Don’t Bother Raising The Minimum Wage

Gary Gibson | Because of money supply inflation, the minimum wage is nearly six times as high as it was in 1966...but buys roughly half as much...or less.

Is the U.S. monetary system on the verge of collapse? — Berwick explains

Intellihub | How much money can you print before the bottom falls out?

Egypt: Diesel Shortage Revives Black Market in Egypt

All Africa | Drivers of mass transportation cars in Cairo said on Sunday that the Diesel crisis in Egypt has been going through for around three months has revived the black market.

Top 10 ways to burn less gas and save money on fuel

J.D. Heyes | It's becoming more necessary to et the best fuel economy you possibly can out of every gallon

The Level Of Economic Freedom In The United States Is At An All-Time Low

Michael Snyder | Americans have never had less economic freedom than they do right now

Fed’s Dirty Little Secret: “The Gold Isn’t There… Exists as Paper IOU’s”

Mac Slavo | The Federal Reserve doesn't have enough gold to pay Germany back

The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment

Michael Snyder | Sadly the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that have a job is just 0.1% higher than it was exactly three years ago.

Obama and Bernanke Pump a New Housing Bubble

The Daily Bell | What Bernanke had decided to do was so outrageous that it made low rates pale by comparison. When there are reports of Bernanke writing checks for up to US$16 trillion, it is hard to summon a great deal of interest in discussions over too-low rates.

100 reasons to shutdown the Federal Reserve bank forever

Michael Snyder | The following are 100 reasons why the Federal Reserve should be shut down forever

In April Only A Fool Happily Pays Taxes

Gary Gibson | Most people think April's Fool Day in the US falls on the first of April. They're wrong, but they are close. It's really April 15.
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Social credit monetary theory

James Hall | Few people are familiar with the concept of Social Credit by Clifford Hugh Douglas
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The U.S. government lost more money last year than the entire Australian economy produced

SHTF Plan | The annual financial report showed that the United States government lost over $1 trillion last year, which is more money than the entire Australian economy produces

CFR Tells US Good News About Commodity Prices

The Daily Bell | Price fixing never works, as economists agree. So why is it practiced by central bankers everywhere?

Soros acknowledges Europe’s existential financial crisis, offers solution

Intellihub | More often than not, they create the problem, wait for the reaction, then offer the solution which often times makes them rich
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Entering the belly of the epocalypse

Great Recession | That’s a big statement to swallow, especially when many don’t see the beast because we’re already inside of it

100 Years Later: America Was Much Better Off Before The Income Tax

Michael Snyder | Did you know that the greatest period of economic growth in American history was during a time when there was absolutely no federal income tax?

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Bulgaria government shocked to discover it owns $3 billion in Bitcoin

Zero Hedge | Bulgaria is holding 18% of the national debt in bitcoins...