing after Amazon buys Whole Foods

Zero Hedge | Whole Foods Market will continue to operate stores under the Whole Foods Market brand and source from trusted vendors and partners around the world

Will September 2015 change everything? “Ship is going down”

Susan Duclos | Does Jade Helm 15 really end in September?

The Yuan ascends to World Reserve status: “Dollar system being done away with”

Mac Slavo | The dollar’s days are numbered
gold vault

Empty gold vaults and fresh out of bombs

Daily Coin | Since the derivatives implosion in 2008, the financial and economic world has changed
silver coin

Silver, the most precious of precious metals

Intellihub | If the world economy takes a tumble, what is the best precious metal to invest in?
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26 incredible facts about the Economy that every American should know for the Trump-Clinton...

Economic Collapse | The next president is going to inherit the biggest economic problems that this nation has ever faced

How much is $100 worth in every state?

Intellihub | Just how far is your dollar stretching?

Brief overview: Trump tax plan

Intellihub | "The initial reveal of the new Trump tax plan is here"
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Mannarino warns: “There is a massive amount of financial engineering supporting the stock market...

SHTF Plan | Happy days are back again, just like back in the late 1920’s
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Bill Gates, soon-to-be trillionaire, exposed

Intellihub | Billionaire elitist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is set to become the world's first ever trillionaire

Only 44% of U.S. adults are employed for 30 or more hours a week

Michael Snyder | Jim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, says that the percentage of Americans that are employed full-time has been hovering near record lows since the end of the last recession
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Greece didn’t refuse austerity: They refused further debt slavery to the EU

Daisy Luther | The Greek people want their country back
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Mutiny breaks out inside the world’s most successful hedge fund over Donald Trump

Zero Hedge | RenTec as it is better known in financial circles
houston at night

“It’s a depression” — The disturbing email a Houston CEO sent his soon to...

Zero Hedge | These are challenging times for everyone
bill holter

Bill Holter: ‘This is it–the collapse is here’

SGT Report | Bill Holter from JS Mineset joins us to cover the unfolding global economic collapse

Military site’s forecast for 2025: Economic collapse will lead to massive 78% depopulation in...

Mac Slavo | FBI surveillance of Baltimore riots watched dozens of city blocks at once.
davos 2017

Global uprising — the time is now

Daily Coin | The global elite are meeting this week in DAVOS for the annual World Economic Forum
air force one

Trump “overrules” cabinet, prepares to unleash trade war

Intellihub | Will the outcome have a profound effect on U.S. economic and foreign policy?

New $100 Bill Decryption Depicts Nuclear Attack on NYC

Intellihub | In a strange presentation a YouTuber gives his take on the new $100 bill.

Why luxury TVs are affordable when basic health care is not

FEE | Competitive industries offer goods and services that are falling in price due to market pressure
Soldier, war, iraq

War: The real reason America is collapsing

Daisy Luther | Who else has noticed that the decline in the American way of life is accelerating?

7 out of 10 Americans agree that economy is rigged against them

Common Dreams | Recent poll finds 71 percent of Americans believe U.S. economy is rigged
federal reserve bank

Why Donald Trump must shut down The Federal Reserve and start issuing debt-free money

Economic Collapse | It would take someone very bold to make a move like this
gold coin

Gold continues to defy Fed’s attempt to control the price

Daily Coin | Gold has been trading in defiance of the Fed’s attempts at price control

Coming destruction? Alan Greenspan warns “Venezuela under martial law and America is next”

SHTFPlan | All the dollars and all the paper money in the world can’t hold things together once things reach a certain point