Walmart: Always Low Wages

OWS | At the end of last year, on Black Friday, Walmart workers bravely went out on strike. The workers and their supporters held protests at over 1,000 stores across the country, shortly following an initial set of strikes by workers in Walmart’s warehouses.

The Dow Jones Is Lying

Sheldon Richman | The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is at a record high, and the unemployment rate has ticked down to 7.7 percent, but this is no time to celebrate. The economy is still in the doldrums.

Refuse to Buy or Sell with the Federal Government

James Hall | If only, there was an easy and uncomplicated method for boycotting any business with the federal government.

Egypt: Diesel Shortage Revives Black Market in Egypt

All Africa | Drivers of mass transportation cars in Cairo said on Sunday that the Diesel crisis in Egypt has been going through for around three months has revived the black market.

Klarman Yelp: The Fed Has No Clothes

The Daily Bell | Fear regarding Fed manipulations lays on Washington DC – as it has before – like a thick blanket. But underneath simmers a good deal of resentment and frustration. What happens when the spell is broken, as inevitably it must be?

Ben Bernanke’s Hollow Victory

The Daily Bell | To suggest then that central banking policy has alleviated what was caused by the same mechanism is to proclaim a hollow victory, indeed.

The African Investment Meme Continues

The Daily Bell | If we are correct, the coming African miracle will continue to be promoted in the media and people will become intimately familiar with the promise of African countries they probably still couldn't find on a map.

Is Hyperinflation a Myth?

The Daily Bell | Daily life under advanced capitalism is rather dull and many imagine that after a hyperinflation society will turn into a sort of Wild West where things get a bit more interesting...

Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite

Michael Snyder | Our economy is completely and totally dominated gigantic predator corporations that are greatly favored by our massively bloated federal government.

The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment

Michael Snyder | Sadly the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that have a job is just 0.1% higher than it was exactly three years ago.

Internal IMF Study: Fund Has Gained World’s Trust by Advocating Currency Debasement

The Daily Bell | According to a summary of the report that appeared in, the IMF is now seen as more of an international pal than a nagging nanny.

USSR Redux: Top Eurocrats Indicate Europe’s Recovery Will Be Centrally Planned and Green

The Daily Bell | There is an active campaign underway to lower Europe's living standards and weaken its middle classes. Creating and imposing a pan-European "environmental economy" on Europe's suffering masses will likely promote both of these goals.

“The Government is US?” Not Unless We’re Citigroup

Kevin Carson | Don’t fall for the line that state functionaries “work for us.” Take a look at where they worked before they entered “public service” and watch where they go back to afterward. Guess what? They’re working there right now, too.

Environmental Concerns Reach Fever Pitch over Plan to Link Red Sea to Dead Sea | If the project proceeds, a 180-kilometer buried pipeline will carry up to 2 billion cubic meters (m3) of sea water per year from the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea through Jordanian territory to the Dead Sea.

The Debasing of Our Currency is Relentless – It’s a Giant Con Game | The Federal Reserve is expanding its balance sheets, it’s creating money out of nothing, it’s devaluing the savings of individuals through the debasement of the currency and through zero interest policies.

Bernanke Says Higher Rates May Signal Stronger Economy | “The fact that interest rates have gone up a bit is actually indicative of a stronger economy,” Bernanke said in Washington today in response to questions from members of the House Financial Services Committee. That indicates the Fed’s stimulus is working, he said.

Bernanke: Economy still needs Fed stimulus

USA Today | Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a Senate hearing Tuesday that the Fed intends to keep its stimulus policies going until the job market improves significantly, partly allaying recent concerns that it might soon rein in its bond-buying.

Dow Jones In Nose-Dive Over Italian Uncertainty | After a brief respite where it was hoped Europe was on the mend worries about the financial health of the Eurozone have flooded back.

Mid-size companies show real pulse of economy

USA Today | Two years ago he hired 60 new employees, and he expects revenue to double in the next couple of years.

Big Oil’s Central Asian Mafia

Dean Henderson | According to Kurt Wulff of the oil investment firm McDep Associates, the Four Horsemen, romping in their new Far East pastures, saw asset increases from 1988-1994 as follows: Exxon Mobil- 54%, Chevron Texaco- 74%, Royal Dutch/Shell- 52% and BP Amoco- 54%.

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